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The Living Room Buka Puasa Buffet @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Juadah Iftar Kampung

The holy month of fasting brings forth a reason to gather and spend time with family and friends and break fast together. This year, The Westin Kuala Lumpur is presenting a Juadah Iftar Kampung buffet at The Living Room filled with a myriad spread of kampung favorites as well as international ones.

Available from 19 May to 12 June, the Juadah Iftar Kampung buffet comes with an additional option of an All-You-Can-Eat Durian feast. Diners, who prefer to savor only the All-You-Can-Eat Durian feast without the Juadah Iftar Kampung Buffet, can also opt for this option on its own.

The Living Room is setup with a journey of flavours as diners can explore their way through a big spread of freshly prepared dishes as well as visit live action stations serving made-to-order dishes. There is also a room filled with lots of desserts so make sure to save some tummy room for this.

With every Iftar buffet, the highlight of the spread is the Roasted Whole Lamb. Marinated with various spices, savor the tender lamb slices with fluffy briyani rice with egg.

There is also a beautiful Roasted Beef Ribs with BBQ sauce and roasted vegetables that is a must-try!

On the carving station, there is Roasted Chicken and Baked Fish Fillet as well.

A kaleidoscope of Ulams and Sambals are set along with various Kerabu salads as well as Telur Masin, Ikan Masin and Burung Puyuh Berlado to whet the appetite with robust and spicy flavours.

Assorted Kerabu on daily rotation such as Kerabu Sotong Berserai, Kerabu Perut Dan Soo Hoon, Kerabu Limau Bali, Ikan Bilis Petai and Kerabu Daging Salai.

Other main highlight of the buffet is the row of huge kawahs filled with classic kampung dishes like Kupang Berlada, Gulai Keting Kambing Keluak, Ayam Sambal Hijau, Kari Daging Tetel, Labu Pucuk Manis Lemak Putih, Kacang Panjang Goreng Kunyit, Uddang Sambal Petai and Ketam Masak Lemak Nenas.

There is a whole live action station dedicated to Claypot Asam Pedas that one should not miss. Select your choices of meat and seafood to be cook with your choices of Asam Pedas Nyonya, Asam Pedas Johor and Asam Pedas Tempoyak gravy!

Street food is another must savor delight at Juadah Iftar Kampung buffet. From freshly made Roti Canai, Murtabak, Roti Boom, Roti Telur, Burger, Roti John to Yong Tau Fu, Kerang Rebus Chili Sauce, Chicken Rice and Char Kway Teow, choosing there to try is quite difficult one as they all looked deliciously tempting at sight.

Kerang Rebus Chili Sauce is superb as these large kerangs are plump, fresh and juicy!

Char Kway Teow was a hit as these were scooped up by many as soon as the chef is done cooking it…

There is also Nasi Air Berlauk,, Curry Laksa and Mee Celup at the noodle station where one can pick your own ingredients.

Hot warmers filled with steamy hot Lemang, Ketupat, Pulut Hitam Lemang, Roti Jala and Nasi Impit are to be savored with Ayam Rendang, Kari Kepala Ikan, Beef Kandar, Ayam Madu, Sayur Lodeh, Satay and Bubur Lambuk.

Time for desserts… and the spread is substantially sweet and colorful. Fresh local fruits to Chocolate Fountain, Frozen Yoghurt Soft Serve Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Ais Krim Potong, Tau Fu Fah, Bread & Butter Pudding, Honey Sea Coconut with Longan, Pengat Durian and Bubur Pulut Hitam are among the list of desserts to savor.

There is also local Kuih Muih, Cookies, Jellies, Buah Kurma, Kek Lapis and a whole lot of other international cakes, pastries and desserts available.

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Last but not least, durian lovers have the option to add-on for the Juadah Iftar Kampung buffet with the All-You-Can-Eat Durian Feast! Tuck into smooth and creamy unctuous durian from local kampungs around Malaysia…

Juadah Iftar Kampung Buffet
Price: RM158nett per person
Period: 19 May to 12 June 2018

All-You-Can-Eat Durian Feast
Gather with your friends and family and savor the unique and aromatic flavors of this King of Fruit. Eat to your heart’s contents in a specially constructed canopy as our chefs wield their knives and pop open the thorny fruit in all its glory, one durian at a time.

Ramadan buffet diner: Add RM18 nett per person
Non-Ramadan buffet diner: RM48 nett per person

·       SPG, Marriott Rewards and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards members are entitled to special discounts on the above restaurant promotions for food only for up to 8 persons
·       Beyond Dining and Club Marriott members are entitled to 20% discount on the above restaurant promotions for food only for up to 10 persons
·       Major bank cardholders are entitled to 20% discount on the above restaurant promotions for food only
·       Discounts are not applicable for All-You-Can-Eat Durian Feast
·       Children 4 years and below dine for free
·       Children aged 5 to 12 years receive 50% off

For dining reservations, please contact Westin Dining at 603.2773.8338 or log on to for more information.

