Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Oriental Group of Restaurants Present China & Nanyang Grand Dinner

The Oriental Group’s 2018 Chef Event: Tradition and Innovation South East Asian Chinese Cuisine

It’s an epicurean feast of gourmet Chinese cuisine at The Oriental Group of Restaurants through the month of August! The acclaimed Oriental Group has been hosting its annual chef event with different themes together in collaboration with legendary “Old Master” chefs from Hong Kong and Shunde District in Guangdong with Group Executive Chef Justin Hor and the group’s in-house talent. The result has always been an exclusive soiree of authentic menus featuring various Chinese cuisines of 1960s yesteryears, Hong Kong cuisine, Teochew cuisine and more.

Each year’s theme and menu as well as invited featuring chef exceeds its previous. This year, two culinary maestro, Group Executive Chef Justin Hor of The Oriental Group and Corporate Executive Chef James Ho of Ruyi have gone all out with a China & Nanyang menu that highlights original Chinese cuisine flavours with the evolving flavours influenced by the Nanyang community. This specially curated China & Nanyang menu is available from 3 August to 31 August in all the participating restaurants of the Oriental Group.

To tantalize the palate, a series of 6 Tapas Platters featuring Chinese appetizers from both chefs kick off, each one commemorating classic Chinese dishes of yesteryears injected with the chefs’ personal touches.

Tapas by Chef Justin Hor

Cod Fish Roll – crispy and golden cigars of deliciousness have a tasty savory with subtle sweetness of delight

Jellyfish & Okra in Wasabi Sesame Sauce – drool-worthy appetizer of crunchy jelly fish pieces with tender okra and roasted peanuts in a tingling wasabi and nutty dressing

Zhenjiang Sweet & Sour Iberico Baby Pork Ribs – aromatic of black Zhenjiang vinegar tantalizes the sense of smell deliciously as we sank our teeth into this tender and flavourful pork ribs happily

Tapas by Chef James Ho

Pink Roses – Pickled Radish – tangy with light sweetness enhanced by asam boi notes

Spicy Garlic Sauce Pork Belly – piquant with spicy and garlicky notes infused into tender and succulent pork belly slides

Hunan Wax Meat & Dried Long Beans – bold umami notes from the rich and fatty wax meat plus excellent textural notes from the ingredients

Time and quality ingredients are the main essence to a good soup. Chef Justin’s Superior Shark’s Fin Soup with Morel Mushroom is a luxurious bowl of slow and long hours of double-boiled meaty bones along with dried seafood broth. Each sip of the broth sent warm fuzzy comfort to the tummy as well as a sense of luxurious satisfaction. There is an option to enjoy the soup with fish maw instead of the fins.

Chef James culinary sorcery creation was an unusual pairing of Roast Suckling Pig with Foie Gras Mousse. Who else would thought to pair both East meets West ingredient of crispy suckling pig with unctuous and rich foie gras?

The amazing duo worked out to be superb in flavours and textures. The richness of the suckling pig and foie gras was cleverly balanced up with its centerpiece of crispy and spicy Szechuan laced chicken to pump up some heat on the palate.

A fiery volcano of salt stole the limelight as we catch a hot flaming scene before savoring the Salt Baked 3 Head Abalone, Truffle & Kombu.

Chinese cuisine has always been able to turn the hardest ingredient into one of the most sumptuous dish on the table. Braised for 10 hours, the abalone and the luscious abalone sauce tasted as stunning as it looks. Flavoured with umami seaweed and perfumed with heady truffles, the abalone us in awe of its beautiful flavours.

The sauce shared equal limelight with the abalone and was practically scraped off the plate by many of us that day.

The next dish of Deep Fried Yellow Corvina Shanghainese Style, by Chef Justin, was well-thought off since the last few courses has been lusciously rich in flavours. Classically simple, the crispy golden fried Corvina was deliciously delicate and has a natural briny sweetness. Marinated minty sour plum cherry tomatoes accompanied the fish as a palate cleanser.

