December 28, 2011

Riblee’s Restaurant and Bar, Desa Sri Hartamas: My Trusted Porcine Haven!

Apparently the wildest range of pork ribs in Malaysia is located here… J

First of all… apologies to my readers for not updating my blog for a week. After a series of head flu and the crazy Christmas jazz and all, I almost wish I could clone myself to get a break!

After my long MIA, I am finally glad to be able to get some time to share more delectable food hunts I haunt whenever I can with my family. Knowing my family, we are serious porcine fans and whenever we can, we would go to our regular hog joint to get our comfort hog cuisine at Riblee’s Restaurant and Bar.

Opened for several years, my sister discovered this place and we have been loyal fans since then. Any excuse of celebration with my sister and her family will lead us to this restaurant. Therefore, I think its high time for me to share with you what Riblee’s has to offer from its porky menu!

My sister and her family are creatures of habits and the appetizers and soups are our must-order whenever we come here. My teenage nephew always hogs Riblee’s half dozen Baked Escargots in Garlic and Herb Cream (RM14.80) to himself. These slugs… oops… I mean snails are baked in a superbly garlic laced cream sauce enough to scare away any vampires within a few miles… hehehe!

I usually savor a piece of escargot with toast because I do adore the garlic cream which is quite addictive. Awesome appetizer if you happen to like snails but not recommended for first dates… wink!

Now Smokey Rolls (RM19.80) on the other hand is definitely a Must-Have at Riblee’s! Who could resist bacon? (Not me for sure…) Smoked streaky bacon is rolled up with prawn, carrot and celery and fried to crisp. Juicy and salty, the bacons are sure winners for anyone. Our family of eight always ends up fighting over these little precious rolls… J

Riblees Caesar Salad with added Smoked Salmon (RM23.80) rated decent. It has all the necessary requirements of a good Caesar and the salty smoked salmon added some extra flavors to the salad.

I do have to say that Riblee’s does a pretty darn good Smoked Ham Quesadillas (RM17.80)! Imagine smoked pork ham with onions and cheese and sandwiched with two crisp toasted flour tortillas and served with sour cream and pico de gallo (tomato salsa). The crispy cheesy snack is unbelievably good!!

Riblee’s features three soups in their menu and we have tried it all because we are quite a soup lover family. I personally loved the soups here as one could taste the homemade flavors of the soup. This is definitely something made from scratch unlike some places that uses premade soups.

Check out their Homemade Smoked Bones Green Pea Soup (RM12.80 – bowl) … my favourite! I could hardly find this soup in Malaysia and was glad this one tasted heavenly. A great American soup made from green peas enhanced with smoked bacon bits was truly creamy and earthy. Try this as for a change instead of the usual more common soups around and you may find yourself hooked like I am!

My second favorite is their Homemade Tomato Soup (RM10.80 – bowl). A fairly creamy and robust broth made from roasted tomatoes and spices, the soup is bursting with aromatic and sour tomato flavors.

Homemade Wild Mushroom Soup (RM8.80 – cup) was average for me as I seem to prefer the other two soups. However, if you are a creature of habit like my nieces, they seemed to always order this soup and enjoyed it very much.

Ok… let’s get down to some serious business on porky fare. I have been to Riblee’s several times and I have ALWAYS ordered one particular pork dish that I just could not get enough off… St. Louis Style Rib (RM36.80)! In fact… there would definitely be three orders of this rib each time we are here. Described as three layer pork rib with almost 50% fat content… That’s the Reason why this is so fabulous… hehehe…

A special cut of pork belly with a long rib, the meat has a good bite and the layers of fats intertwined with the meat provides a good moisture and flavor to the charbroiled rib. I love the spices coated on the rib and also the horseradish sauce with the barbeque sauce for dipping. Served with corn on the cob and pigtail fries, I usually opted for mashed potato as substitution to reduce the calories to the dish.

Another more familiar cut is the Riblees Babyback Ribs (RM34.80) served with corn on the cob and fries. Seen here is half slab (6 pieces) nicely seasoned in Riblee’s secret spice rub and charbroiled to perfection. If you are a carnivore, go for the full slab! Tender and superbly flavorful, the rib meat does not have the melt-in-the-mouth texture but is still very finger-licking good!

Pork Bacon Steak (RM42.80) has two huge pieces of smoked pork bacon nicely charred and covered in a hollandaise whole grain mustard sauce served with sautéed vegetables. Although moorish, this dish should be shared as the amount of bacon could have you feeling a wee bit overloaded towards the end of the meal.

A fairly unique combination of Cheese and Pork Nori Fillet (RM28.80) is quite decent too as a juicy large piece of lean pork fillet is topped with a sheet of seaweed and melted cheese. Served on a bed of cabbage and sautéed vegetables, the tender fillet has a good balance of savory, and creamy cheese while the nori added a whiff of sea flavors to the pork.

My nephew has also never ordered anything else except for his ultimate favorite Cheezy Chickin (RM25.80). A flame grilled chicken chop topped with bacon, BBQ sauce and covered with melted cheese… it kinda sums up an ideal dish for a typical teenager!

Crackling Roast Pork (RM38.80) deserves special mentioned for its ultra crispy and crunchy crackling! This is limited and the chef only makes a certain amount a day so make sure to at least savor this roll roasted pork belly with herbs, sautéed vegetables and apple sauce. Moist, savory and coupled with the sinful pork crackling, this is not for the faint hearted or those who are watching their calorie intake! J

Riblee’s also does a mean list of pastas and if there is one pasta worth your calorie consumption, it would definitely have to be the king of cream pasta with Riblees Classic Pasta Carbonara (RM28.80). Bathed in rich and silky luscious cream laced with cheese, black pepper and lots of bacon bits, this is one heavenly pasta you won’t want to come back down to earth… hehehe… one simple but classic pasta executed with grace and passion!

Aglio Olio (RM25.80) tasted good but was nothing to shout about. A simple pasta cooked with a good dose of olive oil, garlic, chili flakes and loads of sliced mushrooms is good enough for those who like simplicity.

We also almost ended every meal here at Riblees with their signature Riblees Oreo Ice Cream Cake (RM14.80). A huge square slice of ice cream featuring crushed Oreos is drizzled with chocolate fudge and whipped cream. Oreo lovers, don’t miss this dessert!

So now that I have shared our plates of porky fare, can you finally understand why we visit Riblee’s so often? There is just something very comforting about Riblee’s that makes my family feel completely at ease to dine here. Portions of meat are considered huge, therefore, the prices makes it worth the meal while quality is another plus point. Riblee’s is certainly a place to check out for phenomenal pork ribs and more. The restaurant also has a good list of wines and imported beer. I also recently found out that the chef makes a special pork burger which one would have to call in to pre-order… something my family is already planning for in our next visit!

Business Hours: 7 days a week
12:00pm - 2.30pm, 6:00pm - 11:00pm

*The dishes are a collection from several visits!


  1. If you find a similar place for FISH pls let me know! I'm crazy over fish!

  2. Already put on top in my list, thanks for introducing this "heaven" to us :)