December 14, 2011

Living It Up Party by Tiger!

Wanna win tickets to Tiger’s ‘Living it Up’ year-end party?

Tiger’s ‘Living it Up’ year-end party, the final product of a never-before-seen collaboration among a group of winning local personalities from distinct backgrounds, is set to be the most exclusive year end party happening this 16 December at Vertigo, The Gardens from 8pm till late.

Tiger’s Living it Up celebrities Namewee, Douglas Lim, ManHanD and the Chong Sisters each represent an open to winning mind-set from their different walks of life; a value which Tiger looks to salute. These celebrities have been working together to plan this party over the past weeks, and videos of their planning and discussion can be witnessed on Like-minded consumers who have a thirst for winning now have the chance to win exclusive invites to party with these celebrities this December.

The Tiger Time Celebrities (L-R): Vanessa Chong, MC Toy of ManHanD, standup comedian Douglas Lim, Namewee, DJ Point, MC Beeman and Von of Manhand, and Pamela Chong

By simply clicking on the ‘Living it Up’ tab on Tiger Beer’s Facebook page, consumers can view and share the party-planning videos of the celebrities and be in the running to party with the celebrities. The more you share on Facebook, the higher the chances for you to win invites to the party.

Hosts of the night: Vanessa Chong, Pamela Chong and Douglas Lim

The ‘Living it Up’ party will be hosted by Douglas Lim along with the Chong Sisters, Pamela and Vanessa Chong; and it will feature performances by Namewee as well as Malaysia’s hottest Chinese hip hop rap group ManHanD. Coupled with free flow of Tiger beer, good food, a great venue and an international guest DJ to spin the night away, Tiger’s Living it Up party is going to be a truly phenomenal year-end event.

Chinese hip hop rap group ManHanD

Sneak Peak of Douglas Lim’s intro for the Living it Up Party!!

“Tiger is a known across the world to be an enabler of great winning moments, and we are looking to celebrate this year end with a star-studded ‘Tiger Time’ for all who are open to winning – individuals who embrace the value of ingenuity in creating win-win situations for everyone around them. This is what Tiger aims to salute through our ‘Here’s to Tiger Time’ campaign. So don’t miss out this opportunity to party with the stars and have a great time this 16 December at Vertigo KL,” said Sean Koh, Marketing Manager of Tiger.

In the meantime, be sure to log on to to witness the witty discussions and introductions by Tiger’s ‘Living it Up’ celebrities and share the videos today.

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