March 26, 2012

Show U Café Bar, Sunway Pyramid: Let’s Indulge in Healthy Temptations!

Should I choose the Healthy route or succumb to sinful Temptation? J

Sid called up one afternoon and our conversation piece went like this…

Sid: I am going to Show U, want to come?
Me: Show me what and go where?
Sid: Show U Sunway Pyramid!
Me: Show me what?? I know where Sunway Pyramid is… J
Sid: We are going to Show U and be healthy!
Me: Show me how to be healthy at Sunway Pyramid? What is the name of the place? @_@

… And thus after a few more lines (I’ll spare you my @_@), I finally get the whiff of it… hehehe!

Ingeniously concocted by the owners of Show ‘U’ Café Bar, the name itself already triggered a lot of conversation pieces among us! Fairly new in the pyramid of the sphinx in Sunway, Show ‘U’ Café Bar is one lifestyle cafe you do not want to miss. The bright and cheery café features healthy food and beverages geared towards showing the current generation a better lifestyle of health and wellness.

Conceptualized by the owners to simulate the concept of the temptations of the angel and the devil, where we often choose more tempting options over the right option, Show ‘U’ Café Bar has the best of both worlds in their offerings! The main signature of Show ‘U’’s angel is their healthy and all natural fruit smoothies with over 30 fruity concoctions.

These are no ordinary fruit juice smoothies as they are laced up with Phytonutrients Essence! Pythonutrients Essence is a nutrient-rich dietary health drink, delivering a full spectrum of essential nutrients to restore our health from our imbalanced diet and lifestyle. The customized enrichment formula beverage mix is an all-in-one formula to detox, restore and rejuvenate our bodies. Read up more at their website Continue to the end of the post to see how you can win a free sample of Phytonutrients Essence worth RM 49.90J

Besides fruit smoothies, the café bar also features their devil’s temptation through their food and dessert dishes revamped up with a healthier version! Arriving early before others, I checked out Show ‘U’ Café Bar’s offerings and very pleased at their bright and beautifully decorated space for a little dine-in. Although take-away is their main concept, the owners have designed a quaint little space for those who wish to enjoy a moment of thirst quenching or some tummy fill-up while incubating themselves in the world wide web through the free wifi offered!

First up, those delicious fruity and healthy smoothies priced from RM5.90 to RM15.90 depending on its ingredients!

Juiced up with these comical named fruit smoothies like Spring-a-licious, Kiwi Tango, Orange Paradise and Berry Fury! Spring-a-licious (RM8.90) epitomized the spring with its concoction of peach and grape, lending a refreshing peachy flavors while Orange Paradise (RM 13.90) provides the much vitamin C in its mix. Berry Fury (RM15.90) shines in the antioxidant fringe benefit with its berries and a little hint of wasabi for that extra sensation.

As a kiwi lover, Kiwi Tango (RM14.90) was the ideal choice for me. Tangy from the kiwi and sweet from the mango, the smoothie is flawless! This one packs quite a punch in flavors and the smoothie is blended real fine with a snowy texture. Indulging in this certainly makes me feel refresh and energized, knowing for once, my beverage enjoyment is really good for my health! J

Another cute concoctions of Monday Blue (RM5.90) and Summer Rio (RM 8.90) looked every inch the bright and sunny disposition it portrayed. Monday Blue featured the tropical ananas or pineapple which helps to aid digestions. The purply-blue color comes from the natural color of the clitoria flower or butterfly pea flower hence one can safely consume this with a peaceful mind. Summer Rio was as bright as the sun while citrus flavors melded with longan and mint for a perky freshness.

Signature Crush (RM12.90) was a traffic stopper! Piling up each other was a layer of watermelon, kiwi and orange fruit ice for layers of different fruity flavors. This one takes time since it has three fruit blends so do be patient as it is worthy of the wait to enjoy the layers of fruits!

My expectation lies in the smoothies’ right from the get go so I was really surprised at the scrumptious food Show ‘U’ offers! Pasta, sandwiches and appetizers did not jump up from the menu at first but when the food showed up, I knew I was in for a real treat!

We started with a big bowl of leafy greens studded with jewels of fruits in a salad named aptly Fruitilicious Salad (RM8.90). Not a huge salad fan, I thought the salad was simply fabulous. Mixed greens with cubes of strawberry, kiwi, pineapple and baby tomatoes were showered with the same Phytonutrients Essence powder while a fruity plum sauce jazzed up the bowl of healthy greens. Now this is one leafy salad I could devour as the flavors were really bright and refreshing. Sweet with a hint of citrus, the salad reminds me a bit of the Lou Sang sauce but more fruity and light. Try it and be amazed like me!

Marine Trio Salad (RM9.90) makes my foodie gal, Merryn, gushed with delight! Aptly named after her, she already confessed to be a fan of this since marine fare is her favorite. Marine Trio features a trio of seafood crowning up a salad of tuna and wasabi mayo sauce. The portion of each salad is quite big as I find myself diving endlessly into each bowl of the delicious wasabi sauce and tuna salad. Big prawns, salmon and mussel graced the salad wonderfully.

