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Club Med Matta Fair 2014 Extended Promotion: Enjoy Club Med Up To 40% Discount

Don’t Miss This Awesome Matta Fair Club Med Offer!

Club Med, an international premium all-inclusive holiday resort, is famous for their unforgettable travel experience all over the world. It is the perfect getaway for all as it is a one-stop destination where everything is taken care off and one can simply relax and enjoy all the activities and indulgences available at Club Med. With 80 resorts worldwide, it is a haven getaway perfect for families or couples and friends or solo. Discover some of the most beautiful destinations worldwide with the Club Med Premium All-Inclusive holiday packages available.

At the recent Matta Fair held from 5 to 7 September, there was a list of Club Med promotions with up to a staggering 40% discount for various Club Meds all over the world. The great news is that although Matta Fair is over physically, the Matta Fair promotion for Club Med has been extended till 15 September 2014.

It’s an unbelievable All-Inclusive Deals that includes welcome drink, accommodation, 3 sumptuous international buffet meals daily, all-day bar & snacking (alchohol & non-alchoholic), unlimited wine & beer during lunch & dinner, varieties of land & sea activities with tuition, nightly entertainment and Kids Club.

Check out the promotional offers for Club Med Cherating (Malaysia), Club Med Phuket (Thailand), Club Med Bali (Indonesia), Club Med La Pointe (Mauritius), Club Med Kani (Maldives), Club Med Guilin (China), Club Med Yabuli (China) and Club Med Sahoro (Japan) available for this Matta Fair!

Every Club Med is truly unique on its own… here are some highlights of some of the various Club Meds nearby!


Look no further than Club Med Cherating located in Kuantan, Pahang. Club Med Cherating is an Eco Nature Village that has received Green Globe certification for Sustainable Tourism. The resort stretches over 4 kilometers along the coastline of South China Sea with 3 different beaches and has a backdrop of the Pahang jungle. It is famed as a family resort that welcomes children of all ages and offers many various children facilities in addition to the adult facilities. Lie on the sandy beaches or the pool facing a magnificent view of the South China Sea, engage in water sport activities, take up archery, join the flying trapeze academy with circus activities, enroll in cooking lessons, visiting the wellness centre for spa and massage or simply do nothing and relax, believe me, there’s plenty more to do or not to do!

This child friendly resort offers various child and teenager programs from Baby Club Med (4 to 23 months) to Petit Club Med (2 to 3), Mini Club Med (4 to 10) and Club Med Password (11 to 17). These areas are specifically designed for the little ones’ needs and are equipped with comfort and safety. There are baby nursing rooms, baby corner, baby restaurant, babysitting services, playground, clean art planet, little circus and petit chef program to keep the little ones busy as the parents get some relaxation and time off in their adult activities.

Dine like royalty at the various restaurants in Club Med Cherating with The Mutiara or The Rembulan or simply enjoy drinks at The Orchid Bar or The Monkey Bar. One will never go hungry at any Club Med resorts with all the gastronomical indulgence available all throughout the day!


Located on the majestic island of Bali, Club Med Bali is a newly renovated Club Med resort that is designed with harmony and zen in mind for guests of all ages. Situated along the beach in protected area of Nusa Dua in the South of Bali, the Club Med Bali Village is designed in perfect harmony between modern contemporary décor and traditional Balinese architecture.

Discover harmony with the mesmerizing Zen Pool, the latest swimming pool in addition to the original one that is designed with the tranquility of zen nature in mind. Ideal for simply total relaxation just let everything go and soak in serenity by the pool and let nature takes it course.

Hit the 6-hole golf course in the resort, take up the various sport activities, hit the gym, enjoy kayaking, enroll in aqua fitness, go snorkeling or windsurfing or discover endless excursions in getting to know Bali better. Club Med Bali also offers children programs just like Cherating. Dining is also taken up another level as one can indulge with pleasure at The Agung Restaurant and Le Batur or visit The Riang, The Kintamani and The Lounge Bar for thirst quenching beverages. Go gourmet and dine at their new The Deck, Gourmet Lounge that will be launched this month that features seafood in a magical ambience.


Club Med Kani is located in paradise island on the Maldives archipelago. Imagine clear turquoise water meets the horizon of blue sky, a paradise waiting to be discovered. It is the ultimate place for romance, for memories making moments and for picture perfect experiences. Featuring 75 lagoon suites built on stilts, the resort is designed to resemble a giant palm tree spread across the lagoon from a bird’s eye view. Cocooned by the Indian Ocean, the sheer beauty of its geographical water nature is worthy alone of the visit.