The Yin and Yang textures of rice is cleverly highlighted in Baked Rice with Cheese & Crispy Rice in Baby Pumpkin. Presentation was utterly adorable and elevated this cheesy duo of fluffy fried rice with crispy puffed rice well.

To end the China & Nanyang feast, a grand finale of misty smoke surrounded the Refreshing Rainbow Bird’s Nest and Peanut Lava Carrot.

Meticulous effort of hand-shaped fried carrot mochi with a creamy nutty peanut filling followed by premium bird’s nest in chilled sweet broth with fresh fruits, white fungus and mint certainly made a lasting impression of this year’s special menu by The Oriental Group.

The dishes in this collaboration will be available for a limited period from 3 till 31 August 2018 at all participating outlets under the Oriental Group of Restaurants and Ruyi. The set menu is priced at RM2,388 nett per table of 10 pax. A la carte is available as well.

Should you wish to catch both chefs during the China & Nanyang Grand Dinner, Chef Justin Hor, Group Executive Chef of The Oriental Group of Restaurants and Chef James Ho, Corporate Executive Chef of Ruyi will be making an appearance on the below dates of the respective restaurants:

Noble Banquet
3 & 14 August 2018

Oriental Pavilion
6 August 2018

Noble Mansion
7 August 2018

The Han Room
9 August 2018

Oriental Treasure
13 August 2018

Ruyi Restaurant & Lounge
10 August 2018

For more information, enquiries and reservation on this special set menu, please visit the Oriental Group of Restaurants website and Facebook or by contacting Emily at +6012 392 2082 or Melysa at +6012 599 6028 or email:

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Kampachi @ Plaza 33

Teppanyaki by Chef Ambon Ruslan

For a sensory and sizzling dining experience of Japanese cuisine, catch Chef Ambon Ruslan’s fiery teppanyaki action at Kampachi from now till August 15. Available at Kampachi at Plaza 33 or Kampachi at Troika, diners are in for a sumptuous treat of teppanyaki set menu from Chef Ambon.

Renowned for fine Japanese cuisine, Kampachi has always been a popular dining hotspot for authentic Japanese food. With several outlets spread out in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Penang, each Kampachi restaurant is set in a class of its own.

Gorgeous modern and contemporary ambiance injected with Japanese design and materials, Kampachi offers a Japanese fine dining experience with elegant ambiance and exquisite Japanese food with an amazing list of Japanese sakes and wines.

Kampachi at Plaza 33 is beautifully spacious and elegant. Diners can opt to dine in the main dining area, sushi bar or one of the many private rooms available. There is a teppanyaki corner as well where Chef Ambon will showcase his teppanyaki culinary actions.

With two Teppanyaki set menus available, one can select from the option of savoring 4-courses or 7-courses set menu. To personally catch Chef Ambon in action, reservations are highly recommended.

Chef Ambon kicked off the teppanyaki course with some flaming action as well as his showcase of the art of juggling and flipping utensils. Impressive and a great ice-breaker to start the meal, Chef Ambon has certainly mastered this skill well. I could barely take my eyes off his notable skills!

One can also opt to savor the teppanyaki with the extensive list of sakes ad wine available. For our first course, a chilled sake of Benten Musume Kimoto Junmai was recommended.

As we watched our first course being prepared on the hot teppanyaki, the aroma of the dish was certainly tantalizing the air and our nostrils with much delight. Chef Ambon’s take of a hot salad was unique as we watch our lettuce being charred on the hot grill.

Beautifully presented, the Hot Caesar Salad with Anchovies and Egg tasted as lovely as its presentation. The smoky charred aroma on the crisp lettuce, now warm, was such a delightful take on a salad. A thick and creamy Caesar house dressing married the warm lettuce with fluffy scrambled egg, anchovy and generous shavings of parmesan cheese deliciously.

For the next dish of Grilled Salmon wrapped in Foil, Chef Ambon seared the salmon before wrapping up all the ingredients in a foil to be baked on the teppanyaki. 

