February 4, 2018

Lucky Bo @ Jalan Bangkung

A Tomahawk Meat Up!

While there are plenty of steak places in our city, there’s only a few that takes steak to a whole new level of deliciousness. And so they say that everyone can cook a steak but we all know that it takes a serious steak connoisseur to zone in on how the perfect steak should be with every single detail being scrutinized from the beef to the cooking and serving.

The folks are Lucky Bo are one of them. Two owners, “Leng Chais” Ed and Peter, was dreaming of owning their own hot pot restaurant. One thing led to another, Lucky Bo was born. Named after Ed’s dog, Lucky Bo serves local comfort food during lunch and goes Wagyu in the evening for steak lovers.

Lucky me, I had the honours of visiting Lucky Bo one evening to see why this place is the best value wagyu steak in town. Located along the quiet neighborhood of Jalan Bangkung area, Lucky Bo has been opened for more than 3 years. Foodies know how to hunt down this place for local comfort food during lunch and best value wagyu steaks in the evenings.

Elegant interior with warm low lights ease diners for a place to relax for the evening with awesome steaks and good wines. The menu is kept rather neat and tight, featuring enough on what they do best at Lucky Bo. While some may have thought it’s rather odd to see hot pot together with some local dishes and a list of steaks, pasta, and other Western dishes in the same menu, I find it rather interesting. After all, we are Malaysians and we have always been accustomed to our melting pot of cultures and cuisines.

Lucky Bo’s steaks are listed on a signboard to showcase their list of premium beef cuts and weights available that day. Ed and Peter prized themselves on their signature Australian Margaret River Wagyu cooked in Spanish Josper charcoal oven. Diners are treated to premium cuts from Striploin, Ribeye, Brisket to the whopper of beef - The Tomahawk. Now all you need is a good choice of wine or beer to go with your steak.

Before we get to the showstopper, we gladly tucked into Chef Ong’s Wasabi Prawns (RM28). These little golden prawn bombs are delightfully crispy with a bouncy prawn paste texture. Natural crustacean sweetness prevails and the wasabi sauce added a subtle note of zingy sensation.

Our next appetizer of Black Pepper Smoked Duck with Garlic Crisps (RM34) is light and enjoyable. The duck breast has a subtle smoky and savory note, elevated further with a drizzle of creamy sauce and garlicky its. Decent dish for those who especially enjoys duck.

The Grilled Spanish Octopus (RM45) was my favorite dish of the three appetizers. Octopus, when cooked right, is amazingly delicious. These were perfection in my books as the octopus was gorgeously tender, smoky and a soft hit of paprika note. Served on a bed of crisp greens, radish, cherry tomatoes and red pepper sauce, the dish was simply irresistible in flavours and textures.

Moving to mains, we tucked into large pieces of Chef’s Beef Ribs with Emperor Sauce (RM75). Generously coated with the rich sauce, the meat was tender with a nice bite. The sauce resembles a spiced up garlicky bbq sauce with a harmony of sweet, savory, sourness and a little spice heat. The portion alone is substantial so one may want to share this unless you have an appetite of a caveman that hasn’t eaten a few meals.

We had to restrained ourselves from immediately diving into the Kyushu Wagyu Rib Loin (200g RM268 & 300g RM378) at sight. Drool-worthy at first glance, this Japanese premium wagyu screamed flavour. In fact, the meat tasted buttery and much umami notes of pleasure. So tender from all the marbling, this piece of wagyu is lusciousness in every bite. Price is on the premium side but once you’ve had a taste of this wagyu, you actually might find this worth indulging for…

We came to our showstopper of the evening. Making its grand entrance is the mammoth Wagyu Tomahawk. A Tomahawk is a bone-in ribeye. This primal cut never fails to impress at the serving table because of its gargantuan size. Ours that evening was graded MB5 and weighed 1.6kg (RM728), enough to be shared by at least five meat eaters.

Fear not if you don’t have a party of five, the restaurant has smaller tomahawks for small parties but this cut is basically a sharing one. Well,, unless you could be starving and have a fetish for taking on your meat intake for a week in just one meal…

Cooked in charcoal Josper oven, the tomahawk is a masterpiece at sight with its rich hue of colour, golden roasted potatoes, colourful steamed veggies and a pot of au jus. If I was sitting in the kitchen of my home, I would have chuck out all my manners and attack this tomahawk by gnawing my way through the rib bone. At last, I wasn’t and so I waited patiently for this beautiful meat to be sliced up at our tableside…

It is recommended to enjoy the tomahawk at medium rare doneness and so we oblige to this recommendation. Our tomahawk was cooked to a gorgeous pink doneness. One can even see how juicy this mega hunk of wagyu is. The meat is sublime with moreish notes of pleasure. Not only does the wagyu taste that good, there is still a good bite of texture that I enjoyed very much when it comes to my meat.

Savor this with the au jus or a little mustard or even horseradish for extra scrumptious note!

Lucky Bo’s Tomahawks starts from MB3 to MB5, price from RM468 onwards depending on grade and weight.

Ed graciously told us how it all started with Lucky Bo’s Wagyu and Char Kway Teow. A friend had brought in a steak to ask him to cook one day. With the meat, there was a piece of fat attached. Now knowing hardcore foodies, nothing should go to waste. And so the fat was rendered down as requested. Instead of the usual fried rice, Ed loves Char Kway Teow. And so he asked for his Char Kway Teow to be fried in the rendered beef fat… the rest is, as we all say, history…

Lucky Bo’s Wagyu Beef Fat Char Kway Teow comes with your order of a tomahawk. This precious plate of CKT is said to be so darn yummy that many are now said to order the tomahawk just to savor this CKT. This version is only available with the tomahawk’s fatty bits and comes with just one serving. No more, no less.

Full of ‘wok hei’, this was a darn good plate of CKT! Every strand of the rice noodle is a joy to eat. Plenty of beansprouts and chives along with a lovely note of soya sauce gave this CKT its winning score. And now I fully understand why many have raved for this plate of CKT. Perhaps it is also the moment that I was fully ignited to the same club of this CKT as the rest of the foodies…

Sides of Japanese Fried Rice (RM8) and Lucky Onion Fries (RM8) are always a treat.

By now, our tummies were fully satiated with much wagyu pleasures. Then we were told of Lucky Bo’s dessert menu. Cakes by the fame FatBoyBakes, known as Cheng Yi to many, was not something one can no too. And so… we said yes to a Pandan Gula Melaka Cake and a Macadamia Cheesecake. Both delightfully good in their own flavours with much sweet richness to end our meaty meal.

We also couldn’t resist Forty Licks Ice Cream among us. With flavours like Bailey’s & Coffee, Coconut Salted Gula Melaka and Guinness, ice creams have gone beyond the norm. For those who have yet to try spiked up ice creams, be warn as you might just end up doing what its name says… forty licks of yum!

65, Jalan Bangkung,
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03-2092 1222

Business Hours:
Daily 11am to 11pm