Dive and discover the waters of the lagoon, relax and unwind on the white sandy beaches, explore the underwater world with your loved one and take romance to another level. Water activities rule here at Club Med Kani. Go kayaking on transparent bottom kayaks, lounge by the swimming pool with a gorgeous view or hang out at the Mantra lounge which has a 360 degree view of the lagoon and is furnished with day beds and arm chairs to chill out. Go for the most ancient ritual of Asian culture and enjoy some pampering moments at the wellness centre.

Dine at some of the world’s international cuisine at Le Vehli and Le Kandu or simply enjoy a drink while watching sunset at The Iru and The Sunset. Walk in the evening and make precious moments with unforgettable rendezvous with your loved ones.

Everything is taken care of with Club Med All-Inclusive Sun Holiday Packages!

Club Med Matta Fair 2014 Extended Promotion

Booking Period: Until 15 Sept 2014
Travel Period: Now till 26 Apr 2015

*Terms and conditions apply.

Book at or call Club Med at 03-7957 5678 for more information. Visit their Facebook for the latest updates for Club Med at

For Club Med packages, inclusive of flights, airport transfer, etc, check out the details at

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Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt: The Science Behind The Divine Frozen Yogurt!

Moo Cow Factory Visit with The Butterfly Project

It may not be rocket science but the art of yoghurt is certainly perfected through science! When I first came to know of Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt, it was because of my little one. He walked by the outlet in a mall and literally stopped me, dragged me in and said ‘Mommy, I want that’, while pointing to the ice cream on the signage.  Thinking it was just soft serve ice cream without really paying much attention, we bought one to try. Priced at RM9.90 for the regular cup, my first thought was that this ice cream is pricey. Well that was before I had tasted it…

My first spoonful of the soft serve took me by surprise. The ice cream was tangy and so silky with a kick of lusciousness. My sense of taste was immediately awaken, refreshed by the cool tangy and creamy flavor of the soft serve. It was then that I started paying much attention and saw that Moo Cow was actually serving frozen yoghurt (froyo)!

Wow, my next thought was how on earth they managed to freeze yoghurt into such a divine soft serve concoction. Someone must be a genius. Indeed that someone had managed to create a frozen treat that is actually healthy and taste absolutely divine. Needless to say after my first taste of Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt, I ended up fighting with my little one for that cup of frozen yoghurt that day. What followed after was that each time I spied a Moo Cow outlet while I am at the mall, I always made a beeline to get one. One for me and one for my little one… of course I can’t possibly share right? Not when something is so divine and healthy… wink!!

When I receive the invite to join The Butterfly Project team to visit the Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt factory, I was literally jumping with joy. I was finally going to be able to peek into the art of making yogurt. So one fine Sunday morning, the eleven of us met up at one of the Moo Cow outlet at Publika at Dutamas. We were even given colorful Moo Cow t-shirts to change into before making the visit.

Of course before heading off, we visited the Moo Cow outlet for breakfast yoghurt! All the Moo Cow outlets are design to resemble a barn in a farm. Super cute and very attractive! Now Moo Cow has increased their offerings from their frozen yoghurt and now offers Moo Cow Yogurt Drink available in three flavours. There’s the Original, Strawberry and Blueberry Yogurt Drink. Prior to this visit, I have already been buying these for my little one. The family loves the yogurt drink. We think this is one of the best yoghurt drinks we have tasted so far. Buy one for RM3.50 or buy 3 for RM10.

As it is mid-autumn season, Moo Cow was also offering super adorable Moo Cow Mooncakes. There are four Baked flavours and six Snow Skin flavours all made from their own bakery outlet. I was glad as we got to check these out later too so read on.

After our breakfast yogurt drink, we packed up and head over to the Moo Cow factory located in the city. As soon as we reached the place which is situated in a row of shoplots, we were greeted by the Moo Cow mascot, Mamalia!

Ok, the girls went berserk and all giggly. Well, a little inside me felt it too. We can’t help but to pose for photos with Mamalia

Mow Cow factory occupies a shop lot and so we head up to the highest for the office. It was there that we were greeted by the Moo Cow team and the CEO of Moo Cow International Sdn Bhd, Clifford Too. Clifford took us through a little history on yoghurt and its benefits.

