May 20, 2017

Buka Puasa Buffet @ Melting Pot Café, Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Jom Buka Puasa a la Cuit Cuit Rasa!

Break fast this holy month with a myriad of kampong style menu at Melting Pot Café, Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur from May 27 till June 24. Melting Pot Café has always been a favorite spot for its tempting buffet spread.

Themed ‘Cuit Cuit Rasa’ Nightly Buffet, the culinary team will be featuring more authentic family recipes of Malay cuisine in the buffet along with other cuisines that are bound to please palates of all ages. There are four daily rotation menus that will offer various dishes. To complement the buffet, resident strollers Begema 5 will serenade diners with soothing music all night long from 8pm onwards.

The Kambing Panggang dengan Sos Dadih and Sos Lada Hitam is a great station to start the buka puasa feast. Whole lamb marinated with spices, slow roasted till tender and succulent, is served with various sauces and special biryani rice.

Next to the lamb is a mouth-watering platter of Puyuh Goreng Berempah. Quail seasoned in spices and herbs is unctuously flavourful and finger-licking good!

The Grilled Seafood station is another crowd favorite. Select your choice of fish, prawn, squid, chicken, beef and more and let the chef whip it up with a delicious garlic butter sauce or teppanyaki sauce. There is also a Wok Fried Fresh Seafood with Specialty Sauce next to this grill station.

To warm up the tummy from a whole day of fasting, savor the classic Soup Gearbox dengan Tulang Rawan or Bubur Lambuk.

The kerabu station is filled with Kerabu Daging Thai, Kerabu Nangka, Kerabu Hati Ayam, Kerabu Daun Selom, Kerabu Betik, Ikan Masin, Aneka Ulam dengan Sambal Belachan, Budu, Air Asam, Tempoyak dan Cincalok. There’s also assorted keropok to go with the salads.

Gerai Goreng Goreng features Cucur Kodok, Cucur Udang, Keledek, Sukun and Pisang.

From the hot warmers, there’s pots after pots of glorious curries as well as family recipes handed down from generations. Dine on Gulai Rusa dengan Ubi Kayu, Asam Pedas Ekor Lembu, Ayam Kampung Masak Merah Berkerisik, Udang Galah Sambal Giling dengan Terung Pipit, Rendang Nangka Muda, Gulai Urat Belimbing Buluh, Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Pucuk Muda, Ikan Cencaru Sumbat Sambal Kelapa and more.

Asam Pedas Ekor Lembu by Chef Ameera

Gulai Rusa dengan Ubi Kayu by Chef Azlan Juri

Ayam Kampung Masak Merah Berkerisik by Chef Azlan Juri

Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Pucuk Muda by Chef Rogayah Sharif

Besides Malay cuisine, there’s also Kari Kepala Ikan Mamak Penang and Chicken Pratel as well as a sumptuous Butter Prawn with Salted Egg, Steamed Whole Fish with Tom Yam Sauce and more from our melting pot of cuisines.

For a bit of a Western fare, there is a creamy and delicious Steamed Black Mussel with Creamy Tarragon as well as Roasted Chicken with Barbeque Sauce.

Surely one will not be able to resist the delectable Seafood on Ice

Visit the noodle station for Curry Laksa Concorde and Fish Ball Soup Noodle. The fish balls are exceptionally delicious and worth going back for more.

For sweets, the dessert station is loaded with traditional Malay kuihs such as Kuih Tepung Talam, Tepung Pelita, Kuih Bingka Ubi, Kole Kacang, Seri Muka, Kuih Tako as well as a classic Pengat Durian dengan Pulut. International desserts of cakes, jellies, puddings, mini tarts, Bread and Butter Pudding, pastries, ice cream, fruits and more are also available.

‘Cuit Cuit Rasa’ Buffet Dinner
Available 7.00pm to 10.30pm
RM148 nett per person

Special Offer
15% Discount on first five days of Ramadan – May 27 to May 31
15% Discount on last three days of Ramadan – June 22 to June 24
15% Discount every Sunday

Buffet Supper ‘Sahur’
(every Friday, Saturday & eve of public holiday)
For those who wish to have their ‘sahur’ (pre-dawn meal), swing by Melting Pot Café for a special buffet supper. Starts from 11.00pm to 5.00am, savor local favorites like bubur lambuk, mee mamak, nasi lemak, Teochew porridge, roti canai, sandwiches with various fillings, pengat durian and more.
Buffet supper is priced at RM80 nett per person

For reservations, call Melting Pot directly at +603 2717 2233 (direct line). Any enquiries or private events, do email to

2 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 2717 2233  
Fax: +603 2149 2659

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