Thursday, June 25, 2015

Buka Puasa @ The Living Room, The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Juadah Iftar

As the holy month continues, embrace this buka puasa ritual with more mouth-watering spread at The Westin Kuala Lumpur at The Living Room’s Juadah Iftar Buffet dinner. Savor wonderful indulgences as of Malaysian cuisine’s vibrant melting pot of flavours and aroma whipped up by the culinary team in a modern and elegant ambience.

The all-day-dining restaurant Iftar experience promises a full Malaysian fare with over 15 live cooking station. Savor sumptuous spread of Malay cuisine together with Indian cuisines as well as Chinese and other international fare.

Chef Boobalan Arumugam and Chef Halim Sultan, who are the main chefs responsible for the amazing Juadah Iftar Buffet

Taking center stage at the Iftar buffet spread is traditional Malaysian spread of sumptuous Roasted Lamb with Westin Briyani Rice, Ayam Percik, Ikan Bakar, a host of curries, kerabu, ulam, sambal and more.

Enjoy tender spiced up Roasted Lamb with fluffy spice-infused biryani crowned with cashews and raisin. There is also the tender and succulent Ayam Percik, nicely baked with spices and then smothered in unctuous peanut spiced sauce. Besides the lamb and chicken, a beautiful masterpiece of Roasted Beef Rib makes great enjoyment with grilled vegetables and baked potatoes.

Hit the pots of Daging Gulai Nusantara, Gulai Ayam Kampung Pucuk Ubi Kayu, Ekor Asam Pedas, Ayam Rendang, Sayur Lodeh, Ayam Rendang, Sotong Sambal Petai, Ketam Masak Lemak and Sayur Goreng Jawa with Prawns as these are beautifully rich with flavours and textures. It is certainly an assortment of curries that really sums up authentic Malay cuisine’s unique flavours.

Savor these curries with Roti Jala, Ketupat, Nasi Impit, Lemang or rice as they are the perfect accompaniments to enjoy the rich and spicy curries. Don’t forget to add on the Chicken or Beef Serunding as well.

Check out the live cooking station where Ikan Bakar prevails. Choose the array of marinated fish and seafood and let the chef grilled it up. Savor there with the sauces and sambals. Alternatively next to the grill station is Chicken and Beef Satay Celup Warisan sitting in warming pots of peanut sauce.

More live stations whipping up Chicken Shawarma, Popiah, Roti John, Murtabak, Roti Canai, and Roti Boom fresh so one gets to enjoy these piping hot. There’s stations are crowd pleasers for young ones to adults.

For something hot and warming, enjoy Bubuk Lambuk Super Chicken, Sup Tulang Rawan Pattani, Indian Spicy & Sour Chicken Soup, Mushroom Soup and more.

Then there is the plethora of Aneka Kerabu, Ulams, Ikan Masin, Telur Masin, Sambals, Keropok, Jeruk Buah, Gado Gado, Tauhu Sumbat, Sotong Kangkung and so much more. There are also salads and dressings on the station as well.

The next station to watch out for is the Nasi Kandar station filled with an amazing potpourri of rice to be savored with Daging Kandar, Kambing Kandar, Ayam Kandar, Kobis Goreng Kunyit, Telur Sambal and more. It is literally a haven of flavours of luscious Nasi Kandar.

Besides the Nasi Kandar, there is also an array of Indian spiced fried Sotong, Ayam, Telur Ikan and Ikan Tenggiri Goreng.

More treats from other cuisines include Roasted Duck Mantao, Steamed Whole Fish with Garlic Chive Cream Sauce, Chicken Rice, Char Kway Teow, Dim Sum, Lok Lok, Asam Laksa, Curry Laksa, Mee Rebus and the list goes on…

Moving on to desserts, its literally a room filled with racks of sweet treats from Chocolate Fountain, a majestic array of Fresh Fruits, traditional Malay Kuih Muih, Cakes, Cupcakes, Puddings, Tarts, Jelly, Ice Cream, Ais Kacang and more. A must-have is the Deep Fried Ice Cream where the dessert is whipped up to order and diners will certainly be pleased with the crispy crust and ice cold combination of ice cream.

RM118nett per adult from 18 June to 26 June 2015
RM148nett per adult from 27 June to 15 July 2015
*Complimentary for children below the age of 5 years old

Discounts Available
12% for group booking with minimum of 20 diners
SPG members enjoy 20% discount on total food bill.

For further information or reservations, please call Westin dining on 603 2773 8338 or email

The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2731 8333

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ramadhan Buffet @ Bijan

Refined Malay Cuisine for Buka Puasa

It’s my first time at the Bijan, a restaurant with multiple accolades, is famous for its refined Malay cuisine located in the bustling area of the metropolitan city along Jalan Ceylon. I have always heard good ravings of this place and was pleased to be invited for a sneak preview of their Ramadhan Buffet promotion for this holy month of fasting.

Walking into the restaurant, it was indeed a pleasure as I was enchanted by the gorgeous and warmth ambience of Bijan. One would certainly never expect such a calm and peaceful setting amidst the bustling city area. The concept was elegant and minimalist with lots of dark wood mixed with rich purple wall panels. The restaurant is spacious and has a beautiful long bar at the entrance. One can choose the cool dining inside or simply enjoy the al fresco garden dining at Bijan. Private dining rooms are also available. Large posters of dragonfly and local traditional dressed women added more charm to the ambience of the restaurant.