Yogurt is considered the Elixir of Life in ancient Greek while it was called the Food of the Gods in ancient Indian record. Clifford quoted that history recorded that yogurt was accidentally created way back in 6000 B.C when travelers carried milk in pouches made from an animal’s inner part. While travelling, the milk actually got fermented and yogurt was discovered. There are several types of yogurt forms available today in different parts of the world. There’s the plain yogurt, Greek Yogurt (strained thick yogurt), flavoured yogurt, yogurt drink, froyo and even yogurt cake.

Moo Cow opened its first outlet in Plaza Damas in December 2010. It all started when Clifford was just not satisfied with what was offered in the market. And so he took on the task to learn on how to make yogurt. Once the master recipe was perfected, he developed the recipe for mass market and also took on more research to inject various seasonal flavours into his froyo. Then Clifford went on to develop the marketing strategies for Moo Cow and came up with a Moo Cow family of animals and all the POPs and other adorable Moo Cow souvenirs.

And then this is where the adrenalin kicks in as the whole lot of us got sanitized, capped and masked before we enter the production area at ground floor. Check out Clifford and his funky yellow boots!

The Art of Making Yogurt

Clifford and his team proceeded to show us on how to make yogurt from scratch… the scientific way of course. Now we all know that yoghurt is so much healthier than ice cream despite both tasting equally delicious. Yogurt is made from milk while most ice creams are made from heavy cream. It is rich in calcium and the live cultures in yogurt works wonder with calcium to prevent osteoporosis. Yogurt is also rich in lots of other vitamins and essential minerals which are beneficial to our health. The best part about consuming yogurt is that is delicious and low in fat content so eat away and feel less guilty.

There’s only one crucial rule in the art of making yogurt and that is never to stir the yogurt in a circular or whipping motion. Instead, we were told that we need to fold the milk and the active live bacteria culture or any kind of mixes.

First of all, Clifford takes milk and warms it up to 80 C to ensure that the milk is pasteurized. Then the milk is then left to cool down to a temperature of around 40 C (give and take a few degrees). Add in the live culture that contains probiotic bacteria which is good for our bodies. One can simply buy a small tub of yogurt that contains the live culture to make your own yogurt.

Now do the folding method to slowly lift and fold the culture into the milk.

After the milk mixture is fully mixed, the whole pot is now left in an incubator for a minimum of 12 hours at a consistent temperature of 39 C to 44 C. This is the best environment for the live cultures to grow happily and set the milk to ferment. After the incubation, the yoghurt is still not fully ready for consumption as it may still be a little watery.

The whole pot is now chilled between 0 C to 4 C for another minimal 24 hours to thicken the yogurt. After this process, the yogurt is now ready to be consumed or turn into the various yogurt products.

My first taste of this awesome vibrant yogurt curd is pretty much amazing! Look at how thick and creamy the yogurt is and how well it has set. If I were to describe the texture, the yogurt made here is a tad softer than our local tau foo fah. I still can’t believe how creamy the Moo Cow yogurt is as it was only made from milk.

We got to try this fresh batch of yogurt mixed with blue berries that sweetened and toned down the tartness of the yogurt. Still, I actually didn’t mind the tartness because it is so refreshing.

Clifford proceeded to show us how to make Moo Cow’s Yogurt Drink. He measured a certain amount of yoghurt and added in warm water and a packet of his secret recipe that includes sugar and maybe some kind of citric acid and other ingredients. It’s just a wild guess from Swee San and me simply because it’s a closely guarded secret recipe.

After folding the mixture a little, the whole pot is now blended by an industrial blender to combine everything together. The outcome is pretty much what we tasted in the Moo Cow Yogurt Drink except it was a little more diluted as it still needs to go through the process in the chiller to thicken up the drink. The final step would be to bottle them up and label them.

Moo Cow froyo and yogurt drinks are made with all natural ingredients. We were also taught on how to identify natural ingredients and elements when buying yogurt as well. This is such an eye opener as many of us were really pleased to be able to finally understand that we should only consume natural ingredients that are made the right way for health benefits. The next time I buy yogurt, things will never be the same again as you can be assured that I will check out the ingredients that go into any product I buy!

Here's Swee San making an attempt on the yogurt drink!

After all the awesome demonstration of making yogurt and its products, some of us even got to have a go at making the yogurt drink. When everything ended, we head on back up to the office… it’s time to taste and enjoy a light lunch.

After a light lunch, our dessert treat was an icy concoction of froyo with fruit filling and a dash of yogurt drink, Moo Cow Cheesecakes and Moo Cow Mooncakes. What a treat!

