Friday, May 26, 2017

Las Vacas @ Glo Damansara

Beefing it Up at Glo Damansara!

Las Vacas has been serving up beefy goodness since 2007 when its first butchery shop opened. After a decade later and four outlets later with the latest one at Glo Damansara, Las Vacas is still a beefy hotspot for awesome steaks and more.

The new outlet at Glo Damansara is wonderfully spacious and nicely designed. While one can opt for comfort in the main dining area, there is also an al fresco area to enjoy your meal. Barely a year old, this outlet already had quite a few private events with Chef Muhammad Amirull Azahar leading the kitchen and culinary team.

Las Vacas owners – Freddy Azman and FD Idzham FD Iskandar takes their meat seriously and ensures that quality is their main priority at Las Vacas.

Las Vacas is renowned for diners selecting their choice of the best beef cuts and marbling before getting the kitchen team to whip it up to their liking. There is always a solid range of premium quality beef ranging from grain fed to grass fed and to the premium wagyu up to marbling of 9. All beef are wet aged for 3 weeks to produce beefy robust flavours. Food ingredients used are halal certified. Fear not if beef is not your thing as they also serve chicken, lamb, salmon as well as pasta, burgers and sandwiches.

We were here for their Ramadan specials as well as their regular menu. For the month of buka puasa, Las Vacas Glo Damansara will be serving choice of 3 dishes specially concocted for diners. We tried the Aromatic Spice Pilaf Baked and Grill Chicken & Gravy (RM38.90), a generous portion fit for two eaters. Fluffy spiced up rice studded with nuts and raisin, baked with a grill spiced chicken goes really well with tasty tomato salsa, fried potatoes and two gravies, we enjoyed the dish a lot.

There are two other options of Arabic Puri Bread with Lamb Shank (RM77.90) and Vacas Ribeye Steak with Garlic Creamy Mash Potato and Raspberry Sauce (RM77.90) for the buka puasa menu as well.

The signature and most ordered dish in the regular menu is Las Vacas Famous Beef Wrap (RM21.20). Looks are deceiving in this case as the dish looked plain when it arrived. Beef rolls wrapped with julienned vegetables and drenched in cheesy beefy sauce was described in the menu. One taste of this roll and it was superb in flavours. The beef roll was tender with some crunchy from vegetables. The sauce was amazingly flavourful. Rich and creamy with beefy essence, that sauce would have also gone well with steaks. A must-order if you’re at Las Vacas!

For cheese lovers, there’s the Oozy Mozzarella Sticks (RM18). Golden batons of crumbed cheese that oozes with hot melting cheese is served with tomato anchovy salsa. Decent and great as snacks or for kids.

The Classic Caesar (RM18) is worthy of an order. Solid creamy garlicky and cheesy flavours on crisp lettuce with long crunchy croutons, generous shavings of parmesan cheese and a soft poached egg.

Our first beef arrived and the Grain Fed Ribeye (RM100 – 280gm) didn’t disappoint. Beautifully thick and juicy, the ribeye smells wonderful. Well charred and cooked to medium for my liking, the ribeye had a good bite with a tasty note. Served with smears of spice oil and rich brown sauce with toast and side salad, the steak is very satisfying for that price. There is also a small portion if you’re not a big eater.

The Wagyu Ribeye MB7 (RM65 per 100gm) is even better in flavour than the ribeye. Sliced a bit thin as the ribeye was bigger in size, this one is a hearty 200gm portion. Due to the thinness of the cut, the beef was almost well done. Nevertheless, it was still very juicy and the flavours are simply amazingly moreish. If you are one to prefer flavour over texture, this one is worth splurging for as the flavours are superb and the beef is amazingly tender.

Lamb Chops (RM55) are another meaty option and executed beautifully with good smoky char aroma. Three pieces of well-trimmed lamb chops that is succulent and well-seasoned cooked to medium doneness for perfect texture. I like how meaty the lamb chops and thus making it a hearty and filling portion.

