September 22, 2020

M Cuisine @ Plaza Arkadia


Sumptuous Modern Chinese Cuisine

A newbie on the block, M Cuisine is raising the bar in the realms of Chinese cuisine at Plaza Arkadia. Barely a month old, words have begun to spread among foodies that the new Chinese restaurant is making headlines with its gorgeous menu and elegant modern ambiance. Mesmerizing, modern, moreish, marvelous… all these bests describe the new M Cuisine.

Chef Kam Seng Kee and his culinary team is elevating Chinese cuisine with skillful traditional Chinese flavours presented with a modern and creative twist. After several stints overseas with his last one in Indonesia, Chef Kam is ready to showcase a list of his signatures set in an ambiance decked out in grandeur.

Stepping into M Cuisine, one cannot help but be in awe of its high ceiling flanked with contemporary art chandelier pieces set against a dark and gold backdrop, leathery banquette seating as well as cornflower blue ones with wood tables. 

Private rooms are available on upper level with a magnanimous table that seats 20 pax and another that seats 8 pax. Both rooms are equipped with karaoke and offer diners a space for fine dining along with entertainment.

M Cuisine has no boundaries when it comes to dining. Besides an exquisite menu of the finest, diners can also savor Chef Kam’s ‘See Fong Choy’ menu within a budget of their choice. The regular a la carte menu offers a list of familiar Chinese dishes for daily consumption as well as some premium ones for special occasions. Filled with a list of Chinese tapas to double-boiled soups, premium live and dried seafood to meat, rice and noodles as well as dessert, the menu is deliciously tempting at sight.

Our lunch commenced with Chinese tapas that reads off as Rose Wanton (RM28), Lychee with Foie Gras (RM38) and Giant Beancurd with Chef’s Special Sauce (RM28).

We eyed the Rose Wanton’s presence at many tables that day. Not surprising since the dish makes such as Instagram-able one. Crispy and golden, the wanton is utterly plump with a juicy prawn filling that yield much textural and flavour pleasures on the palate.

Lychee with Foie Gras looked equally delectable as its prior counterpart. Relatively new and has not made it to the menu but is available upon request, the lychee balls are filled with a center of foie gras and coated with tiny rice beads to resemble the fruit. Its another dish that makes one whip out their phone cameras and also enjoy that bouncy balls of delight.

A dish of Giant Beancurd with Chef’s Special Sauce may look deceptively simple but requires skills to fry the sheet to crisp golden texture. Made specially for M Cuisine, the beancurd sheet has just the right thickness for that aromatic soy note and matches well with that Thai-inspired spicy plum sauce.

Fresh Abalone with Szechuan Style (RM48) is curated with modern palates of today. The natural fresh and sweetness of chilled ocean mollusk is cleverly tinged with the subtle Mala notes of Szechuan peppercorn. It was a nice surprisingly element that woke our palates with a delicate tingling sensation.

We must commend Chef Kam on this unpredictable flavour that lingered on our palates as well as memory it marked with the smoky presentation.

Some considers soups to be the element of nutrition in healing the body and soul of a person. Therefore, Chinese cuisine holds the dish to much importance by ensuring that soups are slowly double boiled to extract the goodness of the ingredients to the broth. Offering daily variations of soups, we had their Double-Boiled Chinese Herbs Soup with Fish Maw (RM38) that is infused with Pu’er tea leaves. The soothing sweetness of the broth offers a sense of familiar solace along with tender chicken and gelatinous fish maw.

Resembling the French dish of pate, the Braised Shredded Lamb with Garlic Cream Sauce (RM38) is served with yam chips. Braised lamb shank meat deboned and paired with a garlicky cream sauce matched well with crispy yam chips. The earthy rich notes of the dark brown sauced with shredded lamb is balanced by that robust garlic cream, echoing familiar Chinese flavour profiles despite its modern presentation.

After smoke and ice comes fire and the Fiery Smoked Farm Chicken (RM68 – half | RM128 – full) certainly light up our table. Torched at table for that extra presentation touch, it was the chook that won our palate at the end. Using farmed corn-fed chicken, the chook has a beautiful smoky note from the smoking process. The meat is tender yet firm while the skin is tight with a light chewy bite. Salty savory notes with an earthy aroma is what makes this chicken so enjoyable.

For the vegetable dish, we tucked into another unusual pairing of Crispy White Bait with Zucchini in Mullet Roe Sauce (RM38). This dish is so yummy.

A brilliant touch in using the highly prized mullet roe that resulted in much umami notes that enhanced the sweet notes of zucchini and Shimeji mushrooms. The crispy white baits added a nice textural element to the dish.

Teochew Yin Yang Rice with Estuary Garoupa (RM128) proved that some classics will always prevail in the hearts of foodies. Pau farn evoked memories of yesteryears where tender rice grains are the yin to the crispy rice of the yang. Made luxurious with pieces of premium estuary garoupa, the rice is gorgeous in every spoonful.

The cloudy broth has almost a creamy note of seafood broth that is further enhanced with generous sprinkling of fried garlic bits and spring onions. Coupled with the rice textural component and the gelatinous skin and flesh of the fish, it’s a dish that leaves a warm and lasting note of satisfaction, especially when it’s this delicious!

Not only it was a sweet ending but a memorable one too with Mango Cream with Sago & Deep-Fried Black Swan (RM18).

Fruity sweet mango puree with pearls of sago is refreshing on the palate while the black swan puff encased a luscious purple sweet potato filling. The duo of desserts is highly recommended for a memorable ending to an amazing meal at M Cuisine.

M Cuisine certainly proved its bold and creative dishes are here to make a mark in the hearts of foodies. And it did! I can’t wait to return to check out the other dishes such as Foie Gras Pate with Prawn Toast, Braised Pork Trotter with Abalone in Clay Pot, Sichuan Style Boiled Australian Sliced Beef in Spicy Soup, Braised King Prawns with Lemongrass & Glass Noodle and more.
*Psst… as of now, M Cuisine seats 60 pax hence reservation is recommended. However, we heard that they are extending their dining space soon to accommodate more as they are now in the midst of renovating additional space directly behind the restaurant. Stay tuned…

B-G-3A, Plaza Arkadia
Jalan Residen 3,
Desa Parkcity
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours
Daily  11.30am to 3pm | 5.30pm to 11pm

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