The Moo Cow Cheesecakes is available in five flavours of Original, Peach, BlueBerry, Strawberry and Oreo at RM13.90 each. I like how light the cheesecake texture is and how fresh the flavours are with the addition of yogurt.

Moo Cow Mooncakes are really decent and delicious, especially the Snow Skin series. Baked mooncake offers four flavours of Precious Black, Low Sugar White Lotus, Pandan Lotus and No Sugar White Lotus at RM13.50 each or RM48 for a box of four mooncakes. Snow Skin offers classic down-to-earth flavours of Red Bean, Pandan, Sweet Potato, Black Sesame, White Lotus and Pumpkin. These are RM 6.50 each or RM26 for a box of four mooncakes.

It was time to head home but I left happily with a greater knowledge of the science of making yogurt, along with the gorgeous taste of freshly made yogurt. Talking to Clifford also left me a lasting impression as he was thoroughly passionate on everything about his Moo Cow frozen yogurt. From now onwards, whenever I savor a Moo Cow froyo, I know that lots of love and effort has been put into this cup of awesomeness!

*A big thanks to Tammy and TheButterfly Project for this visit.

For more information on Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt, visit their Facebook:

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Chatz Brasserie, PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur: Chef Debbie Teoh’s Nyonya Feast Is Back!

Savor Authentic Northern and Southern Nyonya Feast by Chef Debbie Teoh

If you had read my previous posts here and here, you would know how much I love Chef Debbie Teoh’s dishes. A true blue Nyonya, this petite chef wears many hats among her repertoire for serving up some of the best authentic Northern and Southern Nyonya cuisine. Now Debbie do not own any restaurants but she does have her own catering services so it’s not easy to be able to savor her dishes on a daily basis.

The good news is that PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur is proud to welcome Chef Debbie Teoh back to Chatz Brasserie with her authentic Nyonya feast through a buffet dinner on each Friday and Saturday from 5 September to 12 October, 2014. That’s not all, there is even a High Tea on each Saturday and Sunday available together with a Sunday Cooking Class with Chef Debbie!

It’s the perfect moment to catch a taste of the talented Chef Debbie’s Nyonya cuisine if you still haven’t had one. Chef Debbie is set to whip up an unforgettable Nyonya spread from her repertoire of Nyonya dishes perfected through her 17 years of experience in the food industry. Born to a Baba from Malacca and a Nyonya from Penang, Chef Debbie’s heritage allows her to master both Northern and Southern Nyonya dishes to a tee. She also has a long list of other talents that include foodie, author, food stylist, ambassador for the Nyonya cuisine and culture, food catering business and is a Nyonya Food Consultant for Tourism Malaysia.

Here’s a delicious sneak peek at the offerings available at the ‘Best of Malaysia: Nyonya Cuisine by Chef Debbie Teoh’ buffets and Hi-Teas.

Kick start the feast with Chef Debbie’s signature Hu Pio Soup filled with delicious homemade prawn balls cooked in a chicken stock and laden with the luxurious fish maw. I have tasted this soup a few times and each time is always as good as the one before. Sweet and earthy, the soup is savored in many Nyonya households, especially during festive seasons.

Nasi Ulam, a dish that calls for intricate and fine knife skills, is simply a must-have! Debbie’s Nasi Ulam is studded and spiced up with many ingredients that lend the rice salad the oomph. Did I mentioned that Chef Debbie believes in staying true to her Nyonya roots and still does all the cutting and shredding by hand? Well its fairly obvious as her Nasi Ulam is specked and spiked with all the finely shredded herbs, spices and other essential pounded dried ingredients like dried shrimp and salted fish. It is also spicy from the bird eye chilies and will definitely whet your appetite for more…

A Nyonya feast would not be complete without the classic Ju Hu Char. All the ingredients in this popular dish are still hand cut to achieve the true flavour and texture of the Ju Hu Char. The vegetable is perfect with rice or crispy fresh lettuce and a dollop of pungent Sambal Belachan.

The Nyonyas are famous for their kerabu salads. This comes from the influence of the Malay heritage in the Nyonya. At Chef Debbie’s Nyonya feast, one can savor the Kerabu Jantung Pisang with Prawns among other kerabu salads. It’s really unique and features the heart of the palm from the banana tree which is mixed with fresh shallots and a spicy kerabu dressing with a coconut milk based. Prawns are added for extra deliciousness!

The next three main dishes are usually savored with rice. These dishes are thoroughly complex and require many elements of spices and herbs to achieve a unity of balance in flavours. Ayam Buah Keluak may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is certainly mine. This dish calls for the distinctive Buah Keluak, a type of black nut that is poisonous. This nut is made edible by fermentation and so it has to be treated properly for cooking and takes weeks in advance for preparation.

