August 6, 2017

Delectable Osusume & Dessert Menu @ Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Nobu Kuala Lumpur Debuts A Special Dessert Menu for August

Explore a new culinary journey of flavours at Nobu Kuala Lumpur this August month with a delectable Osusume menu and a luscious Dessert menu by Executive Chef Philip Leong and his culinary team. It’s an ultimate sensory dining experience with a glorious view of our city scape.

This August month, gourmands not only dine on a new Osusume menu filled with new Nobu signatures but a spectacular new Dessert menu filled with exquisite flavours of sweet dreamy notes. The special Dessert menu, exploring the use of unconventional Japanese ingredients in desserts, is only available from now till 2 September, 2017. Be captivated with Japanese ingredients of crispy rice, edamame, soy salt and miso in your desserts for an adventure of flavours and textures like no other in desserts!

Cocktails and mocktails are simply a must! For Gin Sake 47, my foodie companion took a sip and gushed in delight on how delicious her cocktail was. I went for the Buah Naga, a fruity concoction of dragon fruit with elderflower and yamamomo or mountain peach while our other dining partner had a citrusy Lychee Passion.

The Osusume Menu starts off with a fruity note of Seafood Ceviche with Dragon Fruit. Pieces of seafood lightly cured in citrus with an added creamy note from coconut milk marries beautifully with dragon fruit and onions, finished with crispy leeks on a bed of crispy spinach leaves. Light and perfect as a starter…

Konbu Tacos with Beef Dry Miso and Salmon Egg, inspired by classic favorite, satiates the palate at sight as well as in taste. Little crispy kelp tacos shells filled with unctuous dry miso seasoned beef tartar is crowned with shiny globules of ikura. Little in size but atomic in flavours, these crispy tacos will certainly have one craving for more.

A splash of sunshine in Foie Gras and Scallop Banana Chips with Mustard Miso certainly exudes a moment of glee on a dreary day. Lots of crispy banana chips, surprisingly not overly sweet, provides the delightful platform for plump sweet seared scallops and sinful pan seared goose liver. Mustard miso and plum jelly completed the dish with hits of sweet and tangy notes.

Hot dishes from the menu started off with a glorious Grilled Fresh Water Prawn with Anticucho Hazelnut Sauce. The large fresh water prawns looked regal and sublime at sight. Smothered in Nobu’s antichucho hazelnut sauce with sprinkling of chopped hazelnut, the prawns and its luscious creamy roes were divined in every bite. The light heat from antichucho chili elevated the sweet crustaceans to new heights. Absolutely droolworthy!

The contrasting deep richness of beetroot red on creamy opaque Chilean seabass evoked love at first sight. The Chilean Seabass with Beetroot Miso & Yuzu White Sauce was executed with finesse and perfection of flavours and textures. Utterly creamy and oceanic sweetness, the seabass paired beautifully with a light luscious tang of beetroot miso and yuzu notes. So good, you’d want the dish to last forever.

The Wagyu Hobayaki with Anticucho Den Miso is another crowd pleaser that day. Seared with a crust, the wagyu’s sumptuous flavours was elevated with a good kick of flavourful heat from the anticucho den miso sauce. Coupled with hijiki seaweed on a bed of savory pumpkin puree, served on hobbayaki leave, the dish warrants a standing ovation. A must order for beef lovers…

The new Osusume menu starts at RM80 onwards and is available for dinner only.

The notation of a special Dessert menu had us making sure we saved room for desserts! With a talented dessert Chef Jackie Teo on board, it’s no wonder that Nobu is stealing sweet limelight in the culinary scene these days. Taking unusual Japanese ingredients rarely used in desserts, one is taken on an adventurous sweet love ride of desserts.

The Tofu Bavarian with Chocolate Microwave Sponge & Milk Ice Cream, Crispy Rice, Black Goma & Pine Nut was an artistic piece showcasing the humble soy tofu and milk. Panna cotta like tofu Bavarian had wobbly just set texture. Its light soy notes was enhanced with a creamy milk ice cream and dots of mango gel. What made the dessert even better was clusters of crispy rice, pine nuts and black sesame seeds, adding textures and nutty notes to the dessert.

For a delicate fruity note, the pretty While Chocolate Mousse with Apple Compote with Edamame & Lemon Sauce is not only beautiful at sight but has a lovely hidden surprise. The light creamy mousse is filled with a fruity apple compote center that flows out deliciously. The balance of fruity apple and lemon with sweetness along with nutty edamame and meringue is refreshingly delightful.

Perhaps if there is only one dessert to order, the Tamago Chocolate with Miso Chocolate Mousse & Mango Yolk would definitely be one to pick, especially if you love chocolates. Two beautifully speckled chocolate eggs on chocolate nest with gold dust looked too pretty to eat. As we break the egg, a layer of chocolate miso mousse with a mango yolk center unveiled, much to our happiness. The mousse is wondrously lightly and chocolatey with hints of subtle savory note from the addition of miso. The mango gel lifted the whole chocolatey dessert well and ended our evening with a lovely sweet note of contentment from desserts.

The new dessert menu starts at RM45 onwards and is available from 4 August 2017 to 2 September 2017. For inquiries or to make reservations, please call 03.2164.5084 or Whatsapp 019.389.5085.

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