August 28, 2017

Brasaria @ Jaya One

Peruvian Charcoal Chicken

There are certainly plenty of roast chicken around here but few leaves a lasting impression. A recent invite landed at Brasaria, a Peruvian inspired Pollo A La Brasa joint flagging spit roasted chicken marinated with Peruvian flavours. Located at Jaya One, Brasaria aims to bring delicious taste of Peruvian dishes to our shore.

We like the restaurant the moment we walked in. Greeted by a llama piñata at the entrance, Brasaria’s bright interior exudes a ray of fun and casual dining. Long tables with stools, a glimpse of the bar and kitchen, there’s also a few small tables set alfresco.

Open since February this year, Brasaria claims to serve fresh, never-frozen chooks. Their secret to a yummy bird is their special Peruvian marinade which they marinated overnight and slow roast it to golden juicy chickens. They get their supplies from halal-certified suppliers.

We also managed to peek into their kitchen where rows of glorious whole birds were slowly roasted over charcoal and wood chips. The aroma is divine in the kitchen!

The menu is relatively tight and sufficient, featuring signature spit-fire roast chicken with a list of side dishes as well as a small list of additional dishes like pasta, sandwich and pie.

We opted for the El Jefe “The Boss” (RM45.90 ala carte | RM60.90 set). A whole bird served on wood plank. One can opt for a la carte just for the bird or go for the set that comes with large green salad and two large Sides of your choice. There’s also other sets for quarter or half chicken too for small parties.

The chook was delicious! Lots of flavours through the spices with myriad flavours of robustness of savory, sweet, sour and spicy. The meat was tender and moist. Finished with sprinkling of fresh coriander and fresh lime wedges, the bird is also served with their special house made sauces. Not that it needed any sauces but the sauces was also super yummy.

There are 3 sauces now at Brasaria ranging from mild to hot and a BBQ one of Aji Mild, Aji Hot and BBQ Peruano. The fourth sauce is an extra hot one that is work in progress but we got to try it. The sauces are very good and my favorite was the Aji Hot for its punchy heat and flavours. Drool worthy sauces that would go well with other sides too!

There’s a nice list of assorted sides to go with the chicken. Brasaria Rice (RM5), fluffy yellow rice studded with raisins, makes a solid filler with the chicken.

Latin Trio (RM5), a trio of grilled sweet potato, plantain and pineapple, was our favorite side of the lot. It was so good, we had another order of this smoky and yummy side. The pineapple was particularly yummy with the char grilled and sweet note.

We also enjoyed the Grilled Vegetables (RM5). Soft and chargrilled eggplant, zucchini, peppers and more, beautifully spiced up with moreish flavours that sings well with the chook and other sides.

An unusual one, Elote (RM5) looked so good at sight and tasted yummy too. Sweet corn, chargrilled and smothered with Aji sauce, chili powder and cheese makes good snacking. Love the smoky, sweet crunchy corn with punchy heat and cheese…

Fries must be the most universal snack since it also makes an appearance here in Salchipapas (RM5). Nothing fancy but French Fries and frankfurters are nevertheless all-time crown pullers. These goes so well with the sauces.

Besides roast chicken, Brasaria offers a few dishes such as the El Sanguche “The Sandwich” (RM14.90). Loaded with soft hand pulled chicken, crisp greens, salsa and house Aji sauce, El Sanguche is hearty and easy to enjoy. It’s the sauce and salsa that makes this sandwich very tasty.

Pasta lovers can opt for the El Tallarines “Spaghetti Pesto” (RM14.90). Strands of spaghetti coated with a robust pesto sauce, served with generous chicken chunks and finished with fresh coriander and cheese. Power pack with flavours, we definitely enjoyed this pasta as it’s full of cheesy and nutty notes.

There’s nothing like Brasaria’s Agua Fresca (RM5) of the day, which was Watermelon, to freshen up the palate after all that yummy food.

Brasaria is one of the better rotisserie places I have been. Diners can expect robust and hearty flavours of Peruvian cuisine set in a no frill ambiance. Price is reasonable and food is definitely something one can enjoy often. I am looking forward to going back to try their El Pollo Pie “The Chicken Pie” which was not available that day!

D-59-G, Block D, Jaya One,
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +60 3-7627 4626

Hours: 12noon to 9.30pm Daily

August 27, 2017

Prego @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Chef Ricky Parlanti Joins Prego as New Italian Chef De Cuisine

Italian cuisine has to be one of the warmest and heartiest cuisine I know. It is also one of the more popular cuisine that we enjoy often. For some of the finest Italian cuisine in the city, head over to Prego Italian Cuisine at The Westin Kuala Lumpur.