Chef Debbie’s Ayam Buah Keluak is marvelous. A complex curry that is made unique from the buah keluak, I kept taking the black nuts and scooping out the keluak paste to be mixed with the curry. The intense nutty notes with an aniseed flavour and aroma takes some getting used too for some so one will either love this or hate this nut. Chef Debbie’s Ayam Buah Keluak is gorgeously thick and spiced up so make sure to at least try this if you see it at the buffet.

Melaka Ayam Pongteh is another dish that often appears in many Nyonya households on a daily basis. The dish calls for slow braising of chicken, potato and mushroom in a bean paste sauce with some spices. Our Melaka Ayam Pongteh was creamy and rich with a savory nutty flavour. The tender chicken and potato stew is comfort food at its best.

Lemak Nenas Ikan Sepat is definitely a curry that hails from the Malay side of the heritage as I have often seen this curry in many Malay stalls. Chef Debbie makes a mean version of this as the balance of the spices in the curry is boldly seasoned with the saltiness of the salted Ikan Sepat and brightened up with the tangy flavours of the pineapple. So one gets lemak, salty and fruity sweetness all in one taste.

Other delicious dishes to look out for are Fish Tempra, Lemak Udang Nenas, Telur Cincalok, Nasi Kunyit with Chicken Curry and Sambal Kiam Hu, Melaka Laksa Lemak, Gulai Kiam Hu, Ayam Kapitan, Pai Tee, Geram Asam, Itek Tim and Lemak Sukun.

The next two dishes are not part of the buffet but can be ordered a la carte for additional price. These are the almost gone classics that are difficult to order these days as it requires lots of work and special ingredients. I must say though that you should order these to try as both dishes are practically non-existence in many Nyonya restaurants now. I am talking about Chef Debbie’s Pais Buah Keluak and Gulai Perut Ikan.

Pais Buah Keluak resembles the Nyonya Otak Otak texture, a steamed spiced up fish mousse. This one is spiced up with the creamy buah keluak and fish paste. Steamed in banana leave, the aroma and flavours are tantalizing and very moreish. It is pretty strong in flavours of the black nut so it may take some getting used to at first bite. Nevertheless, the Pais Buah Keluak is pretty much a yummy exotic dish in my books! It is available as an a la carte order at Rm30 nett for two pieces.

The Gulai Ikan Perut is my favorite of the night! Another dish that make use of fish stomach pickled and brine before being cooked in a tamarind based sauce, the Gulai Ikan Perut is also slowing showing up less and less in the Nyonya restaurants these days. It’s a lot of effort for selecting the herbs and cutting them and takes days in advance to make due to the fish stomach. 

Cooked with pineapples, eggplant and lots of various herbs, all these ingredients will be cooked slowly to imbue the fish stomach and tamarind sauce. Chef Debbie’s Gulai Ikan Perut evokes a harmony of complex flavours of savory, sour and sweet with a unique herb aroma. This dish will have one refilling their rice simply just to savor this heavenly concoction. It is priced at RM35 nett per bowl, inclusive of steamed rice.

Chef Debbie’s Nyonya desserts are always so good! I can still remember how awesome her Seri Muka with Yam was two years ago. This year, her Rempah Udang, Talam Chendol and Kuih Kosui is just equally as delicious. The petite Rempah Udang is so flavourful and pretty. Talam Chendol is creamy with a very delectable layer of the rich Gula Melaka. Her Kuih Kosui has such a bouncy QQ texture and is not overly sweet, perfect with the layer of fresh grated coconut. Make sure to save room for her Nyonya kuihs!

The Buffet Dinner is available on Friday and Saturday from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, priced at RM125 nett per adult and RM62.50 nett per child. Diners may enjoy this promotion at a promotional rate of RM85 nett per person from 5 September to 12 October. During the weekends, Hi-Tea is available on Saturday and Sunday from 12.30pm to 4.00pm. Hi-Tea is priced at RM78 nett per adult and RM39 nett per child. Diners will also have the privilege to enjoy complimentary Nyonya cuisine cooking classes before Hi-Tea commences with prior reservations.

Prior reservation is required for ‘Best of Malaysia: Nyonya Cuisine by Chef Debbie Teoh’. For reservations or enquiries, please call 03 2147 0088 or email

Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2147 0088

*More pictures in my Facebook: ChasingFoodDreams

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