Sunday, October 7, 2012

Toast & Roast, SS2: My Lunch Affair with a Hog!

It May Be A Hog Affair But The Char Siew Stole The Show!

I love it when holidays fall on a weekday! Dragging my family to one of the most blogged to death places for Char Siew during a quiet weekday lunch, I had to check this out ever since I saw this on Baby Sumo’s blog. It’s a secret well hidden in SS2 but yet not so quite hidden as most people knew about this place and yet foodies like me only found out about this place recently.. hehehe!

A place fully devoted to honoring Chinese roasts, it features simple and basic classics like roast Char Siew, roast pork, roast chicken and a little more. Expect simple and clean ambience al fresco at Toast & Roast. This also means it’s economical since prices are also kept to hawker fare.

Settling in, I couldn’t quite figure out if this place is Cantonese, Hakka or even Thai! Menu is also back-to-basic but it’s a good thing since Toast & Roast shows off what they do best. A little mish mash of Canton roast, Hakka noodles and Thai curry, we decided to order a bit of everything.

Again a little Thai influence on the drinks as we sip on Iced Roselle Plum (RM2.70) and Hot Lemongrass Lime (RM2). Both equally thirst-quenching on its own… J

Pork Green Curry (RM6), available only on Monday and Thursday, came flying out as soon as order was put it! Simple fare of shredded pork cooked in green curry with long beans and herbs came with rice & half a boiled egg. The curry was flavorful enough, filled with spices and cream but as the curry was cold, the dish became mundane. Note to ask server for a hot version to enjoy the full curry flavors!

Plain Hakka Mee (RM3) arrived shortly. I ordered this for my little one since he likes his noodles plain unlike his glutton parents.  I saw golden bits of UFO on the noodle… thinking its pork lard. However, I found out its crispy fish skin bits with a bit of disappointment. Ah well… it’s still pretty good with the noodles. Flavors tasted light while Hakka noodles had a good bite!

Mine came at last… Hakka Mee with Minced Meat (RM6). Yes, I got greedy, thinking my other half would be stealing from me as usual so I ordered a large. It came with a side of peppery ABC soup which was comforting. Loaded with lots of minced meat and fish bits, the noodle was satisfying enough. My favorite Hakka mee should have a good boost of salted fish flavors and pork lard but this one did not. Still, I enjoyed this simple and humble noodle with the roast meats.

It came in medium and the two of us conquered it easily! Toast & Roast signature Char Siew (RM16) was every bit as good as bloggers had raved.

Specifically requested for half fat and half lean, the Char Siew literally melt-in-mouth. Caramelized to a rich, crusty and sugary coating, the inside of the meat was juicy and soft, signifying slow roasting method for hours. Each piece had a glowing sheen of flavors as I savored them slowing for the ultimate devotion it deserves. I also love the fact that it was cut quite thick, allowing a good cut of flavors filling the mouth sensationally. Baby Sumo was right… order a larger portion for extra satisfaction!!

After that heavenly pork, Roast Pork (RM8) failed to live up to the glory its other sibling had. Yes, it had the half fat and half lean criteria but flavors were just not there. Skip this and order extra portion of Char Siew lah…

I actually spied a good looking plate of roast chicken, maybe I’ll give that a try the next round. I did have a burst of thirst after the meal so I wondering which is the culprit, soup or noodles. Toast & Roast’s Char Siew is definitely as awesome as it gets around in PJ. I personally think it’s almost as good the infamous KL’s Meng Kee Char Siew.  If Char Siew if what you wish, then hop over to Toast & Roast for this luscious Char Siew and a bowl of Hakka Mee. Service was superbly fast and efficient.

Total bill came up to RM43.70 without any extra service or GST charges.

No. 20, Jalan SS2/72
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 016-682 2249

GPS Coordinates: N3 07.698 E101 37.675

Business Hours: 8.30am to 4.30m
Closed on alternate Tuesdays


  1. The char siew looks soooooo good...and the roast pork looks pretty all right, the rest...I think I'd pass.

    1. Ya.. the Char Siew is the only star here.... just skip the rest lah... :)

  2. Replies
    1. yes... very drool-li-cious!! do go check it out for yourself...

  3. Hi Jenn, thanks for the mention, am glad that you enjoyed the char siew here ;)

    1. yr welcome.... thks for the recommendation for the awesome Char Siew!

  4. VERY WELL DONE POST. I am captivated by the roast pork and hakka mee already!!;DDDD

    1. Tq sweetie! Make sure to order Char Siew ya... XD

  5. Pity about the roast pork though. Looks a bit ... unappealing too. The Char Siew on the other hand, deserves more than a large portion. They call for repeated portions!

    1. ya.. but never fear.. the Char Siew made up for the roast pork!! and yes... I will order Large the next round! ;)

  6. Replies
    1. its good but the Char Siew is the Star... I ll go back just for Char Siew alone!! ;D

  7. Nice, my kind of place ! I shall go there after my class !

  8. hehe.. check it out but Char Siew is a Must-order ya... :D


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