February 25, 2017

Nepali Underground Supperclub @ Bandar Sunway

A Sumptuous Nepali Feast by the Sherchans

Ever since I have had my first taste of Nepalese cuisine at Restaurant Nepal a few years ago, I have indeed have a penchant to savor the cuisine again. Unfortunately, since Restaurant Nepal closed down, I have been missing the cuisine dearly.

Mentioned Nepalese cuisine and the first thing that comes to mind is momos. Yes, I am talking about little dumplings with juicy filling, served with Nepali chili sauce. Whether it’s steamed, boiled or fried, I’ll take it whatever I can get my hands on because they are so yummy. There are more to Nepalese cuisine than just momos and one thing’s for sure, the cuisine is never short on flavours.

When the famous Fatboybakes aka Cheng Yi extended an invite to a Nepalese Underground Supperclub, I was over the moon. Finally, a place to savor Nepalese cuisine and a home cook one too! Hosted in the supperclub owners’ home, we were also pleased at the comfort of their home. It was spacious and bright. Dining there that day was indeed pleasurable as well as memorable.

We were just lucky to be able to savor The Sherchans' homecooking. Both were warm and wonderful too with their humble hospitality. While Mrs. Sherchan does most of the cooking, Mr. Sherchan has some mean dishes under his repertoire too. We were lucky to be able to sample a variety of their signature dishes that will be available in their supperclub menu.

Starting out, appetizers and salad first. Sadeko Badam, a spicy peanut salad that combines yummy ingredients such as cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, chili, peanuts and herbs. Lots of textural components, giving the dish a vibrant bite of fresh and nutty flavours with hints of heat.

Pyazi, crispy onion fritters, are quite addictive. Sweet slivers of onions fluffed in crispy spiced batter and fried to deliciousness. It’s so good, I wish there was more…

Momos, who can forget these dumplings, not me for sure. The Sherchans makes Pork Momos. I can’t ask for anything better. Their momos were near perfection for me. Thin skin beautifully pleated, encasing juicy and tasty pork filling. Steamed till just right and served with a spicy sauce, these Pork Momos are bombs of flavours. If they would sell these, I would gladly drive to their house to buy these yummy momos.

That spicy sauce was made from Dalle Khursani, round cherry chili bombs of Nepal. Since I love a good kick of heat, I even boldly savor this chili with my rice. I love my chilies from all over the world…

Pickled Potatoes or Alu Ko Achar was lovely for me. Well I am be a bit biased since I love potatoes and sourish flavour. The potatoes are soft and creamy, beautifully spiced with a perky tang. Because its quite tangy, it does makes the dish easy to enjoy although potatoes can be heavy.

At first I thought it was an anchovy dish and then after mixing it up, there were lots of bittergourd in the Karela Ko Achar. The bittergourd was cooked till soft and has robust bitter spice flavours that worked well with the crunchy salty anchovies and bitey red onions.

Mr. Sherchan was in charge of the Gurkha BBQ and both pork and chicken wings turned out to be a crowd pleaser. Both meats were well-seasoned and chargrilled with nice caramelized edges. Served with that awesome spicy sauce again, this is one BBQ that I wouldn’t mind eating again. The pork was tender and flavourful with bits of fat that gave the meat some moist and extra flavours. The chicken wings was decent as I prefer the pork more.

And then Mr. Sherchan whipped out the bowl of Gurkha Pork Curry. I swear that everyone was salivating at the sight of this bowl of pork curry. It’s his recipe and he cooked it a lot while working abroad. The curry is dry and boasted of aromatic spices cleverly harmonious together. The color is also enticing. The pork is not overly soft and has a good bite. The control of heat and spice is just right here. Kudos to Mr. Sherchan…

Thakali Thali set is very popular in Nepalese cuisine. Served on brass plates and bowls, it’s basically a full meal on its own with rice, meat or fish curries, daal, vegetables and pickles. Since they haven’t gotten their brass Thali serving ware yet, we had ours on regular plates. Since then, I heard that they have gotten their brass Thali sets now so you lucky diners are going to enjoy the Thakali set on the beautiful brass ware.