The Westin Kuala Lumpur welcomes Chef Ricky Parlanti to Prego. No stranger to our culinary scene, Chef Ricky Parlanti is the ninth generation of chefs in the Parlanti family. With over 35 years of culinary experience and numerous prestigious culinary awards under his repertoire, Chef Parlanti has also traversed across the globe with stints in various five-star restaurants and leading hotels. Not limiting to only cooking, Chef Parlanti has also added consultancy to his list of talents. He was responsible for overall designing and opening of restaurants as well as revamping concepts and menus for various famous restaurants internationally.

Perhaps one of his most recognizable effort in our culinary scene was his own multi-award winning restaurant, The Mangotree Restaurant located in Bangsar in his early years here. Besides that, Chef Parlanti has also managed other popular eateries such as Dining in the Dark KL, The Steakhouse KL and The Whiskey Bar.

In fact, one of the very first few chefs I have met when I started my blog was Chef Parlanti. That dining experience was one of the most memorable ones I have had since we dined in the kitchen itself where we got to see how Chef Parlanti whipped up his dishes from scratch at the Palace of the Golden Horse.

When asked on what he would describe as his cooking style, the humble and jovial chef retorted with cheeky grin of “My Own Way”. Growing up in Tuscany, cooking was the heart and soul of his family. It was everything he remembers and cherish. Despite having cooked for some of the elites of the world, Chef Parlanti concurred endearingly that he loves cooking for his family. In fact, his daughter also takes after his passion and is also a chef working abroad currently.

With all that said, Chef Parlanti aims to bring authentic Italian flavours to diners at the modern and contemporary Prego. With a motto of “Food should speak for itself as nothing can beat the quality of a well-prepared dish”, diner can only expect the finest ingredients coupled with Chef Parlanti’s culinary skills in menu at Prego.

The gorgeous modern and contemporary ambiance of Prego boasts of an open kitchen where diners can catch some live kitchen actions from the chefs and culinary team.

Bread always makes an appearance in every Italian meal. There’s nothing more satisfying that fresh warm bread served with butter or olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The house baked bread hits all the right notes of crusty shells with fluffy soft inside served with olive tapenade, extra virgin olive oil with balsamic vinegar and tomato jam. The other bread was a crispy thin flatbread smothered in aromatic herb oil that was so irresistibly yummy.

Burrata con Verdure Grigliate e Pesto alla Genovese

Lunch commenced with Burrata Cheese served with Grilled Spring Vegetables, Basil & Pine Nut Emulsion (RM65). Burrata or buffalo mozzarella is one of the greatest Italian cheese ever created in my opinion. There’s something so sublime in indulging in a ball of creamy oozing milk cheese that is utterly satiating. One can tell how fine this burrata was as soon as one cuts into it. That amazing oozing creaminess is gorgeous at sight as well as on the palate.

Chef Parlanti did divine justice to this fine ingredient by adding sweet and smoky grilled eggplant, bell peppers, onions, zucchini, spring onions, basil and pine nut pesto and finished with quality aged balsamic vinegar. The dish epitomize flavours as well as colours of Italian in very bite. Simply divine!!

Zuppa di Funghi, Aromatizzata al Tartufo

My bowl of Truffle Scented Cream of Field Mushrooms (RM42) was brighten up with a yellow ray of sunshine, a dollop of cream, crouton and sprig of chervil. Even before the soup was tasted, the air lingers with aromatic truffle note that teased and tempted my sense of smell with gravity-defying force of attraction. The soup was beautifully flavoured, rich with earthy mushrooms, particularly porcini mushrooms that stood out in boldness with truffle oil. So luscious, not a single drop of soup was left.

Adding a little tug of fun in welcoming Chef Parlanti, there was a pasta showdown with new Italian chef de cuisine, Chef Parlanti and the hotel Executive Chef Rudy Junaidie. We caught actions of the heat in the kitchen with the individual’s pasta cook off and couldn’t wait to try both pastas after the aromas of the pasta wafted through the air.

Chef Parlanti whipped up his signature authentic Carbonara e Castelmagno while Chef Junaidie whipped up a fusion twist in Gamberetto Aglio Olio e Peperocino. A cheery pose when both chefs were done with their cook off. Perhaps the ones that really revel in the friendly pasta showdown had to be us diners!

Carbonara e Castelmagno

Chef Parlanti’s Prego’s Special Carbonara (RM68) with beef bacon, egg yolk, cream and parmesan, finished in Castelmagno Cheese Wheel, was cheese haven on a plate. Its carbonara elevated with cheese to the max. The homage to cheese was truly what makes this carbonara pure indulgence. Thick, silky and utterly luscious, the al dente penne pasta was also finished with crispy beef bacon, shavings of parmesan, freshly cracked black pepper and fresh herbs. Pure comfort food at its best and also my preferred dish if I have to choose between the two pasta.

