December 9, 2011

Bavarian Bierhaus, German Restaurant and Bar @ The Curve: Hog like You Have Never Hog Before!

Hog Party Food gathering with Foodies!!! J

A Mènage á trois of foodies, their cameras and the food took placed at Bavarian Beirhaus, The Curve a few weeks ago. I heard about this place and finally had a chance to check this out… boy-oh-boy! Arrived and sneaked around the restaurant cum bar for some ambience action!

Bavarian Bierhaus passed all the criteria for an awesome German restaurant with its dark wood décor, German influenced knick-knacks and posters, essential German costumed poster girl and fabulous porky cuisine with loads of imported beers! A great place for family dining or a celebration with friends as the restaurant portrays casual dining for the reserve or party-goers… J

I checked out the menu and found a smashing list of essential German fare like pork knuckles, sausages or bratwurst, ribs, roast beef, Schnitzels, sandwiches and loads of other German yummies. The beverage menu was fairly long too with a long list of imported beers, and various kinds of coffee.  The ten starving foodies put in our order of drinks and food and waited patiently for our wonderland of pork!!

Some drinks and beers (simply a must at a German restaurant!)  to quench our thirst and subside our hunger pangs…

Erdinger Weissbier – dubbed the Ultimate Premium Weissbier with an unforgettable wheat flavor.

Franziskaner Wheat – a time-honor tradition beer with bold zesty flavors that was smooth on the palate

Hoegaarden on Draught – touted the authentic Belgian wheat or white beer, it is a hint of everything from sweet, bitter, sour, spice and more!

Erdinger Weissbier Dark – a deeper and darker version of the earlier Erdinger made with fine hops and dark malt for that richer taste

Dinner arrives and we all dived in with Mother Nature’s cutlery!

Brezel, freshly baked German Pretzel and bread served with a side of the infamous Bavarian Sweet Mustard. In German, they eat almost everything with mustard just like we do here with chili sauce and the Americans with ketchup… J

Wurstplatter, a platter fit for 2-3 people or more, features slices of cold cuts of Black Forest Ham, Mortadelle, Pastrami and Salami served with pickles and tomatoes. I love the Pastrami for its salty flavors. Take this with the Brezel or bread and mustard! We had two plates of this heavenly fare and we can tell you this is definitely not a plate for wussies! 

 The star came early and we sang with joy at the sight of the two magnificent platters (yes, we had two of this for 10 starving foodies) of the glorious and infamous Deutsch Schweinshaxen… geesh… I can barely pronounce the name of this dish! J

Moist… checked! Crispy… double checked! Flavorful… checked! One stellar pork knuckle boiled and roasted the German way! The version here is amazing as it was so juicy and tender with ultra crispy skin enough to make me cry… J. You know what else is superb? The sides of sauerkraut and potato with bacon!!! I wanna hog this whole platter to myself….

We also sampled the boiled pork knuckle version called Eisbein. A healthier version of its infamous cousin, this one lacked the oomph we savored in its cousin! Tasted a bit like a Chinese boiled knuckle but I felt it was not tender enough to hold my interest. The sides of mashed potato and sautéed vegetables made up for the meat.

Wurstchen Platter faired brilliantly with its variety of German sausages served with potato salad and sauerkraut. The simple sauerkraut is fabulously done here at Bavarian Bierhaus because it had just the perfect sourness and texture to the cabbage. I kept raving this to the foodies on my left & right… hehehe!

Seven types of fat juicy sausages – Farmer Sausage, Hungarian Sausage, Smoked Garlic Sausage, White Sausage, Nurnberg Sausage, Thueringer Sausage, Ementhaler Cheese Sausage (phew… someone please give me a crash course on sausages!!) was served with four kinds of house dipping sauces. I like the dark fruity dip and the sweet mustard with my yummies.

Ok… seriously by this time, we were all porked out but one foodie quipped and ordered Frikadellen because he was craving for a hamburger! Then came, this monstrous burger on a bun with sides of fat chips… there goes our stomach again as we all shared a bite of juicy and sumptuous pork burger!

This is one serious pork burger and do make note of that thick slices of bacon! This one makes the benchmark for my pork burgers from now on…

Dessert came in the form of ApfelStrudel, a thin pastry roll of apple fillings and apple sauce served with good old-fashion vanilla ice cream. Sweet, creamy and tinted with cinnamon, this one makes a decent ending to our hog party.

Someone’s had to have their coffee fix… J

Bavarian Bierhaus takes their pork seriously and you can sure see this by their arrays of sumptuous pork dishes! Food quality is outstanding and for the price one pays, I felt it’s very justified as imported products and meat are expensive in the market. Bavarian Bierhaus is certainly a great German restaurant to look for fabulous food, great beers and relaxing ambience. Just remember to chuck away the cutleries and use your hands for that finger-licking sensation… I am already planning a visit back to try their Baby Rippen ribs, Schweinebauch of crackling pork belly and Schnitzel!

Maybe I should consider a Pork Knuckle this Christmas instead of Turkey? J

Bavarian Bierhaus
German Restaurant and Bar
The Curve
Lot No. G66, Ground Floor,
No 6, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara
47800, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 7728 8269
Fax: 03 7728 7269


  1. woow! The moist-roasted-crispy pork caught me pause for quite a moment ehh~~ Wow...and it's at the curve...I didnt even know that this restaurant exist. -.- haaha! thanks for sharing!!=)

  2. pork and beer galore.

    ok confession...i loved the desserts too. its really a nice cozy place to chill over good food and drinks after shopping or before a movie.

  3. awww..the most perfect germen meal..

    german beer, with lots of sausages and pork!!!

  4. Look like u enjoy much on Pork and beer.. WHen is my turn hor? wakaka.. In germany meal, normall sausage is unlimited supply d.. Do you enjoy that?