May 30, 2017

Sangkaya Rocks Up New Flavours

Have a Blissful Riang Raya with Sangkaya!

The coconut ice cream whizz is back this festive season and is rocking up some local new flavours. Sangkaya is introducing some icy newbies on the block and it’s a feast of ice cream treats like no other. We visited one of the 23 outlets recently and was pleased with its list of new cold desserts.

Joining the festive Blissful Riang Raya mood are duo of Bandung inspired treats. Tuck into Bandung Bliss (RM12.20), creamy and rosy pink, its frozen Bandung flavours of rose enhanced with coconut cream. We adored the smoothness of the ice cream with the classic fragrance of rose, perfect for this festive season.

There’s also Bandung Blitz (RM9.90), the rose bandung smoothie that is thick and luscious. A surprising addition of black grass jelly gave this locally inspired smoothie a lovely textural component and the scoop of Bandung Ice Cream is deliciously sweet and creamy. Topped with lots of whipped cream and finished with generous drizzle of rose syrup, it’s sweet and creamy like our Bandung.

Both Bandung Bliss and Bandung Blitz is available from the 15th of May till the 31st of July.

With our humid and hot weather lately, the Ice Campur (RM10.90) is the perfect icy treat to cool down the heat. Ice Kacang given a Sangkaya twist, you get 2 scoops of Sangkaya’s famous Coconut Ice Cream and 1 scoop of Sangkaya’s new Gula Melaka Ice Cream scooped on a rainbow concoction of coconut flesh, roasted peanuts, sweet corn, cincau, cendol and nata de coco. The sprinkling of desiccated coconut added a nice toasty note to the Ice Campur.

My kind of Ice Kacang… Shiok Giler!

If you haven’t tried Sangkaya’s latest new flavour of Gula Melaka Ice Cream, you need too! Literally hooked on this flavour ever since my first taste, the Gula Melaka Ice Cream tasted like frozen cendol. Adored the luscious richness of caramelized Gula Melaka that is heighten with lush coconut cream. I can’t get enough of this flavour so much that I stocked up tubs of it in my freezer!!

There’s Mango Ice Cream and Kaya Ice Cream on the list too…

More Malaysian inspired treats and this time, it’s Malaysian Toast (RM6.90)! Rather sad looking but never judge a book by its cover cos this one is also delicious. Crispy toast sandwiching thick slices of frozen butter and scoops of Sangkaya’s Kaya Ice Cream proved that even classics can be made better. The cold buttery goodness with toast and creamy kaya ice cream works like a charm in terms of flavours and textures.

Heading West, more goodies appear starting with Fresh Baked Waffles (RM12.90) with 3 scoops of ice cream of your choice. Golden crisp and lightly fluffy waffles is the perfect partner-in-crime with ice creams. Plenty of choices of ice cream to choose from but I personally like the chocolate and gula Melaka.

There’s also Ice Cream Cookiez (RM4.90) for the young at heart. Definitely a childhood treat but elevated to modern times, you get two thick coconut cookies sandwiching your choice of ice cream. Go with Sangkaya’s original Coconut Ice Cream or their new flavour Mango Ice Cream. Either one is equally fresh, creamy and yummy…

There’s also Chocolate Maniac Series featuring Chocolate Divinity (RM12.90) and Chocolate Blitz (RM9.90). Chocolate Divinity features a large dark chocolate cone with Oreo crusted rim is filled with 3 scoops of another new flavour Chocolate Royale Ice Cream, topped with chocolate sauce, peanuts and corn flakes. Chocolate Blitz is dark chocolate coconut milk shake completed with a scoop of Chocolate Royale Ice Cream and whipped Coconut Cream.

Sangkaya has also launched two molten lava cakes. Try the Black Sesame with Salted Egg Molten Cake (RM12.90) or Teh Ijo with Salted Egg Molten Cake (RM12.90). Both comes with a scoop of ice cream. Soft and fluffy warm molten cakes with an oozing filling is definitely made even better with cold ice cream for contrast. Both flavours are decadently rich and creamy.

For best value deals, aim for Best Giler! (RM17.90) or Kiasu Platter (RM32.90). You get a Dark Jumbo Cone with massive scoop of ice cream of your choice and chocolate sauce together with a regular waffle cone of ice cream and Gula Melaka sauce to be shared in Best Giler!. The Kiasu Platter feeds a few at least with a tray of waffle, a molten cake, a pair of cookies and an ice cream waffle bowl.

Head over to the nearest outlet to check out Sangkaya’s Newbies on the Block!

For more information, visit Sangkaya Facebook page: or website:

May 28, 2017

The All-New Mercato @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Mercato Unveils Fresh New Look with Two New Eatery Spots

Left to Right: Jodi Lok, Pierre Olivier-Deplanck (CEO of GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd) and Saki Goh (Marketing Director of GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

The European concept supermarket, Mercato in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur has recently refurbished their store to offer customers a new shopping experience like no other. Sporting fresh new ambiance with appealing décor and wide aisles, the transformed Mercato now offers an even wider range of premium and international food selections.