The Sherchans really go all out. Look at the lovely platter of colors! I am hungry just looking at this Thali again.

Kukhura Ko Masu is Mrs. Sherchan’s chicken curry. Unlike our creamy version, this one doesn’t have any coconut or cream in it but uses a myriad of spices to make up the flavours of the curry. Despite the lack of cream or coconut, I do find the curry very enjoyable. It has delicate spice flavours of cumin, fennel, chilies and other aromatics in the sauce and the chicken is tender and tasty.

What I really enjoyed was the Machha Ko Jhol or Nepalese fish curry. The gorgeous tang and moreish flavours of mustard shined with the fish. There is such robust notes of umami flavours with the tender siakap as I kept lashing the gravy onto my rice happily.

Daal, something Nepalese eat a lot, is also unique. It doesn’t taste like our Indian daal but has nuttier notes and spices with the creamy lentils. I also enjoyed this daal a lot with the curries and rice.

Other yummies on the Thali are Alu Ghobi, Sabji, Mula Ko Achar and a special Plum Pickle that Mrs. Sherchan’s mother-in-law makes. That Plum Pickle is superb. I hope she won’t run out of that anytime soon because that pickle is so good with rice.

Alu Ghobi, potato and cauliflowers are also nice cooked with spices. Tender cauliflowers with creamy soft potatoes with green peas goes well with the rest of the dishes and rice. The Sabji of sautéed greens balance up all the other proteins while the Mula Ko Achar, a spiced radish pickle is quite tasty and unique.

Mrs. Sherchan also makes a superb chunky Tomato Achar so you’ll never know what you might get for your supperclub.

Dessert was something simple, homemade yoghurt with almonds. This is so refreshing, creamy and milky. Every spoonful was luscious with bits of nutty notes that made the yoghurt even better. More of this yummy dessert Dahi please…

I must say, this is definitely a lovely Nepalese supperclub not to be missed. It’s cooking from the heart and the Sherchans did a delicious job with their dishes. For now, its RM70 per pax for 3 starters, a Thakali Thali Set and a dessert. Should you have any allergies or preference, do let them know. The menu for the supperclub can be customized as well to include additional dishes.

Reservations are required few days in advance with a minimum of 6 diners and a maximum of 12 diners.

For more information and reservations, contact Cheng Yi at 012-3240988 or John Sonam at 012-4152512.

February 8, 2017

Lancelot Tea-Guild @ Nadayu 28, Bandar Sunway

Semi Brunch Buffet Seafood Galore

Weekend brunches are made for indulgence, especially if there is some special occasion to celebrate! To indulgence in seafood, one should look out for Lancelot Tea-Guild’s fabulous semi buffet brunch filled with mind-boggling seafood choices. Its premium and luxurious seafood all the way from Norway as well as other places.

Serving only the best catch from the sea, diners are to feast on a buffet of seafood and a main course plus dessert. Lancelot Tea Guild started out in 2015 as tea parlour cum restaurant. Today, the kitchen is helmed by Executive Chef Petr Feher, a chef with over 25 years of experience in the culinary industry. It’s been a long 5-star restaurants of the finest in the world for Chef Petr and he has decided to take a step back and go easier in his life. Continuing his passion for culinary gastronomy, Chef Petr is currently creating his masterpieces at Lancelot.

Lancelot is offering lots of various events and themed culinary promotions every month. Diners can expect book club parties, seasonal festive promotions, special guest chefs themed dinners, semi buffet brunch and more. The restaurant, dressed with elegance and class is also perfect for private functions.

From stylish leather sofas and armchairs to dark wall panels lite by chandeliers and artistic posters flanked by red velvet theatrical curtain, dining at Lancelot brings an elite dining experience to our city. The restaurant also boast of a majestic bar in the entrance room.

It was a preview of Lancelot’s semi buffet brunch that attracted my attention. I was told that it would be a brunch and so when I saw the spread at the entrance of room of Lancelot, I was impressed. How not too when a spread of the most luscious and attractive seafood was spread out in full galore?

