November 1, 2011

Hot Gossip, Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur: The New ‘Goss’ in Town!

Have you heard about the latest Hot Gossip in town? J

I have to admit that Asians consume a very minimal amount of sandwiches and pies as their daily diet. For me, I would usually have a sandwich for breakfast-on-the-go or for tea time and my sandwiches are mostly simple and plain. Things are beginning to change and I am beginning to notice more sandwich deli appearing and we are learning to love the varieties of sandwiches created for brunch or lunch.

Check out the latest trendy café, Hot Gossip at Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur for a sumptuous spread of oversized gourmet sandwiches, hearty pies, buttery pastries and local delights. The café also serves up kick-up hot and cold chocolate, ice-blended coffee drinks, espresso, latte, high-grade teas and fruit smoothies.

We gathered at Hot Gossip one lovely Sunday brunch to check out what goodies they offered and got more than we bargain for! Located on the ground floor of the Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur hotel, the café was spacious with a nice spread of tables, chairs and even comfortable sofas for a lazy chill out time!

At the first glance, the array of house made chocolates caught my attention. Rows and trays of perfectly shaped chocolates was a sight to behold!

White Truffles, Raspberry Truffles, Bursting Berry, and more were just begging for some serious attention!

We started off with a wide selection of drinks ranging from icy cold fruit smoothies to spice-up chocolates, coffee and tea. I had a very delicious Tropical Smoothie topped with whipped cream and cherry. Zesty and so refreshing!

Caramel Hot Chocolate… a bit sweet as commented by the owner but it’s quite chocolatey!

Black Forest Coffee was quite delicious as there is a hint of cherry in the ice blended coffee!

This one caught my eye as it has blue syrup at the bottom… Blue Hawaii Coffee!

I like how they baked the puff pastry to resemble a comfy couch to hold the luscious pie fillings! Creamy and buttery, Chicken Green Pea Cream Pie was lovely as it had the green peas for an English taste. Thick chunks of chicken were tender and seasoned well so this really jazzed up the puff pastry. I would have love more sauce to coat the shell. Simple but creamy coleslaw accompanied the pie for a creamy finished.

My favorite pie among the three was the Beef and Mushroom Pie. One look of that deep orange sauce was enough to get my adrenaline to sink my teeth into this luscious creation. The stewed beef and root vegetables with mushroom was simply amazing as it was rich and tomatoey. The hint of sweet and sour really adds to the whole experience of savoring this beefy goodness stew.

Irish Stew was good but after the super yummy beef, this one had to settle as my second favorite. Another superbly braised mince lamb filling was savory and full of lamb and vegetable chunks. The pie reflects hearty and rustic all bundled into one!

Don’t let this Curry Egg Mayo Sandwich fool you into thinking its quite ordinary. A bite of the egg filling immediately sends happy signals to my brain! Creamy with a bite, the filling also had a good hint of spice from the curry but wasn’t overpowering to take over the egg. It complements the rich egg mayonaise filling in a very beautiful way and the whole wheat bread makes this even more satisfying. Crispy chips on the side add more crunch to the sandwich. I am going to have to add curry to my egg filling now!! Yum!

Crab Mayo Sandwich was another decent sandwich. A nice flake of crab meat was sandwiched between some greens, onions and tomato for a healthy bite. I like this sesame bread for the sesame fragrance.

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich was quite unique in flavors and even appearance! Despite the pink color, the meat is quite juicy and lean. A creamy yoghurt sauce lends the authenticity to the Tandoori flavor.

Thai Tuna Sandwich would be loved by Thai food fans. The tuna filings simulate Thai flavors with the addition of herbs, onions and a hint of citrus.

My favorite sandwich was the Chicken Cilantro Sandwich!  Shredded chicken coated in a spicy sauce with loads of herbs was truly unique in flavors. One bite and this one was an immediate standout in taste and textures. Highly recommended if you like a taste of heat in your food! Divine for me… J

We also sampled some pastries that are made fresh each day by the chef.

Curry Puff was fairly decent with a wedge of egg. The size of the curry puff was quite huge and one of these makes a great breakfast or snack alone!

Special Curry Puff was fabulous! The skin had a strong hint of spices with a rough texture while the filing was quite spicy. I really love this because of the spices. Too bad they only had one left as I would have gladly bought a few to takeaway.

Sausage Roll looked unpretentious but it had a great combination of the flaky buttery pastry wrapped with sausage and coated in loads of black and white sesame seeds. Nothing else to say except delicious!

A sweet version of pastries of Apple Raisin Danish and Banana Danish had everyone scrambling for a taste. My preferred of the two was the apple raisin as it was sweet and delicate. Contrasting against the rich flaky pastry, this was quite lovely despite the fact that I don’t usually like apple or raisin.

We got brave and decided to go for the Assorted Cheese Platter as it looked too irresistible to resist. Evelyn and myself wiped out this platter since we both are ardent fans of cheeses!

We decided to sample the Rojak after one foodie was curious to know how this taste like. Apparently this local fruit salad passed with flying colors with its pungent shrimp paste and aromatic peanut sprinkles.

To finish off our meal, we had to have the house-made Fruit Yoghurt. Thick, luscious and fruity, the yoghurt is beautifully moreish. A nice one for something light and healthy!

What does this tell you?

Although I only had a tiny taste of the Haagen Daz Cheesecake Ice Cream, I have to concur that this is one of the best flavored ice cream I have come across. It actually tastes like cheesecake but in the form of an icy cool ice cream. I am going to have to order this soon and this time, I am not sharing!

Hot Gossip has great selections of mini cakes and assorted cakes like Dragon Fruit Mousse, Tiramisu, Strawberry Flan, Pumpkin Hazelnut, Marble Cheese and more to cater to one’s sweet tooth.

Our dear foodie friends, Evelyn and Sidney who takes such pride in showing off serious food poses… he he he!

This is simply too adorable to miss… sugar on a stick to sweeten up your drink!

One obvious plus point for Hot Gossip is their oversized and interplay of sandwich fillings with their thick slices of bread! In addition, the rustic and open pies are simply hearty and comforting while the pastries and local snacks are delightfully yummy. Everything down right to the bread are made fresh daily in the hotel to ensure quality control and freshness. One notable point is that the café has a creative list of various hot chocolates which deserves a merit point as this drink is often left in the shadows. Great food shows in flavors and appearance and this one certainly takes the cake!

Psst… I spied Tom Yam Pie, Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich which warrants a return. Oh… and I want to savor the Special Curry Puff and Haagen Daz Cheesecake Ice Cream too!!! ;0)

Hot Gossip
PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2147 0088
Business Hours: 8am – 10pm
*Complimentary Wi-Fi for dine-in patron.


  1. Somemore Haagen Daz ice cream.. COLD!

  2. congrats on ur new domain *fireworks*

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  4. this is one good place for the whole family. old and young alike.

    sandwiches were awesome. a cheese platter is also possible. ice creams, rojak (seriously good rojak) or even healthy yogurt with fruits is available. awesome!

    yes it certainly warrants a return again & again:D

  5. Nikel: oh.. u need to try Haagen Daz Cheesecake ice cream... simply amazing!

    Choi Yen: tq tq dear!

    Missyblurkit: Yep.. I m in love with the Special Curry Puff!