Gamberetto Aglio Olio e Peperocino

Chef Junaidie’s Asian Style Pasta, Prawns, Fresh Coriander, Garlic & Herb Crumbs also won many votes that day. Inspired by his wife’s favorite ingredients and flavours, he infuses strands of al dente pasta with lots of spicy chili garlicky goodness and lots of fresh herbs to heighten its aroma and flavours. Prawns were plump and juicy, adding more succulent oceanic notes to the dish.

Duetto di Branzino e Manzo “Prego”

Our final main course of the day was land and sea Duet of Wood Oven-Baked Salted Seabass & Grain-Fed Angus Beef. A beautiful piece of beef, cooked medium and served with rich beefy jus on a bed of wilted spinach is the perfect companion to the paper wrapped seabass perfumed with lemon, fennel and thyme, finished with dill sauce. Both are priced RM94 for seabass and RM286 for Angus beef for individual full portion.

While the steak was delicious, the fish was scrumptious with bright citrusy herb flavours that really accentuated the soft sweet fish beautifully.

Tiramisu Tradizionale

It only makes sense to end our Italian soiree with Chef Parlanti’s Mascarpone Trifle, Espresso (RM26). Generous portion of light fluffy mascarpone cheese with bold hits of espresso, cocoa and fluffy lady finger biscuits is available in an alcoholic or non-alcoholic version. The dessert was a perfect ending to our Italian lunch that day.

We were told that Chef Parlanti loves to cater to the various palates of his diners. Should you catch him in Prego on a less busy day, he may just be able to design a Menu Sorpresa or surprise menu with your preference of customized dishes using your favorite ingredients.

Make your reservations by calling 03 2773 8338 today.

The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
Lunch: Monday to Saturday, 12.00pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: Monday to Sunday, 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Brunch: Every Sunday, 11.30am to 2.30pm

August 26, 2017

Recipe: Breakfast Corned Beef Sandwich with LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. We all know it but do we really make sure we eat our breakfast? I make sure my family eat their breakfast every day, especially on the weekends when I have more time to make something for them.

Corned beef is not as popular here compared to the Western palates. However, I enjoy my treat of corned beef once in a while. I have always had corned beef for breakfast while studying in US. There’s something familiarly comforting about the flavours of corned beef with eggs and potatoes that brings me back to memories of my college days.

Corned beef is relatively salty and to balance up the salty notes, I thought why not add my favorite chili sauce to it? So one weekend, I made a Breakfast Corned Beef Sandwich with LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce for my boys and turns out, they enjoyed it very much. The sweetness and light spiciness of LINGHAM’s chili sauce worked so well with the salty corned beef and made it more moreish. Since corned beef is almost always enjoyed with potatoes and eggs, I added crispy hash browns for extra crunch and fried egg for extra yumminess.

The sandwich is rich so I added pickles to give some tang to the sandwich and made it easier to enjoy as well. If you don’t like pickles, add some freshness to the sandwich with crisp greens or fresh tomato slices or cucumber to balance the richness of the corned beef with fried egg and hash browns.

Last but not least, I added more LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce to my sandwich for extra oomph!

Breakfast Corned Beef Sandwich with LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce

1 can           Corned Beef
1 medium    Onion
4 Tbsp         LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce
4 pieces       Hash Brown
Few slices    Pickles (optional)
Few slices    Sandwich loaf
2                 Eggs
                   Pepper to season
                   Cooking Oil

Minced onions and mash up corned beef.
Add cooking oil and sauté minced onions till soft and translucent.
Add in mashed corned beef.
Cooked corned beef for 5 minutes on medium to low heat.
Heat another pan and deep fry hash brown till crispy and golden. Drained and set aside.
Add in LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce to the corned beef.
Sauté and cooked till corned beef for about 10 mins till lightly dry and crisp.
Season corned beef with pepper to your liking.
Fried up eggs to your liking.
Assemble sandwich be spreading corned beef on to the sandwich loaf.
Add on hash browns, sliced pickles and finished with fried egg and sandwich loaf.
Serve Breakfast Corned Beef Sandwich with more LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce.

Extra Notes and Tips

  • Add more LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce onto the corned beef when cooking to your liking.
  • If you cannot find frozen hash brown, make your own by grating some potatoes and frying it in oil with some salt and pepper seasoning.
  • Add more fresh condiments like fresh tomato or greens and omit pickles if you don’t like them.
  • Try different range of LINGAM’s chili sauce – Garlic, Thai, Extra Hot, Sriracha