October 12, 2012

MIGF 2012: Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

A Fantasia of Modern Chinese Cuisine!

It’s MIGF season and gourmet connoisseurs can now serenade their appetite at the Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur.  Returning from last year, Lai Po Heen has had a gorgeous make-over in restaurant. Exude nothing but the very best of modern fine Cantonese cuisine, here is a sneak peak at this year’s MIGF menu by Chinese Executive Chef Ricky Thein.

No stranger to the culinary scene, Chef Ricky Thein has won several awards under his culinary journey. A bold and creative chef, he is set to rock the MIGF 2012 culinary month with an extraordinary menu filled with modern Chinese dishes injected with refine flavors and lavish ingredients.

‘Hunan’ Iced Chilled Whole Baby Abalone

Ingeniously perfected, the dish arrived with a wow factor! A whole baby abalone in shell was elevated on a bed of ice and artistically presented with a single strand of caramelized pulled sugar. Beneath the opulence lies a fruity salsa of kiwi, tomato, avocado and pomelo. Black briny caviar completes the grandeur of the dish.

Love the refreshing soothing flavors of sweet and tangy of the firm chilled abalone with the salsa. As sacs of pomelo burst with each bite, the whole experience is juiciness and utterly invigorating. A masterpiece in serving the abalone chilled!

Double Boiled ‘Kung Fu’ Soup

If I can sum up this soup into music, I would describe this soup as a Beethoven masterpiece! Soups are definitely Chef Ricky’s forte and this new one proved to be another work of art. Complicated and robust flavors hit all the right notes with a sense of warmness in this ‘Kung Fu’ soup. Levels of ingredients such as dried scallop with fish paste, sea cucumber, fresh fish maw, Cordycep flowers, American Ginseng and morel mushrooms contributed to the amped up essence of the full-bodied broth in flavors, textures and health benefits.

Kung Fu is the name and Rejuvenation is the game! Superb!!

Trio of Corn Fed Chicken

A wok seared Szechuan pepper spiced chook is topped with a medley of mushroom and corn filling and crowned with crispy skin.

Mandarin Orange Sorbet

A palate cleanser served with watermelon ceviche

Steamed Dragon Grouper Roll

This dish looked really beautiful from its colors and presentation. Dragon grouper is rolled up with Hong Kong Kai Lan and sits beautifully in a pool of superior rice wine sauce.

Sun Dried Scallops Glutinous Rice

A brilliant twist on the infamous glutinous rice where Chef Ricky encased softly steamed glutinous rice in spinach instead of the usual lotus leaf. Hidden inside the parcel is a heavenly aroma of glutinous rice with lots of dried scallops and a big fresh Hokkaido scallop. Accompanying the dish is also crisp fried dried scallop and shredded omelette.

Utterly delectable on savory and umani flavors with sweet hints of scallops. The parcel won many hearts that night for its creativity and flavors. I certainly wouldn’t mind having another one!

Sweet Sensation

Dessert consisted of peanut coated butter milk cubic, green tea sauce and passion fruit infused coconut pudding. I didn’t try this as we were heading to another place for more tasting but it sure looked really pretty!

Lai Po Heen’s MIGF 2012 menu is amazing and exuded opulence in its dishes. There are two options for the MIGF menu with one for lunch and the other for dinner. Both shares similar dishes but the dinner one has additional course. If you are looking for an experience in fine Cantonese cuisine with a gorgeous ambience, Lai Po Heen certainly fits the bill to a T!

Check out MIGF 2011 at Lai Po Heen here. Menu details can be found at MIGF website.

For reservations, please contact Lai Po Heen at +603 2179 8885 or email at mokul-lpoheen@mohg.com

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