The aroma that first escaped from the package was heavenly. Fragrant with a citrusy note, the salmon was moreish with soft and creamy leeks, tangy cherry tomatoes and the light citrusy soy-based sauce. While the fish was nicely cooked, I prefer mine slightly under done as a matter of personal preference.

Chef Ambon proceeded to then sear two neatly trimmed lamb racks on the hot grill for the next course.

Cooked perfectly, the Grilled Lamb Rack & Vegetables with Chef Crafted Sauce was delicious and succulent in every bite. Served with sautéed vegetables and mushrooms, the lamb had a lovely smoky aroma which is further enhanced by the rich sauce. Do let Chef Ambon know your preference of lamb doneness just like I did.

We had the lamb paired with warm artisanal Fusozuru Junmai Nigori sake. This unfiltered sake is simply marvelous on the palate. A cloudy appearance enhanced the creamy note with light sourness that lingers beautifully in the mouth. This sake paired so well with the meatly lamb rack.

To end the savory courses, the Japanese Clam Miso Soup hit all the right spots of much comfort pleasures. The essence of the clam paired so well with the miso, making the soup deliciously moreish. The clams were also tender and yummy.

Together with the Crab Meat Fried Rice, our teppanyaki meal was pretty much faultless and pleasurable. A solid breath of charred and garlicky notes, the fluffy rice was well-studded with sweet crab meat and egg.

The finale of Chef Ambon’s meal was his Signature Pancake Ice Cream. Dessert was superb!

Thin pancake enveloped a block of vanilla ice cream filled with crunchy bits and finished with whipped cream and strawberry was the perfect ending to our teppanyaki affair. Our dessert was accompanied by Yamada Jyuro, Japanese plum wine that has a juicy fruity plum sweetness.

Chef Ambon’s Teppanyaki is available for lunch and dinner with options of 7-courses (RM288nett) and 4-courses (RM188nett). This promotion is available till 15 August 2018.

DO also look out for Kampachi coming Kanpai! with Sake Masters from Japan, taking place on 3 August at Plaza 33. It is an exclusive Drink-All-You-Can sake event with some of the finest artisanal Sake and delectable mini-buffet for pairing.

P1-02, Level 1 Podium, Plaza 33,
No. 1 Jalan Kemajuan,
Seksyen 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +60 3 7931 6938
Fax: +60 3 7931 8294

Business Hours:
Monday – Saturday Lunch         12.00pm – 3.00pm
Monday – Sunday Dinner           6.00pm – 10.00pm (Bar: 11.00pm)
Japanese Buffet                        Every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
    12.00pm – 2.30pm

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Souliquid Restaurant & Bar @ Puchong

Soul-food Goodness with Live Soul-jazz Music

From German to Mediterranean, there’s much sumptuousness going on in Souliquid! A hidden gem of restaurant cum bar, Souliquid is tucked away in Puchong Financial Corporate Centre (PFCC). Despite there is no signboard, fans know how to track down this place for some awesome good bites and beer!

The restaurant cum bar may not be as big as some others but is well designed with much comfort in terms of space and interior outlook. At the end of the room is where the bar and there is even a stage for live music.

The evenings at Soulquid are filled with much live music from bands belting out classic Chinese jazz and oldies. As one unwinds at minimalist ambiance filled with dark table settings among velvet-covered violet sofas set in dim lightings, one can tuck into Souliquid’s European food menu and a solid beverage list.

We kicked off with Chilli Chilli Bang Bang (RM18), a comfort classic of spiced and meaty Bolognaise sauce with melted cheese and crispy triangles of fried tortilla chips. Sufficiently tasty, the presentation of the appetizer is also very pleasing on the eye as well as the palate.

A Tapas classic, the Gambas Al Pilpil (RM28) may not look super enticing but the flavours and aroma was spot on. Garlicky with a little heat and aromatic from plenty of rosemary infused into the olive oil, the prawns and oil go wonderfully well with the toast.

