January 18, 2021

CNY Menu 2021 @ The Oriental Group of Restaurants

A Niu Year Feast

A brand-new Lunar Year of the Ox is barely a few weeks away and the nation is currently facing an unavoidable global pandemic situation through a lockdown. Despite the current situation, The Oriental Group of Restaurants is bringing festive cheer to everyone to usher in the festivity with a sumptuous CNY menu available for takeaway or delivery.

Their festive CNY menu starts 12 January and diners can still enjoy a feast at the comfort of their homes with Group Executive Chef Yap Poh Wong and culinary team creations. All restaurants offer something different while signature favorites are also available at most outlets. Here’s what a peek at new festive dishes available from the Oriental Group…

This Year of the Ox inspired their pretty and scrumptious creation of Golden Bull Yee Sang (RM168). An abundance of ingredients to represent an abundance of good blessings for the new year ahead, the yee sang is a stunner in terms of presentation and flavours as well as textures. Lots of fresh vegetables along with fruits, nuts and choices of seafood, the yee sang has a beautiful juiciness that makes one go back for more.

Golden Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin (RM25) is additional but its so delicious that you would certainly want to add-on this side order to your yee sang!

Other yee sangs available are Golden Prosperity Yee Sang, Boston Lobster Yee Sang, Forever Youthful Vegetarian Yee Sang and classic ones. If you’re up for splurging, there’s even a Boston Lobster Yee Sang, Moet Et Chandon Champagne Yee Sang and Dom Perignon Champagne Yee Sang!

Soups have always been Oriental Group masterchefs’ forte. This Ox-spicious year had Chef Yap and Chef James Ho curating a nutritious Double-Boiled Shark's Fin soup with Fresh Fish Maw & Black Garlic (RM68 per portion). The meaty seafood broth is very aromatic and tasty with the addition of black garlic. Every spoonful warms the soul and tummy. There’s also bamboo pith, premium fa gao or fish maw, shark fin and chicken in the soup.

A CNY meal is never complete without a fish to represent Nian Nian You Yu. A golden creation of Deep-Fried Yellow Corvina Shanghainese Style (RM33 per portion) elevated a classic fish to modernity with its presentation. The exquisite fish is renowned for its fine sweet flesh. Fried to golden crispiness, the fish is further enhanced by a side of black vinegar with ginger. The sweetness of the fish took on new flavours with that light touch of tangy and sweet vinegar. One can literally almost eat the whole fish except for the main bone and head as the fish was so crispy.

A modern take on the highly prized sea cucumber had us tucking into Crispy Stuffed Sea Cucumber in Hot & Sour Sauce (RM33 per portion). A bundle of prosperity, the crispy battered sea cucumber stuffed with seafood paste, is served with a beautiful tasty sauce. What was unexpected was that the sauce had a wonderful kick of heat that rendered this dish unforgettable.

The Baked Freshwater Prawn with Golden Garlic & Creamy Sauce (RM58 per portion) looked utterly divine at sight. Not only does the crustacean looked enticing, the luscious garlicky sauce is a match made in heaven with the prawn. Lip-smacking satisfaction!

More dishes to indulge and it’s the king of crustacean in the form of Boston Lobster Ee-Fu Noodles (RM368). Slurp up that delicious strands of crustacean soaked egg Ee-Fu noodles and tuck into that chunks of lobster for that satisfying note.

Desserts are sweet endings not to be missed! The Bird Nest Lemongrass Infusion with Basil Seeds & Mixed Fruits (RM28 per portion) is refreshing and has that vibrant fruity notes, making it great on the palate after course meal.

Koi Fish Nian Gao, presented in a pair, is a mouthful of sticky sweetness with a filling of red bean. Diners are encouraged to add on freshly grated coconut, coconut cream and syrupy brown sugar for that lovely flavour and texture. This dessert also comes in a Triple Wealth, Health & Happiness set where it includes a traditional Yee Sang of your choice from the list, a Radish Cake with Dried Scallop & Chinese Waxed Meat and the Koi Fish Nian Gao plus Oriental Group Teochew Spicy Sauce, all packed in Oriental Group Festive Warmer Bag for RM398nett.

There are many more dishes and CNY set menu available at all their restaurants for this festive month. Foodies can expect nothing but the finest of Chinese cuisine from The Oriental Group of Restaurants.
For more information and reservation, visit www.orientalrestaurants.com.my or Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheOrientalGroupofRestaurants for the respective restaurant details.

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