The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2731 8333

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Taiwan Travels – Shang Palace @ Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Taipei

Exquisite Creations by Chef Chan Kwok Wah

The dining scene in Taiwan has recently been inaugurated by the international renown bible of cuisine guide, The Michelin Guide. And it’s about time too… as Taiwan is a renowned for their epicurean cuisines.

My Taiwan travels continue in Taipei as we made a visit to the elegant and luxury 5-star Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel to savor an exquisite Cantonese epicurean journey of flavours. Shang Palace was recently awarded The Plate Michelin by the Michelin Guide this year among the prestigious 99 restaurants list.

We entered Shang Palace, the realm of the elites where gourmands dine in fine pleasures of Cantonese cuisine set in modern Oriental environment.

Opulence are everywhere, from the moment one steps into the path leading to the restaurant, to the moment one opts for their two themes dining scene of celestial clouds or the peony flower.

One feels the adrenalin rush of excitement while being led through a maze of Oriental vibes, brought up to the modern era of today’s gastronomy scene.

We pass the celestial clouds dining area and couldn’t resist a peek into the fine dining room, beautifully designed with simple sophistication of dark wood lifted by whites and splashes of gold. The ceiling of the room is emblemed with the celestial cloud motif to depict the whole theme of its design.

We pass another hallway, this time down-to-earth with warm glow lights leading us to the end of the tunnel where light prevails.

It is here where all the private rooms are set. Mostly minimalist with grandeur, the private rooms hold up to quite a few parties.

Modern contemporary furniture with classic table settings are seen in all the rooms. The gold, cream and black theme continues through the table setting, reminding us of how the East favors gold as their note of luxury.

We met with Executive Chinese Chef Chan Kwok Wah, humble and soft-spoken. Chef Chan, a Hong Kong-born master chef with over 30 years of experience, has been working in the kitchens since his early teens. Before joining Shang Palace recently, his previous stints include various Michelin Star restaurants in Hong Kong such as Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel Kowloon and Hong Kong Liyuan Restaurant. Garnering his skilled Chinese cooking techniques from other famous eateries, such as Donghai Seafood Restaurant, Maxim's Restaurant and Fudong Restaurant, has enriched his repertoire of Cantonese signature dishes through his culinary years.

When asked on his motto of being a chef, Chef Chan replies modestly with “Keeping to self-principles and doing every dish.”. He abides by his own six core principles of freshness, hygiene, safety, exquisiteness, benevolence and creativity when it comes to his cooking. With the evolution of gastronomy, Chef Chan believes that Chinese cooking is shifting to modern single plating affair while retaining the classic flavours of yesteryears through classic and new ingredients.

Shang Palace offers Personal Set Menu as well as A la Carte Menu where diners can opt of chef’s 7-course specials or savor individual signatures. We had the honors of trying the Personal Set Menu as well some few other a la carte signatures.

香宮三首碟 Appetizers

Barbecue Iberico Pork with Mullet Roe in Passion Fruit Sauce, Fried Conpoy in Spinach Sauce, Chilled Abalone with Jellyfish

Our individual Personal Set Menu commenced with a fine plate of trio of appetizers, showcasing Chef Chan’s creative interpretation of classic Cantonese dishes. Using the finest black pig, the Barbecue Iberico Pork with Mullet Roe in Passion Fruit Sauce is a moreish rendition from Chef Chan. The flavours are distinctively ‘Char Siew’ and yet the addition of fruity passionfruit tang balanced the rich meaty sweet notes with the salty mullet roe.

The Fried Conpoy in Spinach Sauce had a fresh and plump scallop wrapped with seaweed and paired with a spinach sauce. The scallop was juicy and beautifully sweet while the globules of salmon roe added a delicious briny finish.

The third appetizer was a lavish abalone, glazed in a caramelized sticky sweet and savory sauce. Tender and tasty, one cannot help but to indulge happily at this beautiful mollusk in Chilled Abalone with Jelly Fish. There’s also a spicy crunchy jellyfish salad beneath the abalone.

Braised Bird’s Nest Soup with Alaskan Crab Meat

Cantonese cuisine are known to place much importance on soup course. In fact, most families would have at least a soup in all their meals. Every spoonful of Shang Palace’s Braised Bird’s Nest Soup with Alaskan Crab Meat is sublime. Thick broth filled with luscious essence of the sea followed by beautiful soft textures of bird nest and sweet crab meat flesh.

