November 3, 2011

Ben’s Independent Grocer, Solaris Dutamas: B.I.G. Haven for Food!

What happens when a serious foodie like me is 10 minutes away from the latest most happening grocery and food store in the city scene?

BIG Trouble!! J

Check out B.I.G.Ben’s Independent Grocery located at Publika, the new shopping mall at Solaris Dutamas. The BIG Group has finally launched its first ever 50,000 square feet grocery store that stocks ocal and international fresh produce, dry goods, organic products bakery and café.

It has only been opened in late October on a daily basis and I have already been there three times…hehehe!  Here’s a peek on the concept of modern grocery one can now enjoy lavishly from the BIG Group… J

Fresh produce section is so spacious and well stock with loads of vegetables, fruits and more. There is even a cute florist in this area!

Hydroponic vegetables so fresh, you pluck it off the roots when you need it… J

Open concept Seafood Bay loaded with lots of fresh seafood… however, I could smell the slight fishy scent. Hope they fix this as it was not a pleasant scent.

Barn Butchery looks awesome despite the loads of animal hanging in the room. I believe that this room is used to age the meat for better flavor and texture. A meat haven with an unbelievable choice of quality meat!!

Love, love, love the Non-halal section, S.Wine Deli! The varieties of deli food are fairly huge and I saw pillows of salami and pepperoni hanging at the counters while huge legs of prosciutto and jamon was begging to be sliced. The house made sausages and ham was delicious as I sampled some! There is even a wall of tin goods, sauces and noodles available while the freezer stocks up plenty of imported deli products from all over the world.

Here a wine lover’s haven complete with leather sofas for a plush shopping experience. I love the hanging décor of wine bottles that seems to glistened against the lights for a dazzling appearance.

How about some cakes and breads? Cute concept of The Ginger Bread Man and everything is open so one can see what is available. I bought some French Sourdough and some buns that were delicious! Prices are bit steep but that’s because the portions are bigger compared to normal bakery. The cakes are quite humongous in size… can’t wait to find an excuse to buy the cakes… hehehe! J

Magazine section filled with local and international spread!

My favorite restaurant that I had raved about here! Ben’s General Food Store café is now available here… no more excuse to not go because of distance… J. Awesome salads and pizzas and the addition of huge pies and other snacks!!

Checkout counters with cute light bulbs!  

Where is this grocery store located at? The new Publika Mall!

Love the signage as it’s so attractive!J

Now you know why I am so in BIG Trouble?  (Wink wink!)

Ben’s Independent Grocery
Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 6209 1700
Fax: 603 6209 1701

*Psst… there is a Non-halal food court called EAT Food Village! Watch out for details in the next post… J

Business Hours: 9am – 10pm daily


  1. This grocer look really Western. Very weird! Is they allowed to take photo inside grocer d? haha.. EAT food village for PORK?

  2. Good selection of groceries! I could do with a visit there to restock on my groceries. Another option from my regular Cold Storage, Village Grocer or Isetan. Need variety!

  3. Looking good there! It's clean and very Western! I likey!

  4. really can pluck the vegetable from Hydroponic system?

    PS: I want to go too this place look so awesome!

  5. Nikel:eh.. when I took photo.. no one stop me woh!

    Missyblurkit: yes.. I agree.. cos they all have different imported stuff anyway.

    Merryn: me too...

    Choi Yen: well. someone told me its cut and not plucked... hehehe

  6. u can smell the fishy scent? and it bothers you?

    there's a whole bunch of fish and other seafood there, of course it smells fishy. its a GROCER/SUPERMARKET, not Borders.

  7. do they sell champagne in mini size there?

  8. AWESOME!! Good pork all over the place :)