December 5, 2011

Souled Out Ampang: Celebrating A Famous Foodie’s Birthday with Tiger Crystal!

In conjunction with the year-end festive season, Tiger Crystal, the limited edition and refreshingly different brew from Tiger is back again! Thanks to Sharon, we were invited to an infamous Foodie’s Birthday Party at one of the hippest café in the city, Souled Out Ampang at Menara HSC where we sipped Tiger Crystal throughout the night.

In addition, Tiger Crystal is also proud to present an incredibly exciting opportunity to win a rare experience to stay in a hotel made entirely out of ice and snow, the iconic ICEHOTEL in Sweden. Read on for more details… J

For this celebration, our dinner was organized exclusively to feature a special menu by the chef at Souled Out! Let’s check out the gorgeous menu…

Tiger Crystal provides a distinctively refreshing moment for consumers who are looking for something different. The lager is crisp and lighter than the original Tiger and was a big hit with ladies that night! One sip and I was hooked on its invigorating taste, especially with the appetizers I sampled that night.

A bevy of beauties were seen that night… J

Cheese Nachos were as named… cheesy, crispy and tangy. These were snapped up in a jiffy!!

Deep Fried Chicken Wings are the ultimate bar snack with beer. This one went so well with Tiger Crystal as the hot, crispy and juicy wings were cooled down by the light icy beer. Yum!!

Crispy and tender, Fried Calamari was a mountain of juicy squids lightly battered and served with a sweet chili sauce. Another great snack with beer so make sure to order this!

My favorite appetizer of the night was their unique Tofu Puffs!

These balls were the quite huge and filled with delicious stuffing of vegetables and tofu. I like the savory taste and the crunchy texture while the chili sauce added a nice kick to the flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed this with my Tiger CrystalJ

What had everyone oohing and ahhing that night was Beef Espetada! A big skewer of meat was served hanging on a steel rack and beneath lies a plate of roasted vegetables. A side salad and sauces sealed the dish.

400gms of glorious charbroiled ribeye was marinated with garlic, laurel leaves and rock salt to a medium pink. Baked potato wedges topped with sour cream and roasted bell peppers mixed with zucchinis provided the needed balance of meat and vegetables to this dish.

I adored the sliced meat which was tender and scrumptious with the sauces while the roasted vegetables and potato were nicely cooked with a bite!!

Miso Grouper was a hit with most of us as the fillet of grouper and rounds of fresh scallops were marinated in miso paste and grilled for the extra charred flavors. Shallot rice and ribbons of sautéed vegetables were averagely forgettable though. Surprisingly, both fish and scallop were moist and quite light in flavors so this went nicely well with the beer.

My favorite main of the night was the pairing of Masala Chicken Chop with Tiger Crystal.  Sometimes when a simple dish of poultry is done just right, it’s just fabulous! Chicken thigh was marinated in buttermilk and masala and seared to amber color. The meat was so juicy and flavorful while the white tangy yoghurt sauce provided a nice tangy and cool taste to the chook. I love this for its simplicity and perfection!!

Sizzling Lamp Cutlet evoked a smoking sensation as the aroma tingles our nostrils with the rich spices. The lamb pieces were gorgeously flavored sharing similiarity to the Indian Tandoori but the texture of the meat was a bit tough in my opinion. I loved the sautéed vegetables in spicy sauce beneath the lamb so I devoured quite a lot of naan with the sauce!

We also sampled Seafood Aglio Olio featuring loads of juicy seafood like prawns, scallops, squid and clams tossed with pasta is a garlic, olive oil and chili flakes. I thought that Tiger Crystal beer goes superbly with seafood and this one is a proven fact with this dish. J

We ended our meal with Bananarama… grilled banana wrapped in vanilla crepe and served with three luscious scoops of ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce, a sea of cornflakes and lots of whipped cream.

Some drinks we enjoyed… J

Happy Birthday Sid!

Coincidentally, we also celebrated the birthday of our fearless leader, Sidney that night!

Sidney was a happy camper that night while enjoying his gorgeous birthday cake with Tiger CrystalJ

Although it’s his birthday, Sid cannot help himself but took pictures of his beautiful berries birthday cake from Patisserie RUI!!

Great Food & Beer + Great Friends = Great Memories!

What a night! Killing two birds with one stone has never been this much FUN!!

Wait, there’s more… J

A once in lifetime opportunity is now available to all Consumers via the ‘Refreshingly Different” Tiger Crystal Facebook photo contest!! All you need to do is upload a photo of your refreshingly different moment with Tiger Crystal and be in the running to win the Grand Prize of a trip for two to the fascination Sweden’s ICEHOTEL!! Contest ends 10th December 2011.

To find out more about Tiger Crystal and the “Refreshingly Different” Facebook Photo Contest, kindly log on to

*Picture taken from here

Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime to experience the icy sensation in Sweden!!

Souled Out Ampang
Ground Floor
Menara HSC
187 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Reservation: Tel No 03 2181 1626 / 012 6557622


  1. hahaha which Sharon? Sharon sudah Stone? lol! :) thansk Sharon, it was fabulous night! :)

  2. The Beef Espetada is so awesome that I've returned for another session last night:D

  3. awesome food and good beer i supposed? yet to try the tiger crystal :)

  4. Pretty lady in a row!!! indeed!xDD Food looks not good, but extremely enticing! ;)

  5. Choi Yen: yummy!

    Sharon: Big Thks to you!!

    BBO: Ya lo.. big big thks to her... :0)

    Missyblurkit: wow..that was fast but it was cos the beef was so good, right?

    CleverMunkey: yeah.. great food and do try the Tiger Crystal...its only available for a limited time.

    Euniceee: hehe.. food was fabulous but it was also the company that makes it extra fabulous!

    Nikel: Yeah beer... loads of it ;0)

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