The dish was so fabulous, we had to order another one just to satisfy some others who just could not get enough of this appetizer cum salad. A real value-for-money in my opinion!!

Another pretty salad came displayed in a stylish martini glass for extra effects! Caperlicious Salad (RM6.90) showcased simple greens and sticks of crunchy carrots and cucumber served with a caper studded creamy dressing. This salad faired basic and decent as I prefer the Fruitilicious over this one… J

Perfect Ten (RM9.90) is one serious sandwich! In order to live up to its name, the 10 ingredients are carefully combined to bring out a sandwich like no other. The bread is lightly toasted and heightened with its layers of ingredients. It’s no easy feat to bite into this sandwich with its height… wink! We had four orders of this that night for ten people and yet we still crave for more…

Armed with layers of chicken meat, chicken ham, egg, greens, cheese, caramelized onions and more,  the Perfect Ten is undoubtly perfect in my opinion!!

Carbo time… pasta that is! Although the menu features a limited list of pasta options, I have to concur that the ones served are pretty amazing. Once again, dear Merryn was really pleased to find a few more Marines in the pasta list and so was I!

Marine Pumpkin (RM14.90) showcased the bright orange yellow gourd sauce glazing a trio of prawns, salmon and mussel beneath cappelini or angel hair pasta. Pumpkin is actually a gourd with a lot of medicinal benefits like anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and its seeds are a good source of protein, zinc and vitamins. The pumpkin sauce is sweet and creamy with a hint of savory flavors. I enjoyed this pasta a fair bit as the thin strands of angel hair were really lovely with the silky sauce. Seafood was prepared well and the salmon was not overcooked and still retained pinkness in the middle. The pasta is a must if you like pumpkins.

Carbo Fungi (RM7.90) was my favorite pasta among the ones we had. A very unpretentious dish of a luscious cream sauce studded with mushrooms and crunch up with pine nuts, I just could not get enough of this pasta! The creamy white sauce was lightly flavored with an earthy taste from the mushrooms while toasted pine nuts added a nutty touch. I usually love parmesan cheese with any white sauce but this one doesn’t seem to need the cheese. It’s the simplicity of the dish that makes it shine and the comfort flavors just makes me slurp up the noodles with great gusto… Double thumbs up!!

The white sauce also showed up in the Marine Carbo (RM13.90) featuring the same pasta but partnered with seafood instead of the mushrooms. Equally good with the Carbo Fungi, the pasta dish is created for seafood fans (like Merryn… wink, wink!!).

Chicken Bolognese featured the more well-known Bolognese sauce for those who like a tomato touch in their pasta. The sauce faired decent from its tangy tomato flavors while lean chicken meat lets one enjoy the dish with less guilt. Nothing to shout about but faultless as well.

After our angelic consumptions of smoothies, sandwiches and pasta, we had to please the devil in us as well! J

A cup of White Coffee and Hong Kong Milk Tea steered us towards the temptation for more sweets. With only a few choices of coffee and tea, there is just a little to cater to those who needs their daily caffeine fix. I guess everything is ok in moderations.

Love, love and love my Hong Kong Milk Tea! A strong brewed tea aroma and taste, the tea was also creamy and had just the perfect sweetness for me. If you prefer less sweet, do notify the staff.

With sweets in mind, we sampled a cute and pretty cupcake in the form of Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese. Pretty in pink and red, the cupcake fair average although the icing was a wee bit too sweet for me.

Crunchy Road was a chocolate bite of rich dark chocolate studded with nuts and marshmallows. More than passable, this crunchy square was quite heavenly and would satiate anyone’s craving for some devilish temptations!!

Show ‘U’ Café Bar proved to me that it’s definitely more than just a health bar! Smoothies may be their forte but the food is equally delectable. Price is reasonable considering the quality and portion used. It does pay a little more to consume quality ingredients. An undiscovered oasis of F&B waits to show everyone how good a healthier drinking and eating lifestyle it can be once they try it. Yes, the angel in me keeps telling me that eating healthy is good for me and yet, the devil besides me keeps luring me back to those alluring temptations. I am glad that Show ‘U’ Café Bar has a balance of both worlds where one can still give in to temptations but in a healthier way!

As promised, there are Five boxes of Phytonutrients Essence Health Drinks worth RM49.90 each to be given out to my readers! Three easy steps to win one box per reader and I will announce the five winners by randomly selecting the winners in the application.

1)   Leave a comment on Show ‘U’ Café Bar with your full name and email in this post asap.
2)   ‘LIKE’ Show ‘U’ Café Bar Facebook page here. Winner list will be announced on the FB page on 30th March 2012 at 12 noon.
3)   Collect the box (if you are the winner) from their Sunway Pyramid outlet by providing your full name and email to the outlet staff.

Show ‘U’ Café Bar
Blue Athium 27.7A, Lower Ground 2,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
46150 Petaling Jaya

Cinnamon Coffee House, One World Hotel Petaling Jaya: The Widest Spread of Hi-Tea in the City!

