May 1, 2017

Buka Puasa Buffet @ Latest Recipe, Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Chef Budiman Presents Serambi Juadah Warisan Desa

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur is bringing back Chef Budiman’s buka puasa Feast themed Serambi Juadah Warisan Desa at Latest Recipe during the holy month of May and June. Diners can expect scrumptious traditional dishes that represent Malaysians’ favorite dishes from around the nation’s melting pot of cuisines.

Latest Recipe has always been a delicious place for various cuisines served at their interactive live stations. From the moment one walks in, diners will be tempted at sight of the gorgeous displays of desserts and chocolate fountains before more live action stations filled with Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Malay and other International cuisines.

For this holy month’s spread, diners are treated to lots of tantalizing dishes from around Malaysia as well as other international dishes from Executive Sous Chef Budiman Bistari Bin Mohamed and the culinary team. The highlight of the buffet includes a beautiful Roasted Lamb. Marinated for over 10 hours with lemongrass, ginger, dried chilies, spices and more, the lamb is then slow roasted over 2 hours and steam bake for 30 minutes to retain its succulent juices.

Roasted Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and Roasted Vegetables

Daging Purba

From the hot warmers, savor delicious Malay Specialties such as Daging Purba, Asam Tumis Ikan Bersama Belimbing Buluh Bendi dan Tomato, Ayam Panggang Sambal Santan Daun Kunyit, Kurma Kambing, Kentang and Cili Hijau, Gulai Kepah Lemak Putih Dengan Daun Selasih – Lengkuas, Kuah Lemak Lempiting Bunga Kantan dengan Sambal Goreng Cili Padi, Kuah Ayam Pedas Bersama Telur Puyuh, Rendang Ayam Pencen dengan Pucuk Ubi, Gulai Lemak Merah, Daging Panggnag Rempah Arab, Rendang Merah Utara, Masak Lemak Cili Apil dengan Rebung, Ikan Bakar Air Asam and more.

Asam Tumis Ikan Bersama Belimbing Buluh Bendi dan Tomato

Ayam Panggang Sambal Santan Daun Kunyit

Kurma Kambing, Kentang and Cili Hijau

Wok Fried Crab with Chili Bean Paste

Gulai Kepah Lemak Putih Dengan Daun Selasih – Lengkuas

Visit the Malay Kerabu station for a kaleidoscope of colours and flavours with some of the best traditional appetizers and kerabus such as Kerabu Sotong Dengan Betik Muda, Kerabu Cendawan Tiram, Cendawan Abalone dan Ikan Bersama Sos Pedas, Kerabu Ulam Raja Dengan Belut Salai, Betik Muda Som Tam, Kerabu Daging Bakar, Kerabu Ikan Bakar Dengan Belimbing Buluh, Sambal Cili Kering Berulam Peria, Acar, Pecal and a variety of Ulam and Sambals.

Chef Budiman’s personal favorite is the Acar Ikan Masin, a recipe from his mother, Hijjah Ramlah that he highly recommends with steamed rice.

Two must-haves to sooth the tummy from a day’s fasting is the Bubur Lambuk Miherhani Tumis Darat and Sup Aneka Hidupan Laut Bersama Bunga Kantan Asam Plum dan Sayuran. Unlike the regular Bubur Lambuk, this one has coconut cream with spices to give the congee a robust and creamy note. Add on Telur Masin or Ikan Masin and fried shallots for more yummy flavours…

There is a Le Cucur corner where one can savor crispy and crunchy Banana Fritters served with Turkish Ice Cream, Cucur Sayur and other variety of fried delicacy.

There’s plenty of other cuisines available as mentioned such as this delectable Seafood on Ice that is bound to please seafood lovers with prawns, crab, mussels, scallops and more.

Visit the Japanese station for Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura and Teppanyaki. From assorted Sushi to slices of Salmon to crispy Prawn and Vegetable Tempura, there’s plenty to keep even the most discerning palates satisfied. The Teppanyaki station is a crowd favorite where one can load up on beef, chicken, fish and other seafood.

There’s Dim Sum and Noodle stations where one can enjoy assorted dim sums and fluffy baos as well as Noodles of the Day.

The Indian station features lots of sumptuous dishes that one can pile onto Hyderabadi Biryani Rice, fluffy Naan, Prata and Roti. Curries in hot copper pots is tempting and aromatic, making it hard for choices. Savor Ghost Mahani Sliced Lamb Braised in Cream and Butter, Murgh Jeera of Braised Chicken in Thick Creamy Cumin Gravy, Fish Bengal Jal Toori and Jhinga Lahori of Prawns Cooked in Blackpepper, Mint and Cream.

Besides curries, there’s also tantalizing Machli Tikka, Tandoori Murgh and Lamb Chop Tandoori to be savored with a list of chutneys and pickles.

Hold some room because desserts are simply a must at Latest Recipe! The dessert bar is laden with loads of sweets of all sorts from Aneka Kuih Muih to Dates Cheesecake, Triffle, GreenTea Swiss Roll, Nutella Cake, puddings, jellies, mini fruit tarts, chocolates and cookies.

Can’t go wrong with Fresh Fruits and there are plenty of choices ….

Buah Kurma

One of the most desired desserts during this season is the Roti Jala with Serawa Durian.

The trio of Chocolate Fountain with assorted fruits and marshmallows never fails to be a crowd pleaser for every one of all ages.

Don’t miss out the Crepe and Waffle station where thin crepes and crispy golden waffles are made-to-order and served with soft serve ice cream!

Serambi Juadah Warisan Desa Buffet Dinner
Available from 27 May to 24 June 2017
Adult  RM180 nett
Child  RM90 nett

SPG members received 20% discount off total food bill.
Selected credit card discounts apply.

Early bird vouchers are available at RM130 nett per adult and RM65 nett per child from now until 20 May 2017.

For reservations, visit: or email: or Dining Reservations at 603 2263 7434

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