Large prawns wrapped with bacon and fried summed up Brochette (RM38). Needless to say, the dish was polished off within minutes of it arriving on the table. Bacon and prawn is quite the match made in heaven and bacon does make everything taste better!

Souiliquid Meat Balls (RM20) was pretty much decent with moist and plump meatballs on a bed of lightly chunky tomato sauce. It’s familiar in taste with the tangy and moreish spiced tomato sauce and meatball but pale in comparison to the earlier appetizers.

The Shrimp Pizza (RM35) had all the markings of a yummy pizza. Medium thick pizza base, there’s plenty of toppings like prawns, bacon and cheese to make any pizza lover a happy camper…

Perhaps the surprising dish in the menu is the Nyonya Pasta (RM28). A fusion twist, this one is well studded with large mussels and generous shredded lettuce. The luscious kaffir leaf aroma in the sauce heightened the dish among the rich spices. Creamy, piquantly spicy and lightly tangy, the Nyonya inspired sauce made the dish unique and delectable.

Moving on to meat haven, the Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM33) scored brownie points for its generous portion of juicy chicken filled with ham and lots of oozing cheese. The juiciness of the chicken is very commendable, and the sides of roasted vegetables and sauce completed the dish well.

Grilled Lamb Rack (RM58) looked beautifully ravishing with light pink of doneness at sight. Cooked well, the French-trimmed lamb racks were tender and succulent. A lightly fruity sauce with some mustardy zing compliments the meat and roasted vegetables well.

The Guinness Braised Lamb Shank (RM48) is drool-worthy with a large lamb shank, beautifully glazed in a lusciously dark and rich Guinness sauce, on a bed of mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. Fork tender, the lamb shank was well-braised, enough to be deliciously flavourful from the wonderful moreish sauce. The sides were the classic perfect accompaniments to that lamb.

Swine lovers will swoon at sight of the Pork Lover Platter (RM148). A smorgasbord of porky fare, this sharing platter has crispy roast pork knuckle along with sublime housemade crispy strips of luncheon meat, three sausages of smoked Hungarian, Nuernberger and Baconwurst, roasted potato, crispy golden potato spirals, corn on the cob, sauerkraut, garden salad and sauce.

Talked about mouthful, this platter is surely enough to feed three ravenous meat foodies and can even stretch to four or five small eaters.

The Roast Pork Knuckle was sublime comfort food. Crispy and crunchy pork skin, moist and tender meat with fatty bits pretty much is soul food to many, especially in times of much needed comfort and satisfaction. Hand me my beer please…

A very commendable house made Luncheon Meat batons to the chef! Salty and moreish addictiveness that pulls one to keep going back for more.

Sausages, all three types, are yummy and nicely grilled with a smoky heat of sweetness from Hungarian, cheesy from Nuernberger and pleasurable bacon-makes-the-world-better in Baconwurst!

Fear not if your dining party is not big enough to take on the Pork Lover Platter, instead go for the Garlic Herbed Roast Pork Knuckle (RM79). Equally satisfying in all swine aspect, the pork knuckle is just as pleasing as the earlier platter.

For a savory ending, the Cheese Platter Set (RM199) with Marqués de Càrceres works out to be a good deal. A lovely selection of cheeses and cold cuts might even be a good starter. From hard cheeses of aged Cheddar to soft Brie and Blue cheese, these certainly goes well with the salty Salami and Ham with the Spanish red wine that tasted of dark plums and cherries with a lingering spicy finish.

Souliquid has got the potential to make your evenings better. Comfort soul food to solid list of drinks and live music, it’s pretty much a hangout place that warrants plenty of visits for good times and lots of satisfying moments!

Lot 1, Ground Floor, PFCC Tower 3
Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 603-8066 8883

Business Hours:
Daily: 12 Noon to 1.00am
Night live music
Sunday to Thursday: 9.00pm to 11.30pm
Friday-Saturday: 9.30pm to midnight

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