We also decided to try the Salmon Fillet (RM51.95). Minor setbacks for this one as the salmon was too well-cooked for my liking but the crispy skin on the salmon is commendable. Another plus point on the dish was the yummy and creamy soft spinach that goes so well with the fish. Let the staff know if you prefer your salmon medium like me else it will be cooked well done.

When the Lamb Burger (RM29.70 – 250gm) arrived, I stared at it in awe. The thick lamb patty looked so luscious and tempting. Las Vacas offer several weights on their burger patties and we opted for a thick one since we love our burgers with thick meaty patties. Served with golden spiced fries, the lamb burger is delicious. Juicy, tender and tasty, sinking your teeth into the toasted sesame seed bun with the patty and all its trimming is very satisfying.

There’s also set lunch available during week days with several options of choice of your dish with an Iced Lemon Tea. We tried their vegetarian version of Pomodoro with Broccolini Pasta. The past is cooked al dente and delicious. We didn’t miss any proteins as the pasta is already well flavoured and cooked well.

Lots of choices of quality meat, Las Vacas at Glo Damansara is a great place to get your steak fix. Good quality meat don’t really need much sauces, just enough salt and pepper works wonder on the beefy goodness. Coupled with the lovely ambiance, it’s a place to unwind with good steaks!

Lot G19 & G19A, Glomac Damansara,
Jalan Damansara,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +60 3-7732 3677

Business Hours:
Daily 10.00am to 10.00pm

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gangnam 88 Korean Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Gangnam Value Set Menu!

There’s something addictive about Korean cuisine for me. I simply can’t get enough of the cuisine. Lots of pungent flavours of fermented kimchi, piping hot stews and soups, juicy barbeque meats, various banchans and more, there’s always satisfaction when it comes to Korean food, at least for me…

Gangnam 88 is not new to our culinary scene but the Korean restaurant is good enough to always warrant return visits. Having tried their outlet in Sunway Giza previously, this round I visited their popular original outlet in Solaris Mont Kiara.

Though not as big as the other outlet, this outlet has better ambiance with a comfortable vibe. Expect lots of the usual Korean stars plastered on the walls of the restaurant including the King of Gangnam, PSY!

We love how there are various small rooms sectioned off to offer more privacy as well as various mix and match furniture to echo an eclectic décor throughout the restaurant located on level one.

The menu is filled with lots of tempting photos of Korean dishes to make ordering easier. Gangnam 88 also offers set meals perfect for big or small parties that are value-for-money. Since there were 4 adults and 2 kids, we opted for the Gold Set (RM238). It’s sufficient for 5 to 6 person and they were certainly very generous with the portions and dishes, so much so we couldn’t even finish this set.

Cheese Rolled Omelet, a typical dish that appears daily in many Korean meals, is guaranteed to be a favorite with every one of all ages. Egg and cheese with bits of vegetables makes good accompaniment for rice and other dishes. Do let staff know if you don’t want chili in it as it comes with chili sauce which may not be favorable for kids.

Classic and one of my favorite Korean dish is Kimchi Soup. This version is made just right with a solid robust tang and heat with lots of pickled kimchi, tofu and other good stuff.

The Samgyetang or Ginseng Chicken Soup is known for nutritional values with Korean ginseng, jujube, chicken and rice. It’s a bowl of comforting flavours and great at any meal. Flavours are quite delicate with subtle hints of ginseng. The chicken is so tender that it literally falls apart from the slightest touch. We took this home and it was even better the next day with rice.

The 3 Types BBQ is superb. The best of Gangnam 88 trio of pork bbq, we had Pork Galbi BBQ, Pork Belly Samgyeop BBQ and Pork Shoulder Moksal BBQ. All three are different in flavours and texures but equally delicious. I kept going back for more of this BBQ and the best part is that it’s all cooked for us so we didn’t have to do the cooking. Must order!!

A monstrous stew appear in the form of Cheese Squid Rabbokgi. Crispy squid sat in a pool of fiery sauce filled with soft and chewy tteokbokki, fish cake, vegetable and plenty of cheese. Pungent in flavours with sweet, savory and some heat, I enjoyed the thick and cheesy sauce with the crispy squid. It’s beginning to be a popular dish here these days, especially among the younger generation of Korean fans.