Besides the new transformation, Mercato has elevated its concept with two new eateries – Oyster & Seafood Bar by Mercato and Mercato Café. Members of the media and bloggers along with distinguished guests were invited for a sneak peek at the relaunch of Mercato in May.

The event took off with a welcoming speech by Mr. Pierre Olivier-Deplanck, CEO of GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., the parent company of Mercato.

“Mercato has always been known for our extensive variety of quality products that are sourced from some of the best producers both local and international. Nonetheless, to truly serve our customers the best we can, we need to continuously innovate on our products and services. By combining Malaysians’ discerning shopping habits with their love of food and adventure, we can bring our customers’ experience to yet another level.”

He continued, “The evolved concept of the all-new Mercato transforms the mere art of shopping for groceries into a whole new experiential journey. Now, customers not only have the opportunity to purchase premium and international products locally, but also relax and indulge in our carefully crafted menu at our new eateries before, after or even as they shop. At Mercato, there is something for everybody!”

To elevate the shopping experience with Mercato, customers can also opt for the complimentary delivery service when they spend RM200 or more, with delivery within 10km radius of the store. Alternatively, Mercato also provide service to customers for assistance in carrying their shopping to their cars.

There was also a cooking demonstration by MasterChef Malaysia celebrity chef, Celina Khor. Chef Khor showed how easy it was to whip up a scrumptious steak and potato dinner completed with mushroom sauce using the store’s quality ingredients.

It was then a battle off with Chef Khor and Mr. Olivier-Deplanck on whose plating was deemed the best for the steak. While Chef Khor went minimalist and classic for her presentation, the CEO of Mercato took creative as inspiration with his plate of steak that came with our twin tower representation on the plate using asparagus.

Chef Celina Khor and Pierre Olivier-Deplanck (CEO of GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd)

The event than had a surprise with a flash mob dance routine that was then followed by photo session with the Mercato team and its distinguished guests.

Left to Right: Saki Goh (Marketing Director of GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Alice Lau (Upscale Director of of GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd), Kung Suan Ai (Marketing Director of KL Pavilion Sdn Bhd), Pierre Olivier-Deplanck (CEO of GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd), Venice Min, Josh Kua and  Chef Sherson Lian

Left to Right: Hasvinraj Selvarajan, Roseta Mohd Jaafar and Joe Dybell

A Mercato experiential food tour led by Mr. Olivier-Deplanck had everyone experiencing first hand at the newly furbished marketplace designed with luxury of space in mind. Mercato has also increased their grocery food assortment from around the world by 35% to feature new items that are not available by other mass commercial outlets. The tour highlighted new ranges of food produce and offerings for locals and expats. Highlights include a new Taste of Asia range with approximately 600 different items from Asian countries, a Malaysia Delight range from confectionary offerings to tourist favorites featuring famous landmarks of our country.

Fresh produce increased by 20% to feature imported fresh fruits and vegetables from Australia, Japan and USA. Customers can now savor Dorper Lamb and Wagyu beef from Australia as part of the increased selection of locally and internationally sourced meats and seafood. There is even a specialist butchery service available.

Cheese lovers prevail at Mercato with its selections of over 100 types of cheese imported from around the globe. The bakery is now filled with artisan bread, special cakes for birthdays and custom creations for special occasions as well as a new Ready-to-Eat counter filled with lots of freshly prepared food for takeaways.

A Middle Eastern counter showcases a gorgeous selections of Middle Eastern pastries, sweets and dates, guaranteed to satisfy any sweet-tooth foodies!

Mercato’s new Premium Wine Room stores First Growth Wines range, featuring some of the finest wines from all over the world. A new bar is available for wine tasting events on occasions. To enhance the media tour that day, we were all treated to some of the finest from Campari Orange to Sangre de Toro by Torres and G.H.Mumm Champagne.

The tour had everyone visiting 16 sampling booths featuring local and international products that is now readily available at Mercato.

Our food tour ended at the Oyster & Seafood Bar by Mercato and Mercato Café where we catch first glimpse of the two new eateries that are bound to be a foodie’s haunt. Mercato Café is one of the first café to feature three Chocolate fountains as well as Pierre Ledent Maitre Chocolatier.

The all-new Mercato is open from 10.00am to 10.00pm from Monday to Sunday.

Mercato Pavilion
Lot 1.01,Level 1,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
No.168,Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: 603-2143 0066
FAX: 603-2143 1166

May 26, 2017

Las Vacas @ Glo Damansara

Beefing it Up at Glo Damansara!

Las Vacas has been serving up beefy goodness since 2007 when its first butchery shop opened. After a decade later and four outlets later with the latest one at Glo Damansara, Las Vacas is still a beefy hotspot for awesome steaks and more.

