May 5, 2017

Kimi-Ya Japanese Restaurant @ Avantas Residence, Old Klang Road

Marvelous May Promotion, Mother’s Day Special, Lunch Set and More…

If you’ve never had fugu before, you can now savor this exotic pufferfish at Kimi-Ya Japanese Restaurant this month. Located in Avantas Residence in Old Klang Road, Kimi-Ya serves lots of Japanese classics to avid foodies of The Land of the Rising Sun.

It wasn’t hard to locate the restaurant since it was located on this fairly new residential block of the bustling road. Beautifully designed, it had all the markings of the epitome of a Japanese restaurant with lots of woodwork as the base of the restaurant theme.

Dine in booths as well as regular dining tables or catch some sushi actions at the beautifully designed modern and minimalist sushi bar. Kimi-Ya also has a private dining room for private parties.

The restaurant is spacious and well-designed that echo Zen and comfort throughout the restaurant.

Kimi-Ya has a large impressive collection of sake too!

For Mother’s Day promotion, Kimi-Ya is bringing an exotic taste of the infamous pufferfish to diners with Fugu Nabe. Valid from 1st May till 14th May, diners can enjoy fugu in its purest form. Fear not if you’re wondering as Kimi-Ya’s chef is licensed to prepare this special fish.

The fugu is served thinly sliced on the side with a pot of bubbling nabe filled with lots of various vegetables and bean curd in delicate dashi broth. Just gently swish the fugu slice for a few seconds in the hot broth and enjoy the delicate natural flavours of the fish. The slightly firm and bouncy texture of the fish is rather unique. It’s a very refine dish that symbolizes what Japanese cuisine is all about.

For the whole month of May, diners can also enjoy Japan Karatsuki Hotate Butter Yaki. Glorious fresh Karatsuki scallop with roe from Japan is cooked gently at our table on its own shell with Shimeji mushrooms in rich butter sauce. Deliciously aromatic and succulent, the scallop was sweet, buttery and divine. The mushrooms had also soaked in the sauce well and was a treat to enjoy with the premium scallop. One may not be enough…

Kimi-Ya’s a la carte menu consist of various selections of sashimi and sushi. We had the Matsu Sashimi Moriawase, featuring six types of the freshest sashimi cut of the day. We noted that the Matsu Sashimi Moriawase platter was arrange in 360 degree presentation and was told that this way, everyone around the table can enjoy this platter.

The Matsu Sashimi Moriawase platter had Salmon, White Tuna, Yellowtail, Tuna, Scallop and Salmon Roe.

Sublime slices of sashimi that is further enhanced with house recipe soy sauce and fresh wasabi.

The gorgeous salty globules of salmon roe is divine!

No matter which angle you look at, this sashimi platter is striking beautiful and delish…

Next dish of Hamachi Carpaccio features my favorite yellowtail sashimi. Sublime slices of Hamachi is rolled with finely shredded radish and onion and sauced with house ponzu soy sauce. It’s an explosion of umami flavours in the mouth!

The Salmon Tataki is also superb with thick slices of lightly seared salmon sashimi served with house soy sauce, spicy grated radish and scallion. We adored the salmon for its texture and flavours. It’s so moreish, we were literally fighting for this dish.

One cannot go wrong with sushi rolls, especially if their looking this good! We had their Avocado Ebi Mentai Roll and Unagi Avocado Roll but there are few more rolls that sounded equally tempting in the menu.

The Avocado Ebi Mentai Roll has that salty luscious Pollack roe or mentai sauce with creamy avocado and crispy prawn tempura. This one is also very tasty and delish with its combination. It was polished off faster than a speeding bullet on our table.

The Unagi Avocado Roll takes on classic combination of sweet and smoky eel with creamy avocado, tamago egg, cucumber, salmon roe, mayo and eel sauce. Needless to say, flavours of sweet, savory, smoky and creamy works harmoniously yummy.

Besides a la carte, Kimi-Ya offers value-for-money lunch set on weekdays that comes with a free choice of dessert. Diners can choose the 12 variations of lunch set that comes with Steamed Chawan Mushi, Pickles, Soup, Fruits, Rice or Noodle. Price starts from RM26 to RM46, Monday to Friday from 12.00pm to 3.00pm.

The Chicken Teriyaki Gozen (RM26) features delicious and tender chicken thigh with the classic sticky sweet and savory teriyaki sauce. Can’t go wrong with this one…

If you love Salmon like me, you can opt for the Salmon Mentaimayo Yaki Gozen (RM38). Cooked well, the salmon was moist and was deliciously draped with the moreish mentaimayo sauce that has been lightly torched.

For some slurping action, the Nabeyaki Udon To Sushi Gozen (RM36) never fails to satisfy with its comforting flavours of hot broth, thick, slippery udon, shrimp tempura, soft egg and vegetables. This dish is paired with an assorted plate of sushi.

From the lunch set, one can choose one dessert from its dessert menu. There’s Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream, Black Sesame Ice Cream, Matcha Ice Cream, Mizu Shingen Mochi, Abekawa Mochi, Matcha Shiratama Zenzai, Yuzu Sherbet and dessert of the day.

The Mizu Shingen Mochi is irresistibly adorable with the cute concept of kitty cat and cow. It’s actually the latest Japanese dessert craze of Japanese raindrop cake, well not really cake but jelly to me, served with brown sugar syrup and soybean powder.

The Matcha Shiratama Zenzai is refreshing with its lush Matcha ice cream served with red bean paste and little glutinous rice balls.

Dessert of the day was a Sweet Potato Pudding that is light and easy on the palate as a sweet ending.

Kimi-Ya offers quality and premium ingredients in their menu as well as classic favorites. Prices are slightly above the normal Japanese chain franchises but diners are assured of quality and execution. There is also free valet parking for diners too. There’s plenty of dishes to cater to every one of all ages and the ambiance is really lovely and comforting.

G-2, Avantas Residences,
162, Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +013 239 3406

Business Hours:
Mon to Thurs         Lunch 12.00pm – 3.00pm | Dinner 6.00pm – 10.30pm
Fri to Sun              Lunch 11.30am – 3.00pm | Dinner 6.00pm – 11.00pm

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