Shrimp Ball with Egg white and Tuberosa in Truffle Sauce

The next course was elegant and fine in flavours. The Shrimp Ball with Egg white and Tuberosa in Truffle Sauce showcased plump and sweet king prawn ball, carefully stacked on a bed of creamy fluffy egg white and crab meat sauce as well as asparagus. Both prawn and asparagus were generously coated in the earthy notes of black truffle sauce. A golden mount of crispy and fluffy egg floss crowned the splendid prawn as its finishing touch. Superb…

Beef Ribs with Black Garlic

The Beef Ribs with Black Garlic took hours to make but was gone in a few pleasurable minutes. Chef Chan took us back to the kitchen to give us a demo of this dish and his cooking finesse was impressive. Making it look so easy but we all know it was a skill set that was garnered over many years of slaving over the stove.

The beef was braised for hours till fork tender in its own jus. It was then finished up with a steaming process and then sauced up with a piquant black garlic sauce, minced onions and chives and a tiny piece of soft creamy black garlic.

Braised Whole Tomato filled with Fresh Lily and Cordyceps in Chicken Broth

For a lighter touch in between heavier courses, the Braised Whole Tomato filled with Fresh Lily and Cordyceps in Chicken Broth was delightful. Soft and sweet whole beefsteak tomato is stuffed with fresh creamy lily bulb, jelly cubes of broth and Jinhua ham. Finished with a thicken sauce on a bed of soft sautéed greens, the dish is creative and light even with so many ingredients.

Deep-Fried Chicken Wing filled with Glutinous Rice

Chef Chan’s Deep-Fried Chicken Wing filled with Glutinous Rice is one of the most popular signature dishes at Shang Palace. The clever classic dish of yesteryears is perfectly executed from its presentation to the flavours and textures.

Gorgeous at sight, the plump stuffed chicken wings had all the markings of perfection from its crispy golden skin to the lap mei glutinous rice stuffing. Solid balance of savory, sweet and umami notes. In fact, the acoustic was music to my ears when my knife cut into the 6 hours air-dried chicken wing …

Almond Tea blended with Egg White and garnished with Matcha and Red Beans, Sticky Rice Cake with Custard Inside, Fresh Fruits

The set menu ended with this pretty plate of desserts. From the adorable doggie shaped mochi to the golden sesame encrusted glutinous rice ball filled with hot nutty almond sweet broth, dessert was a medley of colours, flavours and textures. The pairing of intense green tea with the almond flavour was rather a bold risk but it paid off as the flavours work harmoniously well.

Besides the Personal Set Menu, we savored four other A la Carte signature dishes from the menu.

Roasted Duck

Many epicureans are said to visit Shang Palace just for their Roasted Duck. Ours was stunning at sight. Gorgeously evenly lacquered, the duck skin glistened with deliciousness.

Carved at tableside, the chef’s quick carving skills separated the Roasted Duck into a plate of crispy skin and another place of skin and duck meat.

Served together steamed pancake, thin batons of cucumber and spring onions as well as hoisin sauce, both platter of Roasted Duck looked utterly delectable. The duck skin is crispy and not fatty or oily at all, denoting the fat of the duck well-rendered under skillful roasting technique. The meat, tender and moist, had a lovely aroma and flavour with subtle herbal notes.

When savored all together with the condiments, the Roasted Duck is a masterpiece.

Wok-Fried Spotted Garoupa Fillets with Black Beans served in a Clay Pot

The first bite of the thick and tender garoupa fillet was deliciously pleasant. Delicate sweetness with moreish nutty notes, the fillet is cooked well and the accompaniments of the crunchy vegetables balance up the robust sauce well.

Pan-Fried Beef Tenderloin with Asparagus

The finest ingredients and skilled technique are the highlights of the Pan-Fried Beef Tenderloin with Asparagus. Marbled tenderness with sublime flavour, the cubes of beef is a joy to eat. There is a wondrous smoky aroma on the beef that enhances the flavour. It may looked rather simple but rest assured, it a dish that one would indeed return for.

Sautéed Assorted Vegetables Served in Pumpkin

The Sautéed Assorted Vegetables Served in Pumpkin features a garden medley of crisp and crunchy sweet vegetables and pops of nutty macadamia nuts. Colorful and tasty, the dish is very light and enjoyable.

Shang Palace offers a refine Cantonese epicurean dining experience. Coupled with its beautiful ambiance, diners are pampered with much fine elegance from the quality of the food to the discreet and excellent service. A gastronomical fine dining experience of fine Cantonese cuisine…

Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel
No. 201, Section 2, Dunhua South Rd,
Da’an District, Taipei City,
10675 Taiwan
Tel: (886 2) 7711 2080

Business Hours:
Lunch     11.30am - 2.30pm (Mon - Sun)
Dinner    6pm - 9.30pm (Mon - Sun)

*This trip was made possible by Taiwan Tourism together with First Class Magazine and Eva Air. However, all stories and comments in my posts are purely derived from my own experiences through the trip.

Taiwan Travel Series
Shang Palace, Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel

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