My Weekend Hi-Tea was a Kaleidescope of over 200 Sumptuous Offerings!

Talk about mind-boggling! My recent visit to Cinnamon Coffee House at One World Hotel Petaling Jaya was an experience of an abundance of choice. My previous visit was during Christmas 2011 (read about it here) and the same abundance of choices was also present leading me to believe that it was due to the festive holidays.

Apparently, it’s not! At One World Hotel Petaling Jaya, the award-winning Cinnamon Coffee House serves over 200 offerings on their weekend hi-tea spread! Located in a strategic location, one can visit the spacious Cinnamon to indulge in a feast of international and local fare with a little something for everyone!

Under the care of the hotel’s new Executive Chef Israel Lazaroo who came on board the hotel three months ago, the weekend hi-tea at Cinnamon has now more varieties and more live-cooking stations which give an opportunity for the chefs to interact with the guests.  The live-cooking stations such as the pasta counter, sandwich bar, local noodle section, Indian specialty kitchen, Japanese counter and dessert corner are now stationed with chefs attending to the requests of guests.  Guests are able to order as per their choice and selection of ingredients.

Check out the Roasted Whole Lamb served with rice, potato wedges and vegetables.  Tender pieces of lamb was well marinated in spices and made a beautiful attraction in the Hi-Tea feast. There is also Grilled Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Red Snapper on the hot warmers.

Nasi Lemak is no ordinary fare at Cinnamon Coffee House! Here, they take it seriously and offers over nine choices from Rendangs to Sambals to accompany the coconut rice. Choose from Duck, Chicken, Lamb, Beef Rendangs or Prawn, Mussel and Squid Sambals while basic Anchovy Sambal is also available. There is also a Pandan Nasi Lemak joining the accompaniments of hard boiled eggs, peanuts, fried anchovies and cucumber slices.

Live Stations offers Penang Char Koay Teow, Laksa Johor, Roti Jala, Tempura, Pizza, Satay, Seafood and Chicken Porridge, Pasta, Chicken Rice, Yong Tau Foo, Dim Sum and so much more. I enjoyed the Satay, Crab Meat Porridge and Roti Jala and wish I could have sampled more… J

For those who wish to enjoy a more western bite, there is the newly added Sandwich Bar, which is the brainchild of Chef Israel Lazaroo, which is filled with six types of bread from bagel to croissant, cold cuts, tuna, cheese and lots of condiments. I managed to snap a picture of my fellow blogger who enjoyed her Baguette Sandwich tremendously!

Japanese station seems to be a requirement these days and Cinnamon Coffee House also ensures that theirs is filled up with Sushi and Japanese salads of all sorts. Apart from an assortment of sushi, there is also prawn or vegetable tempura to choose from.  Mochi coated with peanut or sesame seed, a Japanese dessert is another new introduction.

The Indian station presents a series of curries, breads, Thosai, Tandoori, chutneys and more. I managed to savor the Fish and Chicken Curry where both nicely spice up.

Hot warmers also feature specialties from various chefs at One World Hotel. Check out Chef Michael’s Roasted Chicken with BBQ and Deep Fried Crispy Fish with Thai Mango Salad or Chef Zaleha’s Tiger Prawns Sambal with Sticky Rice and Pan Fried Lamb Chop with Kuzi Sauce.

Not to mention, the wide offering of appetisers, cheeses and salads. Four types of refreshing beverages such as soya bean milk, pink guava, grape and orange cordial are served with the addition of the Bubble Tea store serving apple and chocolate bubble tea.

There is a Bread and Pastry Section that features a gorgeous array of savory and sweet breads, buns and French pastries. I was ogling at the sweet and sticky Caramel Buns and the Jelly Doughnuts!!

In-house made Soya Milk Bean Curd served with white or brown sugar syrup was a delight to eat as it was warm and very smooth.

Dessert time is always a treat as the array of desserts at Cinnamon is amazing! I had to admit, I was lost in the sea of sweet treats from their luscious Red Velvet Cake to miniature Tartlets, Puddings, Mousse, and even a luscious Caramel Crepe. Hot Tong Shui, sweet Baos, Corn and Peanut Pancake, Cendol and Ais Kacang is also detected. Let’s not forget the must-have Chocolate Fountain with fruits and marshmallows!

The weekend hi-tea is available on every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday from 12 noon to 4.30 pm. If you are looking to spend the weekend with your family and friends, why not treat them to hi-tea at Cinnamon Coffee House.  It’s a great respite for the whole family. Highlights are the fabulous wide spread offerings and live stations serving fresh and hot food at Cinnamon Coffee House!

Hi-Tea price for Saturday and Sunday are RM63++ (adult) and RM32++ (child).
Hi-Tea price for Public Holiday are RM70++ (adult) and RM35++ (child).

For reservations, please call 603 7681 1157.

Cinnamon Coffee House
One World Hotel Petaling Jaya
First Avenue, Bandar Utama City Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-7681 1157