November 30, 2011

Samplings On The Fourteen, Berjaya University College of Hospitality: AFC Dinner & Cooking Demo with Chef Bruce Lim

Asian Food Channel (AFC) and Berjaya University College of Hospitality are proud to present a Dinner & Cooking Demo with Chef Bruce Lim, aka The Boss!

Chef Bruce Lim, no stranger to me at least, stars in his own AFC Original Production, Tablescapes, where he and his partner Angel, travels through the Philippines exploring and teaching about traditional Filipino cuisine. AFC is now proud to present Chef Bruce’s new food production, The Boss airing currently at AFC’s channel 703!

Born and raised in America, Chef Bruce Lim is of Filipino-Chinese descendant. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, a top-notch culinary school in London, Chef Bruce worked his way into some of the best French kitchens in the world and even studied under the tutelage of world-renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay. Thereafter, he moved back to the Philippines and worked at popular establishments such as Century Park Sheraton and Jollibee Food Corporation. He then opened his own restaurant named Chef’s Table, an open concept restaurant that allows diners to get up-close and personal with the chefs as they prepare authentic Filipino dishes.

Bubbly and conversant in nature, Chef Bruce has distinguished himself from other Filipino chefs by immersing himself in various communities thus removing the elite image of chefs. With him, he brings along the message that food is universal and should be shared by everyone. Although he has a host of specialties from traditional French and Italian cuisines to Euro-Asian and international cuisine, he is also a master of creative food presentation. Chef Bruce also has a thorough knowledge of sugar pulling and chocolate work.

I had the honors of attending Chef Bruce Lim’s Cooking Demo and was treated to two recipes of our dinner, Prawn and Mango Salad with Smoked Fish Vinaigrette and Black Rice with Seafood. Chef Bruce showed his professionalism with ease at demonstrating his recipes, answering questions and explaining certain tips of the trade, all these while multitasking on the burner together with his assistant, JC aka Monkey.

The salad recipe was fairly simply but the aroma had all of us salivating while the prawns sizzled with delight!

I learned an important rule of making a good risotto that day… patience and more patience is required to a good risotto!! Chef Bruce uses a mixture of rice to concoct his risotto for great textures and flavors. I loved this dish a lot… J

Honorary Guests, Chef Bruce Lim & Ms Mae Ho, Chief Operating Officer of Berjaya University College of Hospitality

We started off our meal with a white Semillon Chardonnay from Lazy Lizard. Nice aroma and fairly fruity and smooth on the taste bud.

His signature recipe of Prawn and Mango Salad with Smoked Fish Vinaigrette showcases local prawns’ sautéed with garlic and served on a bed of mixed greens with a tinapa vinaigrette while a fan of sliced mango sweetened the dish. Simple but great flavors of sweetness and sourness enhance the prawns brilliantly.

Our next dish of Lobster Bisque with Crab Omelet was a rich lobster broth served with a classic 3 fold crab omelet and lobster medallion. The broth was lightly creamy but richly flavored with shellfish while the omelet was decent.

As said earlier, I adored this dish of Black Rice with Seafood! The rice was creamy and rich from coconut cream and cooked to al dente. A light scent of squid ink added the flavor while a sprinkling of cheese enhances the rice to another level. Sautéed seafood creates the extra touch to the dish.

We proceed with a red wine for the meat course with 2008 Merlot from Firefly, Australia. I thought the red was a bit too sharp but my friend thought it was good enough for him!

Rack of Lamb with Roasted Potatoes was perfectly executed! Frenched lamb rack was crusted and roasted to medium pink, served with oven baked potatoes, carrot and bok choy. The meat was tender and beautiful in flavors. My only gripe was I would love a bigger portion… J

We ended our lovely dinner with Chocolate Layered Cake where Chef Bruce shared his recipe for a simply moist chocolate cake layered with raspberry jam and topped with chocolate ganache. A quenelle of whipped cream and fresh raspberry finished the dessert!

A delightful experience with Chef Bruce Lim and honorary guests from Berjaya University College of Hospitality! Do make sure to check out the new show, The Boss at AFC to see more of what Chef Bruce Lim has to offer… J

Samplings on the Fourteen produces top quality food and services with head chef, Chef Valmurugan Subramaniam  and team. I have enjoyed few dinners there and every one of them was presented with charm and grace from its food to its service!

Samplings on the Fourteen
BERJAYA University College of Hospitality
14th Floor, East
Berjaya Times Square,
No. 1 Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia


  1. Black Rice with Seafood! That looks awesome and the rice does look very inviting indeed...

    When one gets a good lamb that is beautifully pink, its never ever enough. It calls for "Can I have more please?"

  2. Wowlove your photos =D

  3. Wow, the food looks fantastic. Lobster Bisque with Crab Omelet sounds like something new, and looks tasty. How did you know about this event? Got Invited?

  4. wow. Nice post! i enjoy reading it, indeed!! all the pictures are sooo nicee! xDD

  5. Chef Bruce Lim? How his cook? can beat other chef? hehe

  6. Nice article and pictures! We're glad you enjoyed the event at our campus. And also at our restaurant. Looking forward for more visits from you. :) Cheers!

  7. missyblurkit: I wish for more lamb too!!

    JunFook: Thks!

    Thristhan: Yes.. got invited.. ;0)

    Euniceee: Thks ya!

    Nikel: depends on which chef lo... keke

    Ezran: Thks.. its was my pleasure too! ;0)

  8. i wonder how the black rice will taste like... nice sampling event :)

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