May 31, 2020

Abundance Set Menu 2020 @ Elegant Inn Hong Kong Cuisine

Luxurious New Set Menus

Exquisite fine flavours have always been Elegant Inn Hong Kong Cuisine’s forte when it comes to a gastronomic culinary journey in the heart of our city. The fine Cantonese cuisine restaurant is now opened for dine-in or takeaway after a hiatus from the recent global pandemic period. Gourmands can now tuck into luscious dishes that Executive Chef Wesley Ng and culinary team is well-known for. The nearly two-decade restaurant is located in Menara Hap Seng and offers a culinary experience of the finest dishes using premium ingredients hand carried personally by owner – Jeannette Han herself from Hong Kong as well as fresh ingredients from locally source premium suppliers.

Diners are assured of safety dining at Elegant Inn Hong Kong Cuisine. Jeannette has recently installed a Medklinn system, one of the best air purification and sterilization system, eliminating 99.9% of all harmful pollutants in the restaurant. Used in Singapore Changi Airport as well as Resorts World Genting and other international companies, the system helps to protect diners as well as the staffs of the restaurant, offering a peace of mind while dining.

Besides the purifying system, the restaurant has also spaced out the dining as per the required SOP for safety. Diners can enjoy dining in the main dining room as well as their private dining rooms.

Elegant Inn has launched a new list of set menus recently filled with their signatures as well as some new additions. The set menus cater from 2 pax to 10 pax and every set has different dishes to tempt even the most discerning palate.

We had the honors of previewing two set menus that offers a kaleidoscope of dishes featuring beautiful premium ingredients. Our journey commenced with the Blissful Set Menu for 4 pax at RM688+. The set menu consisted of a trio of appetizers, a soup course, 4 main dishes and another trio of desserts.

The trio of appetizers is beautifully presented at sight, featuring Crunchy Japanese Eel Roll, E.I Salt & Pepper Fried Homemade Tofu and Crispy Soft-Shell Crab with Light Spicy Sauce.

May 29, 2020

Elegant Inn Hong Kong Cuisine Rice Dumpling

With Duan Wu Jie (端午) around the corner, many will commemorate the festival with rice dumplings or Chung in Cantonese. The art of making rice dumplings require a long process with many ingredients to yield a delicious result. Elegant Inn Hong Kong Cuisine has always been synonymous with fine Cantonese cuisine. Owner Jeannette Han and Executive Chef Wesley Ng pride themselves for their fine rice dumpling curated specially for this festive season.

Armed with a tagline that says ‘The Ingredients say it all’, Elegant Inn’s rice dumpling is a luscious concoction featuring Spanish Olive Pork, Japanese Sakura Ebi, Organic Inner Mongolia Mungbeans and Taiwanese Organic Pearl Glutinous Rice along with chestnuts and double salted egg yolk.

The glutinous rice is creamy and delicious. Mungbeans are mixed with the rice to yield that nutty and sweet creaminess enhanced by moreish nuances of tiny Sakura Ebi or Japanese dried prawns. Generous tender pork along with earthy water chestnut and sublime salted egg yolks take this rice dumpling to a whole new delicious level to be shared among family and friends this festive season.

May 26, 2020

Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodle @ Setapak

Hearty Beefy Noodles and More…

An eatery that has withstood the test of time, more than 6-decades to be precise, in the heart of our metropolitan city where it all started has Soong Kee Beef Noodle extending their branches to the latest location in Setapak. Started in 1945 by Mr. Soong Kee himself after World War 2, business may not have started out great but it has now become a bowl of legend from constant support of beef noodle lovers from everywhere.

Renowned for their beef noodles, Soong Kee pride themselves on serving a variety of noodles with their robust dark rich beef sauce along with a piping hot bowl of beef broth with beef slices, tripe and beef balls. We paid a recent visit one weekend for lunch at the Setapak outlet. Despite the area being packed with many eateries, Soong Kee still manages to stand out as a popular option for the many locals living in that area.

The Setapak branch is spacious and designed with a classic minimalist theme of bright and clean dining comforts. Walls dressed with history of how it all started along with their brand logo, Soong Kee is an eatery where one knows that good food is enough to warrant constant visits.

The menu, besides their signatures, now offers additional street food favorites that cater to non-beef eaters like wanton noodles, curry mee, dumplings, steamed chicken and more.

Drinks to quench the thirst:
Honey Lemon (RM4.00), Loh Hon Guo (RM2.00), Ribena Lychee (RM4.00), Kopi-O (RM2.50) & Barley Lemon (RM2.50)

Diners get options of Soong Kee’s Beef Balls Noodles (RM8.90) served dry or soup as well as option of their original Hakka noodles or thin meehoon. We tried the four combinations and found ourselves enjoying the dry version with thin meehoon as our top favorite followed by the Hakka dry version.

The sauce is what elevated the noodles to new grounds of flavours. Dark minced beef and pork, slow braised to yield that tender and rich beefy goodness. Coupled with their signature house made bouncy beef balls, this is what draws diners from near and far for a hearty bowl of beefy goodness.