December 11, 2011

A Pensonic High Tea Affair with TVB Cast of No Regrets

A lovely quaint event held at JW Marriots by Pensonic to feature the TVB series of No Regrets and the cast one fine weekend!

No Regrets is a 2010 TVB television drama from Hong Kong created and produced by Lee Tim-shing. The drama is the reboot successor of the 2009 award-winning drama Rosy Business, which was the second most-viewed drama in Hong Kong of the year by average. The cast from the No Regrets was in Kuala Lumpur recently to promote their No Regrets TV series showcasing from 21st November on Astro sponsored by Pensonic.

The event was honored by the presence of Wayne Lai, Nancy Wu, Pierre Ngo and Raymond Wong with a series of questions and answers, singing performance and even some entertainment of games with the guest!! The event was attended by invite only and some lucky fans won the invitation to meet up with the TVB cast!

The event rolled off with guest identifying eight differences between the two images and 20 lucky correct winners won some goodies!

The four guests made an appearance and the emcee, Sean had some fun chatting with them about their roles!

Set in the late 1930s to late 1940s in Canton, Republic of China during World War II, No Regrets is an epic drama that centers on a triad family, the Guangzhou police force, and the Japanese occupation of the city. The Chinese title of No Regrets (帼枭雄之義海豪) literally translates to “Veiled Heroine, Ruthless Hero: Righteous Sea, Heroic Passion”, referring to both the chaotic period of war and the complicated relationship shared by the two main characters, Cheng Kau-mui (Sheren Tang) and Lau Sing (Wayne Lai).

Wayne LaiLau Sing is an honest policemen yearning for stability, instead, fate hands him the opposite where he has a thorny romance with the daughter of an opium lord in the midst of the Japanese invasion. Behind his biting wit and sharp combat skills, Lau Sing is a flawed, stubborn hero struggling to uphold his lofty values through a period of war and turmoil.

Nancy WuMa Lei Wah was brought up by her mom who saved Kau Mui in an incident. In debted to both mother and daughter, Kau Mui provides shelter for them but Lei Wah ends up being accused in a murder case. Lei Wah portrays a lady with big embitions and hopes to eventually pursue the grandness of power just like Kau Mui.

Pierre Ngo – Tong Kat is an awkward youngster nicknamed ‘Pai Kuat’ by the other policemen for his skinny build. He is a simple man whose only ambition is to raise a family but he soon discovers that life is seldom straightforward, as he gets entangled in deadly battles waged by larger powers.

Raymond WongYeung Yeung is a loyal friend and subordinate to Lau Sing. He is a timid man who begins his path in the shadows of his superiors. It is his unspoken love for Lau Ching (Lau Sing’s bedridden sister) that eventually gives him the strength to determine his own fate, as turmoil and trying circumstances bring the two together.

The cast each performed a song during this event. I have to concurred that all four of them sure can sing pretty well!

The stars also mingled with four lucky guests who played some shooting games to see who can win the prize!

A sweet and pretty Emily Lim got to partner with Raymond where they both shoot very well!!

This was followed by another game of Bingo where one of the prizes was won by a grandmother over her eighties but looking fabulously good!!

Nelson Chew from Pensonic presented the cast with the latest Pensonic product, a revolutionary Carbon Based Heating Technology Kelvin 310 light weight heated jacket! These should come in handy during the Hong Kong winter seasons and the cast was very happy with this gift that it brought smiles to everyone.

All four of the cast proceeded to partake in an autograph session and photo session with the fans and guest. I even went home with the poster of the cast’s autographs!!

Here’s a glimpse of some of our high-tea delight that day! For the first time, I was too busy taking pictures of the event than the food…. Hehehe!

Catch No Regrets on Astro commencing 21st November at 9.30pm onwards!

*Thanks to Pensonic, Alan and Sid for the invite!


  1. walao... Wayne Lai my idol!
    anyway last picture caught my attention :p drooling haha

  2. While other is updating on Christmas.. U are so Geng one.. get closer with HK celebrity and interact with them lagi.. SYOK!