January 31, 2021

Mainland: Natural Cheese Made the New Zealand Way


Sweet Dreams are Made of Mainland Cheese!

 "Age only matters if you are a Cheese", quoted by unknown. True enough, a good cheese can only get better as its ages. I can never say no to cheese. Whatever kind it may be, I can happily vouched that I have never met a cheese I don’t enjoy!

 New Zealand’s top cheese brand Mainland has always been a constant favorite in the family. A timeless trustworthy brand, Mainland has been crafting cheese for over 65 years with traditions proudly handed down from generation to generation. “Good things take time”, Mainland believes that there is no shortcut in the careful and slow aging of its fine 100% natural cheese in the year-around cool and temperate climate of New Zealand.

 The country offers an ideal climate where cows graze on sweet grass, naturally grown through plenty of sunshine, nature’s clean air and soil. Grass-fed cows are essential and key to the high-quality cheese that Mainland is known for as mentioned by Debbie Van-Niekerk, our cheese expert from Fonterra New Zealand.

 Cheese-making, an ancient practice, involves culturing milk with specific bacteria strains. Mainland is one of the last big cheese companies to make and supply its own culture, which is crucial in developing the complex flavour of its cheese. This means that Mainland produces richer cheese with greater consistency by making it the way it was made 100 years ago – through a natural process.

 Naturally, it’s the reason why we enjoy Mainland cheeses in our daily meals. Not only do they offer a beautiful selection of cheeses perfect for daily enjoyment, but these also make impressive party platters for special occasions with a few simple accompaniments. There are simply endless delicious ideas when it comes to serving cheese.

 With their popular selections of Vintage, Tasty, Colby, Gouda and Edam, one can enjoy the different flavour profile as well as textures of cheese. Whether paired with other food or in cooking, Mainland cheeses are also very delicious on their own. My favorite way to enjoy them is simply slicing them up and savoring them with some plain crackers to enjoy their best flavour profile from the assorted cheeses.

 Starting with a favorite of mine, Colby cheese has that smooth and creaminess with a sweet, mild flavour profile that is easy to enjoy. This one has a consistent quick and easy melt with minimal browning, making it perfect for that oozing cheesy texture that many favours. Great choice to make a yummy Mac and Cheese!

 Gouda, a Dutch-style semi-soft cheese, is also another constant crowd favorite in my books. A light nutty note that pairs well with toasted Sichuan spices and chilies, the Gouda is also great on earthy mushroom salads or canap├ęs.

High in proteins and with reduced fats, Edam is a good option for vegetarians. Subtle sweetness with buttery and nutty notes, Edam is not only good on its own but provides a good platform for new cheese recruits.

For a stronger flavour profile, the 18-months aged cheddar might just be your choice for daily consumption. Tasty has a full-bodied flavour with lingering fruitiness. This medium cheddar is said to go well with our local food like chicken floss and crispy dried seaweed. On a personal note, I like this one with nuts and fruits to balance up the tasty notes of the cheddar.

Saving the best for last, Vintage offers a flavour profile of sharp, rich savory note with a strong bite. The premium cheddar is aged up to 24 months, resulting in that beautiful smoky and sweet bold taste that enriches burgers, pasta, cheese dips and more. This hard cheese has a sharp and crumbly texture so simply grate this on to your favorite dish to jazz it up…

Whether you are tucking into Mainland cheeses in dishes or simply enjoying them as is with fruits, nuts and crackers, one can expect a kaleidoscope of flavours on the palate. These are definite favorites at parties with a simple cheese platter presentation or enjoy them daily as is.

Mainland’s meticulously-matured natural cheese is available at major supermarkets nationwide, or have it delivered to your doorstep with HappyFresh!

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