The new outlet at Glo Damansara is wonderfully spacious and nicely designed. While one can opt for comfort in the main dining area, there is also an al fresco area to enjoy your meal. Barely a year old, this outlet already had quite a few private events with Chef Muhammad Amirull Azahar leading the kitchen and culinary team.

Las Vacas owners – Freddy Azman and FD Idzham FD Iskandar takes their meat seriously and ensures that quality is their main priority at Las Vacas.

Las Vacas is renowned for diners selecting their choice of the best beef cuts and marbling before getting the kitchen team to whip it up to their liking. There is always a solid range of premium quality beef ranging from grain fed to grass fed and to the premium wagyu up to marbling of 9. All beef are wet aged for 3 weeks to produce beefy robust flavours. Food ingredients used are halal certified. Fear not if beef is not your thing as they also serve chicken, lamb, salmon as well as pasta, burgers and sandwiches.

We were here for their Ramadan specials as well as their regular menu. For the month of buka puasa, Las Vacas Glo Damansara will be serving choice of 3 dishes specially concocted for diners. We tried the Aromatic Spice Pilaf Baked and Grill Chicken & Gravy (RM38.90), a generous portion fit for two eaters. Fluffy spiced up rice studded with nuts and raisin, baked with a grill spiced chicken goes really well with tasty tomato salsa, fried potatoes and two gravies, we enjoyed the dish a lot.

There are two other options of Arabic Puri Bread with Lamb Shank (RM77.90) and Vacas Ribeye Steak with Garlic Creamy Mash Potato and Raspberry Sauce (RM77.90) for the buka puasa menu as well.

The signature and most ordered dish in the regular menu is Las Vacas Famous Beef Wrap (RM21.20). Looks are deceiving in this case as the dish looked plain when it arrived. Beef rolls wrapped with julienned vegetables and drenched in cheesy beefy sauce was described in the menu. One taste of this roll and it was superb in flavours. The beef roll was tender with some crunchy from vegetables. The sauce was amazingly flavourful. Rich and creamy with beefy essence, that sauce would have also gone well with steaks. A must-order if you’re at Las Vacas!

For cheese lovers, there’s the Oozy Mozzarella Sticks (RM18). Golden batons of crumbed cheese that oozes with hot melting cheese is served with tomato anchovy salsa. Decent and great as snacks or for kids.

The Classic Caesar (RM18) is worthy of an order. Solid creamy garlicky and cheesy flavours on crisp lettuce with long crunchy croutons, generous shavings of parmesan cheese and a soft poached egg.

Our first beef arrived and the Grain Fed Ribeye (RM100 – 280gm) didn’t disappoint. Beautifully thick and juicy, the ribeye smells wonderful. Well charred and cooked to medium for my liking, the ribeye had a good bite with a tasty note. Served with smears of spice oil and rich brown sauce with toast and side salad, the steak is very satisfying for that price. There is also a small portion if you’re not a big eater.

The Wagyu Ribeye MB7 (RM65 per 100gm) is even better in flavour than the ribeye. Sliced a bit thin as the ribeye was bigger in size, this one is a hearty 200gm portion. Due to the thinness of the cut, the beef was almost well done. Nevertheless, it was still very juicy and the flavours are simply amazingly moreish. If you are one to prefer flavour over texture, this one is worth splurging for as the flavours are superb and the beef is amazingly tender.

Lamb Chops (RM55) are another meaty option and executed beautifully with good smoky char aroma. Three pieces of well-trimmed lamb chops that is succulent and well-seasoned cooked to medium doneness for perfect texture. I like how meaty the lamb chops and thus making it a hearty and filling portion.

We also decided to try the Salmon Fillet (RM51.95). Minor setbacks for this one as the salmon was too well-cooked for my liking but the crispy skin on the salmon is commendable. Another plus point on the dish was the yummy and creamy soft spinach that goes so well with the fish. Let the staff know if you prefer your salmon medium like me else it will be cooked well done.

When the Lamb Burger (RM29.70 – 250gm) arrived, I stared at it in awe. The thick lamb patty looked so luscious and tempting. Las Vacas offer several weights on their burger patties and we opted for a thick one since we love our burgers with thick meaty patties. Served with golden spiced fries, the lamb burger is delicious. Juicy, tender and tasty, sinking your teeth into the toasted sesame seed bun with the patty and all its trimming is very satisfying.

There’s also set lunch available during week days with several options of choice of your dish with an Iced Lemon Tea. We tried their vegetarian version of Pomodoro with Broccolini Pasta. The past is cooked al dente and delicious. We didn’t miss any proteins as the pasta is already well flavoured and cooked well.

Lots of choices of quality meat, Las Vacas at Glo Damansara is a great place to get your steak fix. Good quality meat don’t really need much sauces, just enough salt and pepper works wonder on the beefy goodness. Coupled with the lovely ambiance, it’s a place to unwind with good steaks!

Lot G19 & G19A, Glomac Damansara,
Jalan Damansara,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +60 3-7732 3677

Business Hours:
Daily 10.00am to 10.00pm