November 3, 2011

Micofz Café, Sri Hartamas: Chilling Out with Gorgeous Desserts!

I was introduced to Micofz, short form for ‘My Café’ in Italian, by Sunny from BBO. One Friday evening, Choi Yen and I met up with Sunny and Sid for a nice evening dinner at Micofz Café at Sri Hartamas!

We arrive with minimal expectation of the café as we had no clue what it had meant before we met up with the owner. It was a nice surprise as the quaint café was decorated in light wood, dark tables and chair and well lighted against a wall panel with a pretty beach image.

The first thing that caught my eye was the glass showcase of cakes. These are not like the usual cakes I have seen in my places but instead, I felt drawn to the unique cakes and breads on display.

We checked out the menu and saw that Micofz offers breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. Although the menu was limited, I saw plenty of variations of sandwiches, buns, pasta, pizza, hot meals and desserts. All bread and desserts are made from scratch by the chef on daily basis to ensure freshness.

I also spied Bagels, lots of them hanging on a rack! This is a nice surprise as there are minimal delis and bakeries selling them. I love my bagel toasted and spread with a thick layer of cream cheese!

There is a decent selection of tea and coffee available at Micofz.

We had quite a few drinks that night. Here is a lovely Ice Chocolate which was ice cold and bursting with loads of cocoa. I like the extra touch of the whipped cream. Mango Fienna was a mango blended drink with yoghurt.

Ice Lemon Mint was refreshing and lemony.

Strawberry Romanoff was strawberries blended with yoghurt and drizzled with berry syrup.

Cappuccino with cute hearts on the foam!

Chocolate Pralinosa had hazelnut paste in it for that nutty flavor.

While we waited for others to arrive, we munched on pieces of Garlic Bread.

We also had the Chicken Sausage Bun and found this delicious! The bread was slightly warm and soft while the sausage still retained its juiciness.

Micofz Café serves an Italian style pizza called Serina Biscottini Pizza which features a crispy pizza crust. We had the Spicy Mango Chicken and thoroughly enjoyed this unique combination of fresh slices of mango with chicken, pepper, mushroom and a hint of spicy sauce. The mango lends a gentle sweetness to the pizza and everyone thought it was a clever idea to incorporate the sweet fruit to this combination.

Baked Country Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce showcased a piece of thigh baked and sauced with spicy black pepper. The poultry was juicy and nicely cooked. This faired decent overall. What I do love is the thick cut fried served that was crispy but soft inside!

Black Pepper Seafood Udon also faired pretty good as the noodles had good wok heat and was spiced up very nicely with loads of black pepper. The noodles had prawns, mussels and julienned peppers for flavors and textures.

The only dish that failed to impress me was the Baked Cheese Rice with Seafood. The rice was a tad dry and despite the loads of fresh seafood, the flavors were a bit too light for my fancy.

What I do raved about is Micofz’s classic pastas! All the pastas were satisfying and delicious with comfort flavors.

Beef Meatball Pasta had superb tomato flavors while the beef meatballs were tender and delicious in flavors. The slightly spicy tomato sauce was chunky which is how I like my sauce and the noodles were cooked al dente.

Beef Bacon Carbonara was also scrumptiously good. Loaded with lots of beef bacon pieces and mushroom, the cream carbonara sauce was richly satisfying. We slurped up the pasta in seconds… J

Seafood Marinara was also really good and it was studded with mussels, prawns and squid. The tomato sauce was rich in tomato and had a good robust taste.

The owner, Vincent, has a pastry background hence one can expect delectable desserts from Micofz. Here’s a drooling picture of the divine desserts we had that night!

We started off with the house special Apple Strudel served with a crème anglaise sauce served on the side. Flaky and buttery pastry was rolled and stuffed with a sweet apple filling that is strongly perfumed with cinnamon. I just adore this dessert as it was not too sweet but had a beautiful medley of flavors and textures. The crème sauce adds a nice touch to the strudel. Make sure to order this dessert!

Flagola Tart was so pretty at sight! Fresh red strawberries glistened against a short crust shell and crusted lightly with green hued pistachios.

We cut into the tart to find a layer of cream custard on top of almond cream and the strawberry slices slowly glides down the luscious cream. The slight sourness of the berry contrasted beautifully against the smooth custard while the almond added a lovely nutty hint to the buttery tart shell. Divine and decadent!

Cheese Tart was another gorgeous dessert. A tart can have simple ingredients but when it’s well made, the flavors shine like a harmonious tune!

I found a layer of blueberry sauce beneath the cheese layer. The tart had a more tangy taste with a creamy finished from the cheese. Yum… J

Pecan Pie is rarely seen in Malaysia. I believe its due to the over sweetness the pie has but the one at Micofz is quite decent. Surprisingly, its not overly sweet and has a good aroma of the caramelized coating against the pecans.

We initially thought they labeled the wrong word for this dessert as it should be oven instead but the Vincent concurred that its what its called, German Over Baked Cheese Cake! The technique is to over baked the cheese cake to create a denser cheese cake that was studded with raisins. The top has a golden caramelized layer and the cake was creamy and rich. Nice!

Opera Cake was as it should be with the signature layers of chocolate against japonaise base and glazed with dark chocolate ganache. Deeply rich and dark, this is good with a cup of coffee.

Chocolate Crème Brulee Tart was seductive and sensual with a layer of dark chocolate mousse and custard cream finished off with cocoa dust. Silky smooth and luscious… I was a happy camper that night!!

I was totally curious about Tokyo Blue! Bet you have never seen a cake so blue… J

We sliced in to revealed layers of walnut filling against sour cream and covered in blue food gel. Light and nutty with a hint of sourness, the cake is surprisingly very light in textures as well. Truly unique and worth a try!

Micofz Café certainly showed a few surprises that night and it sure was nice ones! The café showstopper was their pastas and desserts. Do check out their selections of bread and sandwiches for a light lunch or snack while go for their sumptuous pastas for a lovely simple dinner... J

Micofz Café
Block F-0-1, Plaza Damas
Jalan Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6203 9131/017 275 9188

Open Mondays to Saturdays from 8am to 10pm.

*Thanks to Sunny & Vincent H. for that lovely evening!


  1. SO many the cake flavour.. All look attractive lor..

  2. Good food with reasonable price, hope can go back soon ;)

  3. the bagels looked so cute! i want bagels.

    and with pastas being good. dang this is such a carbo loading place. awesome!

  4. how is the price range ar? looks really good and im salivating already! planning to go there maybe tomorrow :))

    -sharon kuan

  5. Nikel: yeah.. I was impressed by the blue one!

    Choi Yen: ok ok.. call me ya!

    Missyblurkit: This is definately a carb place!

    SK: Prices are pretty decent for the portions. Pasta are priced at RM13.80

  6. i went there last monday but of all days, it closes on Mondays! :((((