Perhaps we were too full to fully enjoy the Honey Butter Fried Chicken. Nevertheless, the dish has no faults. Large boneless chicken thigh well-seasoned and fried before glazed in a sticky sweet and buttery sauce had all the markings of a good dish and we would have gladly polish this off if only we weren’t so full from everything else.

Banchan was nothing to shout about but with so much food, we really have not complaints. Kimchi was good though and so was the creamy salad. These are refillable too.

For drinks, we opted for their homemade Misugaru and Sikhye. Misugaru is a very healthy and nutritious beverage made from combinations of at least 7 grains. It’s milky with a nutty soy taste and is quite filling. I love the Sikhye a lot. The sweet Korean rice drink is refreshing and easy to enjoy with the rest of the Korean dishes.

The Gold Set is really value-for-money and easily feeds at least 6 adults. There are plenty of other smaller or bigger sets and even sets with drinking options if you enjoy beer, soju or makgeolli. We know why Gangnam 88 is still a popular hotspot for Korean food in Solaris. The ambiance and vibe is certainly pleasant and the food is scrumptious as well as affordable. That evening, the restaurant was packed but service was efficient despite the crowd. Definitely a good spot for Korean food!

No 1-1, Jalan Solaris 3,
Solaris Mont Kiara Off Jalan Kira,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3-6206 5888

Business Hours:
Daily 11.30am to 1.00am

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Buka Puasa @ TrEat, Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur

Dining Under the Stars at TrEat Restaurant & Bar

Diners are taken on a wonderful journey of Dining Under the Stars buffet at TrEat Restaurant & Bar, located at Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur this holy month of fasting. Set in the bustling area of Jalan Ampang, Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur offers residents a calm oasis in the heart of the business district. With 251 units available, the hotel has a swimming pool, a children’s wading pool, a fitness centre and an all-day-dining, TrEat Restaurant & Bar.

TrEat Restaurant & Bar has elements of spaciousness as well as bright bold color theme. Set with a view of the hotel’s swimming pool, TrEat is cleverly designed to offer diners a cool two-level main dining area as well as al fresco area.

The hotel is also pleased to introduce a new Chef de Cuisine – Chef Addy Dzulfadzl Abdullah who has whipped up Dining Under the Stars menus together with the culinary team for this special season. The rotated menus, featuring over 222 items, will consist of authentic Malay dishes as well as other cuisines and will also feature four ala minute stations that is set around the poolside. Diners will also be entertain by musicians every Friday and Saturday nights.

Savor Roast Lamb with Percik Sauce, tender slices of flavourful lamb that is further elevated with a tasty and nutty percik sauce. There’s also a spiced rice to go with the lamb.

Dine on Lemang with Chicken and Beef Serundings as well as Chicken and Beef Satay.

Visit the Kerabu station for a treat of various colorful and tasty kerabus to be savor with plenty of Ulam and Sambals as well as Ikan Masin and more. Don’t forget to enjoy the Bubur Lambuk and Sup Ekor.

There is also a Western salad bar and some prepared salads to tempt the palate. There’s also chilled seafood of prawn, oyster and mussel.

For hot dishes, the Daging Masak Hitam Johor and Telur Itik Masak Lemak is superb with steamed rice.

Rendang Ayam Pedas

Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin

Kepah Masak Lada Hitam

Sayur Goreng Jawa

Desserts are plenty so save room for a sweet and savory ending of Aneka Kuih Muih, cakes, puddings, cookies, mini fruit tarts, fresh fruits, Buah Kurma, Ice Kacang and more. There is also plenty of various beverages to quench your thirst.

Dining Under the Stars Buffet
Available from 29 May to 24 June from 6.30pm to 10.30pm
RM77+ per adult
RM39+ per child

Diners also stand a chance to win a stay in other Oakwood sister properties around Asia that are located in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Please call +603 2710 9180 or email for reservations.

TrEat Restaurant & Bar
222 Jalan Ampang,
50450, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2720 3888

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