For this year’s Ramadhan Buffet, Bijan’s Sous Chef Mohd Shawal and his culinary team will be preparing a range of dishes of mix recipes handed down over generations and also marrying the traditional recipes with modern day ingredients to create a delicious dining buka puasa experience.

There will be 5 Ramadhan Buffet menus on daily rotation. The buffet spread includes live-cooking stations and grill station serving up fresh and hot food for the best flavours. Savor appetizers, kerabu, meat & poulty, seafood and vegetables prepared with authentic flavours injected with modern ingredients. A la carte menu will be available daily after 9pm onwards.

We savored delectable appetizer morsels of Cucur Bijan, Daging Bungkus, Otak-Otak, Keropok Lekor and Acar Tofu. The Cucur Bijan was superb… crispy fritters of tempeh, sweet potato, tofu, bean sprouts and spring onions in light crispy batter served with a drizzle of chili sauce. And so was the spiced seafood mousse of Otak-Otak served on tiny squares of Hailam bread. The Otak-Otak was creamy, spicy and beautifully laden with rich spices.

A bowl of Laksam, an East coast favorite, was served after the appetizers. Don’t be fool by this plain looking dish as the flavours are superb! House made steamed rice noodles are rolled and sliced and doused with a rich fish and coconut milk gravy laced with pungent shrimp paste and spices. The noodles are served with raw vegetables and chili sambal. The version is so utterly delicious with its robust, savory, tangy and creamy gravy flavouring the soft melt-in-the-mouth rice noodles while the raw vegetables provided texture and the chili worked its magic on the heat. Though it is usually eaten for breakfast, I would be please to enjoy a piping hot bowl of Bijan’s Laksam anytime of the day!

Kerabu is simply a must in any Malay cuisine as it is a salad medley of flavours and textures. We had three kerabus of Kerabu Daging Salai, Kerabu Sotong and Kerabu Jantung Pisang. Each one is unique in flavours and textures but they all share the same savory, sweet, spicy and sour flavours that comes from the different ingredients used. My favorite was the Kerabu Daging Salai with its smoky and spicy flavours.

For main dishes, we savored Ayam Ketumbar Sambal Tomato, Kambing Masak Hitam, Sotong Hitam Manis,Daging Berempah Sambal Dendeng, Rendang Udang Nogori, Ketam Masak Tempoyak and Pucuk Paku Goreng Tahi Minyak.

The Ayam Ketumbar Sambal Tomato has golden battered fried chicken smothered in a tasty and spicy coriander spiced tomato sambal. It’s not overly spicy but is moreish and perfect with rice. The chicken was moist and flavourful too.

I like how Bijan uses lamb cutlets in the Kambing Masak Hitam. It is a good cut of lean and fat lamb that is beautifully marinated with spices and chargrilled till cooked. A savory and sweet black sauce added more depth of flavours to the rich lamb. Must-try…

The Sotong Hitam Manis reminded me of a dish my mom used to cook. Squid is cooked in a rich and sweet black sauce cooked from chili paste, lemongrass and squid ink. I can’t quite detect but there was some kind of herbs in the dish as well.

There is also the Daging Berempah Sambal Dendeng that won many diner’s hearts that evening. Cooked in lots of aromatics such as lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, chili and other spices, the sliced beef was tender and tasty. I would be happy with this dish alone with rice!

Rendang Udang Nogori is a signature of Bijan’s and I can see why. Prawns are cooked in a creamy yellow coconut curry spiced up with lots of spices, herbs and chili. I can still taste the fresh sweetness of the prawns as the curry is not overpowering but just right on flavours.

I steer clear of the King of Fruit and so I didn’t try the Ketam Masak Tempoyak but I know it was good because other diners polished this off with much happiness.

The Pucuk Paku Goreng Tahi Minyak is pretty decent. Wild paku ferns are sautéed in a chili coconut and shrimp paste sambal.

There are various choices of rice available at Bijan and we savored small tasting portions of Nasi Ulam, Nasi Tomato and Nasi Briyani.

I really enjoyed the Nasi Ulam tremendously with its herb aroma and flavours. The rice is well seasoned and makes a great dish on its own as it is already very flavourful. I wanted more of this Nasi Ulam. The other two Nasi Tomato and Nasi Briyani was decent by the Nasi Ulam was certainly more outstanding in my books.

For desserts, Bijan also has a solid list of sweets to end each meal with sweet pleasures. That evening, we had tasting portions of Manisan Putri Mandi, Pandan Pudding, Corn Brulee and Pengat Durian with Glutinous Rice. I enjoyed all the dessert except the Pengat Durian which I happily donated to my neighbor since I don’t enjoy durian.

We were told that the Durian Chocolate Cake is another signature at Bijan and before we know it, we had orders of the rich and sinful chocolate cake filled with D24 durian flesh. Many were certainly raving about this dessert so you might want to order this if you don’t see this in the Ramadhan Buffet.

Our mocktails are not included in the Ramadhan Buffet but do order these refreshing fruity mocktails as they are simply thirst-quenching delights!

Ramadhan Buffet
Available from 22 June to 12 July 2015 (6.45pm to 9.30pm)
Price @ RM 90++ per person
Early bird promotion at RM90 nett per person for confirmed reservations before the 22nd June 2015
*A la carte menu is available from 9pm onwards.

For reservations and enquiries, please call 603 2031 3575 or email

No 3 Jalan Ceylon
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel + 603 2031 3575
Fax +603 2031 3576


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