March 15, 2012

Shokudo, Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya: Speedy Lunch Promotion at Shokudo Japanese Deli!

Fast Food does not mean it cannot be wholesome or healthy!

Today, as the world revolves, our lifestyle changes too! People use to have time to sit and savor their meal properly but due to today’s rat race, many of us are just too busy with our work and daily activities. We often eat our meals while we are multi-tasking some other things or we just grab something quick for a meal as there are plenty of activities waiting for our action. Therefore, today’s modern time, it is definitely a luxury to be able to sit down and enjoy a proper meal, especially during a working day.

In keeping up with the current time, Shokudo of Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya is proud to design a ‘Speedy Lunch’ Promotion for people who want to enjoy a sit-down wholesome lunch but also want to ensure that it doesn’t take long for the food to arrive. The ‘Speedy Lunch’ promotion ensures that once your order is ‘fired’ to the kitchen, your meal will be served to you within 15 minutes!

Some of my foodie fellows were treated to a preview of the delectable speedy lunch sets for this promotion at Shokudo recently. Shokudo is a Japanese deli with simple décor but the menu offered is sufficient to compete with other Japanese restaurants. There are four unique sets of dishes and is priced at RM15.00++ per set order. I must concur that it’s a great value-for-money as we are talking about freshly prepared Japanese dishes. Let’s check out the four choices for this promotion… J

First up is an all time favorite at any Japanese restaurant… grilled eel set of Unagi Rice Set! A decent portion of caramelized charcoal grilled eel coated with Kabayaki sauce served with rice, salad, fruits and pickles would satisfy even the pickiest eater. Thumbs up from everyone for this set meal!

A lighter fare catered for small eaters would enjoy the Soft Shell Crab Maki with Chawan Mushi. It may look like a small portion but it will surely fill one up as there is a good balance of rice, vegetable, seafood and steamed egg custard. The maki is yummy… J

If you prefer a hearty one dish meal, then Chicken or Beef Katsudon is perfect for lunch! Comfort food at heart, the crispy boneless meat is coated in a soy sauce and egg gravy with sweet caramelized onions crowning some rice. A good portion size too! This dish reminded me of my mom’s one pot meal.

If rice is not your choice, then how about slurping up a bowl of Kakiage Soba or Udon? Unpretentious and simple, the dish features the infamous Japanese buckwheat soba noodles or the thick udon noodles in a warming broth topped with hot crispy vegetable fritters. I enjoyed mine very much that night as it was just soothing and light.

If you are not pressing for time or simply wish to enjoy more varieties of Japanese fare, check out some ala carte dishes we tried that night!

There is just something uplifting about fresh slices of seafood served in a boat! We sampled some ala carte sashimi that was truly fresh and beautifully sliced. Plenty of choices from salmon to white butterfish, octopus and surf clam is available either on ala carte or the Armada Mixed Sashimi. A light dip in wasabi and soy sauce completes the sashimi experience.

We also savored a trio of Cod Fish Teriyaki, Gyoza and Chawan Mushi. My favorite is definitely the Cod Fish Teriyaki. Sweet and flaky with a smoky teriyaki sauce, it was certainly one delectable fish! Gzoya and Chawan Mushi fared decent.

Kani Stick Maki was a popping sensation with the lovely orange flying fish roes! Creamy from the avocado and briny from the roes, the maki was easy to savor and healthy too!

California Roll is another favorite roll when dining ala Japanese. The version here fared respectable as it had a good balance of rice with the other ingredients and the best part was that the seaweed was still quite crispy.

Everyone at the table that night agreed unanimously that the Tori Kara-Age was just irresistible and unbelievable good. Another simple dish of fried boneless chicken but was definitely executed to perfection!! It was superbly crispy and so flavorful, especially when dipped in a side of Japanese mayonnaise. One of the bloggers, KY, commented that he wouldn’t mind enjoying a big bowl of these chicken bites in front of tv… J (frankly… I wouldn’t mind either!!)

We also had the popular Tempura Moriawase with the warm dipping sauce. Decent and very nicely fried to crisp. No oil trace as I gladly tucked into a succulent prawn!

Desserts are not available at Shokudo but if you feel like it, do head down to their Utara Coffee House or Piano Lounge.

If you are around that area, the Speedy Lunch Promotion at Shokudo is worth checking out for simple Japanese fare well value-for-money! If you are going to eat fast food, at least make sure it’s a wholesome one… J

Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
1st Floor, Lot. 6, Lorong Utara C, Section 52
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7954 6888 ext. 4547

Business Hours:
Every Monday to Saturday
Lunch 12.00pm – 2.30pm
Dinner 6.00pm – 11.00pm

*Thanks to the team at Hotel Armada for the gracious invite!


  1. SUPER LOVE YOUR PICTURES!! *nom nom nom off the screen already*

  2. It's a bad idea to read your post early in the morning especially I still putting my breakfast aside..

    The desserts attracted me!!! yummmmyyyyy...~~

    p/s: *LIKE* your new header pic :)

    1. eh... its not really ever a good time to read food blog... hahaha except maybe right after a meal?

      tq... the header pic is taken at Mines Wellness Hotel! ;)

  3. I love this set of photo, AWESOME!

  4. RM15++ for a lunch set in a Hotel!! What a steal!
    Hmmm...I can't get my eyes off the Mixed Sashimi. YUMMMMM ^^

    1. Yes it is... I wish the sashimi is also at that price too! ;)

  5. how i'd wish the sashimi platter is priced at RM15++ during lunch hour as well :P how much is that anyway? :)

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  6. Love that idea of fast and healthy as opposed to unhealthy. :-)

  7. RM15 is super cheap. But why no sashimi for the set LOL

    1. hehehe... I sudah feedback! I also wish to have the sashimi for that price too! lol...

  8. Very nice pics and yes, affordable Jap - this is a steal!