October 17, 2012

Marvel-licious US Mashed Potato Bonanza Hits Town!

It’s All about the Spud!

Featuring the ever versatile Potato, the US Potato Board (USPB) is staging a mashed potato menu promotion themed ‘Marvel-licious US Mashes Potato Bonanza’ running for the whole month of October from 1st to 31st, 2012 at various F&B outlets.

The Bonanza is proud to feature chefs from seven leading F&B outlets serving up their creative vision of various scrumptious dishes made from mashed potatoes from US dehydrated potatoes. The outlets, comprising of bakeries, restaurants and hotels, showcases two signature dishes each for this October.

The participating outlets are Bonjour Garden, The Baker’s Son, Atmosphere 360, Pietro, Royale Chulan Hotel, Sheraton Hotel and Dorsett Regency Hotel.

The event is set to promote the versatile root vegetable and the enjoyment of the mashed potato made from US dehydrated potatoes in various forms. Although immensely popular in the forms of mashed potato, one will be amazed that this versatile product is actually used widely and creatively in our daily food industry.

Upon arrival, we were treated to US Mashed Potato Martini & some gorgeous canap├ęs. I confessed… I have a soft spot for Potatoes!

What a fabulous idea to serve creamy mashed potato with various condiments and sauces! It’s like Mashed Potato gone wild… J

The US Mashed Potato is really creamy and smooth, tasting like the real McCoy. Using the latest technology, US Potato undergo dehydration process to create premium dehydrated potato products while retaining its nutrition and fresh potato flavors.

The event kicked off with a speech from Eddie Saw, USPB Country Rep, giving us an insight of US Potatoes.

This was followed by Chris Ritthers, Agricultural Attache, Embassy of the United States of America, Malaysia and Singapore, who briefed on the US Potato Industry and its objectives.

Media and bloggers were then treated to a short education of the Spud themed ‘Potatoes –Goodness Unearthed’ by dietician Indra Balaratnam.

Quick facts about the Spud:
·         Contains Vitamin C, B6, Potassium, Dietary Fiber, Antioxidant Power
·         Gluten Free, perfect for those who cannot take gluten
·         2 small potatoes = 1 cup cooked rice
·         Good source of energy to keep you full through the day
·         Extremely versatile cooking methods – bake, roast, braised, fried, mashed

The event officiated with the 7 Chefs and the USPD team showcasing their creative vision of the dishes!

US Mashed Potato Wasabi

US Mashed Potato Dome


US Mashed Potato Donut

US Mashed Potato Sandwich

Crispy US Mashed Potato with Crabmeat

Oyster Omelette with US Potatoes

Genovese Pizza with US Potatoes

US Potato Gnocchi

Tilapia Fillet Broth with US Potato Tempoyak

US Potato Prawn Cake with Otak-Otak

Crispy Breaded Crab Cake with US Potatoes

US Potato Lamb Shank Shepherd Pie

Pan Seared Barramundi with US Mashed Potatoes

US Potato Panna Cotta with Raspberry Jelly Infusion

It was a mountain of mashed with a kaleidoscope of creativity! My favorites were US Mashed Potato Dome, Oyster Omelette with US Potatoes, Crispy Breaded Crab Cake with US Potatoes, US Potato Lamb Shank Shepherd Pie and US Potato Panna Cotta with Raspberry Jelly Infusion. The US Mashed Potato is no longer a sidekick, in fact, it has become a star on its own. If you wish to sample the dishes, head over to the respective outlets this October for a taste!

For more information on the Marvel-licious US Mashed Potatoes, please contact Kent Low or Eddie Saw at +603 8070 7216 or website http://www.potatoesusa-malaysia.com/index.php

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  1. Haven't made for a while now - daughter's not in town and missus isn't very much into these things. Some pretty good ideas there - will certainly try when my daughter gets home.

    1. yeah.. I also never know one can use mashed potato for so many dishes! Happy trying & I ll wait for your posts... ;)

  2. POTATO FEAST!!! Wow... Never know that potato can be so versatile! ;DDDD

    1. me too! Kudos to the chefs.. they are so creative with some of the dishes..

  3. Wah, so much food made from potato!

  4. Wow...interesting Potato Food!
    Happy Family Potato ^_^

    1. lol... it was certainly a potato night! we are quite 'Spud' out.. hehehe :P