Here’s the deal. Lancelot will set a date over a weekend once a month that features this premium semi brunch buffet. Stay tune in their Facebook to catch this as it may not happen often.

Diners are to enjoy all-they-can-eat seafood spread while their main course will be served later at the table. The kaleidoscope of seafood had us devouring Maine lobsters, US oysters, snow crab legs, yabbies, salmon, scallops, Norwegian sweet shrimps and more.

The Maine lobsters, beautifully poached and tender, has glorious orange roes contrasting its natural white flesh. After enjoying the tail, the claw was next. Utterly juicy after it’s cracked, the claw was so sweet and yummy. The snow crab legs may require a little effort but it’s worth it. You’ll be awarded with the sweetest and succulent crab meat that teases the palate into oblivious deliciousness.

US oysters, plump and briny, only needed a squeeze of lemon to heighten its flavours. I prefer mine with a drop of tobacco sauce too…

I have had yabbies before but never this fresh and sweet. Prying the meat from its shells do require certain technique but nothing too impossible, especially when the award is plump and succulent yabby meat that is gorgeously fresh and sumptuous.

Salmon, prepared in many ways by Chef Petr, shows up as Gravlax, Smoked Salmon Tartare, Smoked Salmon and Salmon Sliders. The Gravlax, a splendor of color on black plate shows house cured salmon served with lots of condiments. Cured just right, the gravlax is sublime.

Smoked Salmon, nicely medium thick slices, looked too good to be eaten. Dressed with pickled shallot petals, capers, egg white and some pretty flowers, the smoked salmon was certainly a big hit with everyone that day. The Salmon Tartare had bigger chunks than the usual tartare, not that I mind. Nicely salty and moreish, it’s also got bits of chopped shallots and bell pepper. I personally preferred the Gravlax and Smoked Salmon better.

The Norwegian Sweet Shrimp may take some getting used to for some but I simply adored it. The texture somehow lets one think it’s not cooked but it is. It tasted of oceanic sweetest unlike any other shrimps I have had here and the chef has enhanced its subtlety sweetness with lemon. Rest assured, I had plenty of this shrimps.

The Scottish Scallops was also yum. Seasoned with soy sauce, honey and garlic, the scallops were savory with tinges of sweetness. I like the firm texture and the scallops were served chilled with herbs, avocado, lots of onions and pretty edible flowers.

Pickled Herring is also not for everyone. That said, pickled herring has always been a favorite of mine, perhaps because I enjoy sourish flavours. This one was so good, I managed to enjoy 3 slices all by my happy self.

There’s also the Smoked Mackerel with lots of mustard seeds and some red onions. Decent with a nice rich smoky note to counter the rich flavour of the mackerel.

Salmon Sliders, something more cooked for those who may not enjoy raw salmon, was served with sesame seed buns, some greens and onions. It was a tad dry for me but maybe it’s because I prefer my salmon less cooked. Just very minor one since all the other dishes were so scrumptious.

The main course changes and is based on the freshest catch available. We were served Pan Seared Brill with Beetroot. Brill, a flat fish from the Turbot family, the flesh is smooth and soft. The light buttery note is delightful and the dish is quite delicate yet tasty. Love the velvety creamy mash with the fish and the beetroot added a nice tangy touch.

For dessert, another one that is up to the chef. Simple yet satisfying Chocolate Mousse with layers chocolate and berry.

No dashing knights here at Lancelot Tea-Guild but hey, I am certainly not complaining. Food is ultimately on high end scale and worthy of the heavy price tag paid. 

The Lancelot Semi Brunch Buffet is priced at RM268++ (with juice) per pax or RM368++ (with wine). There’s also the more affordable brunch sets at RM88++ or lunch sets at RM68++. There’s always the regular a la carte menu too. I appreciate what Lancelot tries to bring to our palates. It’s certainly a place to check out for a treat!

No 5A Nadayu 28 Dagang
Jalan PJS 11/7 Bandar Sunway
47620 Subang Jaya
Tel: +60 3-5613 6639

Business Hours:
Mon to Fri    12noon to 10pm
Sat & Sun   11am to 10pm