December 3, 2011

Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Soho KL @ Solaris Mont Kiara: Grand Launch Showcasing 100kg Whole Maguro!

What is Malaysian’s all-time favorite pastime?

Eating-lah! More specifically, eating a huge obscene amount of varieties of food!! It doesn’t matter what day it is, Malaysians always find time to enjoy a lavish spread of buffet… J

The Grand Saisaki Group is proud to present its latest addition of Shogun to its family of Japanese Buffet in the location of Soho KL at Solaris Mont Kiara. I was invited for the grand launch on 17th November 2011 and it was certainly an impressive affair!

Build on a floor size of 29,000 square feet, this Shogun is the biggest outlet among its family that offers a multitude of Japanese cuisine fit even for the discerning palate. Approximately 65% of the menu is Japanese in nature while the rest combines the best of fusion with Chinese, Western and Thai dishes. The team responsible for the Shogun outlet at Soho KL is under the leadership of Chef Zainurin bun Mohd Salleh who has 23 years of experience in Japanese Cuisine.  

“This is the fifth branch since our inception in 1999. The demand for a good Japanese buffet has encouraged us to expand further and reach more people across the Klang Valley. This Mont Kiara outlet is also the biggest within our chain with a capacity to sit 500 – 600 guests at one time”, enthused Dato’ Michael Chong, Managing Director of Grand Saisaki Group. The outlet cost a whopping estimation of RM4 million for both the storage and preparation factory as well as the outlet!

The grand launch was further inaugurated by a huge 100kg whole tuna flown in especially for the occasion! How’s that for an impressive start to this outlet? J

Dato’ Michael Chong and Datin Chong performed the ribbon cutting ceremony with mega-watt smiles and the media went into a photo-taking frenzy… hehehe!

Check out Chef Zainurin’s skill in filleting the huge tuna! I have great admiration for the chef as he deftly filleted the giant tuna with ease under the watchful eyes of the media, guest, hundreds of camera flash going off all the time… J

Let the feast began… J

A kaleidoscope of sushi & sashimi in every color imaginable! The rows of glorious seafood and rice are so invitingly gorgeous that I got filled that night just by sampling this section only… J

Sashimi section was loaded with salmon, tuna, butterfish, octopus, squid while sushi had scallops, salmon, crab leg, surf clam, eel and lots of interesting sushi rolls. There is also fresh oyster on ice, chilled seafood, pickled seafood and more. I spied Lobster salad, Tako Vinaigrette and Century eggs!

Asian salad section fared salads kick-up a notch with Prawns and Lemongrass salad, Chicken Feet Salad, Salmon and Mango Salad, Jelly fish and so much more.

If raw seafood or pickled ones are not your thing, check out the luscious array of tempura seafood and vegetables or head over to the Teppanyaki station, Deep-Fried station and Shabu Shabu station. On the hot station, there is Chicken Teriyaki, Salmon Belly Teriyaki, Japanese Fish Ankake, Oden, Chawan Mushi and etc.


There is also a dim sum station with Chinese dishes like spring roll, steamed Bamboo Fish, Steamed Cod Fish, Sea Cucumber with Mushroom, Shark Fin Omelette, Crab Meat Fried Rice, Tong Shui and more. On the soup station, I saw the auspicious Buddha Jump Over the Wall soup (never really know if it was Buddha or Monk!!), Kampung Oxtail Soup, Shark Fin Soup, Tom Yam Goong and Porridge.

Dessert bar had lots of Japanese and Western desserts like Mochi, Jellies, Green Tea Cake, Tofu Cheesecake, Cookies and Puddings. There is also a DIY Ice Kacang Station with an uber cute Cow Print Ice Shaver, an Ice Cream station and a Fruit Bar. Guest can also help themselves to the unlimited Beverage station filled with Juices, Ice Tea and Hot Drinks.

Let’s just say there is definitely something for everyone because there are basically over 130 items daily on the buffet. If you are looking for variety to cater to your buffet needs, this is definitely one place you do not want to miss out!! Quoting Dato’ Michael, Shogun is no longer just an ordinary restaurant but has become ‘A Lifestyle for Malaysians’ to enjoy a feast of Japanese and other Asian Cuisine all under one restaurant!

Additional information on future plans from Grand Sasaki Group:
  • Plans to expand further into other Metropolitan cities like Johor and Penang by end of 2013
  • Plans to open at least another 5-7 outlets nationwide by 2014
  • Plans to expand business model by introducing Shogun Express, a Japanese Fast Food Outlet
  • Birthday and Senior Citizen Promotions are carried out on all outlet currently

For more information, check out their website:

*SHOGUN@SOHO SOLARIS - 03 6205 1111
*SHOGUN@SUNWAY - 03 5622 1831
*SHOGUN@FAHRENHEIT88 - 03 2148 7333
*SHOGUN@1 UTAMA - 03 7726 3770
*SAISAKI@UOA II - 03 2166 3728


  1. I doubt do I manage to try 50% of the food? O.O

  2. the 100kg tuna was seriously hugeeeee!

    shogun has certainly catered to the wants and wishes of Malaysians who love variety. For a buffet, it certainly has plenty to eat.

  3. wow.. what a feast! and a giant maguro!

  4. Nikel: ya.. first time I see such a huge fish upclose..

    Choi Yen: ya lo.. I only managed to sample the sushi & sashimi and I was full already

    追食富迪: but I doubt u want to have the same ending as the fish lo... :P

    missyblurkit: oh yeah.. the choices was mind-bogling

    Christine: ya.. we were over stuffed!

  5. omg your photos are amazing. =D

  6. wow. The fish... the sushi.. successfully made my jaw drop. xDD nice sharing!

  7. the food from your post looks great but it's disappointing when i went to shogun fahrenheit and lots of food are unavailable :(