November 25, 2011

Wellness Recipe, 10 Boulevard: Healthy Organic Food to Rejuvenate thy Inner Self!

Healthy, Wholesome & Organic Dishes are the way to take care of ourselves! At least that’s a start… J

Being a foodie or glutton comes with good and bad advantages. I love to eat but then at times I tend to eat food that is not exactly healthy for me. Readers would know on how I would rave about the requirements of scrumptious food laden with cholesterol such as pork lard, deep fried food and seafood to know my indulgence on my gastronomy fare. Sigh… what to do… I lose my power of resistance when it comes to food!! (Do you have this problem like me?) J

Let’s face it in this modern day and time, we eat out fairly often! So when I was invited by our dear foodie Yvonne to check out a café that serves healthy and organic food, my first thought were that healthy food would be bland without my essential indulgence of  certain ingredients. Oh well… my curiosity was peaked so I decided to give this a go!

Wellness… what does it mean? Wikipedia defines this as health or freedom from disease. So when I saw the name of the café was listed as Wellness Recipe, it truly signifies what the café’s concept of food is all about!

Located in a fairly new building on a major highway, Wellness Recipe was certainly pleasing to the eye when I walked in. A brightly neon green sign shone brightly at the entrance while the interior of the restaurant was themed in white and green. The whole ambience shouted clean and crisp with splashes of green to naturalize the whole restaurant. I also liked the adorable décor of a fireplace with some cute ornaments!

Wellness Recipe also has a Wellness Spa Concept in the same location and one embrace a healthier lifestyle through its food and spa programs.

We settled in and were quickly given a glass of BarleyGreen Premium Barley Grass Juice. A briefing by KS, part owner of the restaurant, educated me on Barley Green Premium which is a spray dried powder, juiced from organic young barley leaves that feature a wide range of all natural nutrients to detoxify, balance and nourish our body. The barley grass with kelp can actually improved mental clarity, help with digestion and regulate skin, hair and nails, delay effects of aging and many other health issues. I thought the drink was quite refreshing and had light flavors of the barley grass. Read more about the product at the website.

When I saw the tri-color Organic Juicing Noodles, my first thoughts were that these looked almost too pastel pretty to be eaten! The spaghetti noodles are actually made from the Barley Green product powder. Pink denotes BetaBeet, yellow for BetaCarrot while pastel green is derived from BarleyGreen.

One can even buy these dried noodles off the shelves for home consumption!

We started off with the Organic Juicing Noodles with Yo-Chi Sauce and Mushroom Sauce. Yo-Chi Sauce is the house made red sauce of tomatoes, carrots, celery, onions and other healthy ingredients while the Mushroom sauce is made from several types of mushrooms in a light white sauce. I prefer the Yo-Chi sauce for its vibrant and refreshing flavors of a nice balance of sweet and sour against the soft noodles.

Then we were handed bowls of Organic Brown Rice, a healthy combination of complex carb where few types of brown long grain rice are highly rich in fiber and protein. The organic brown rice has a fairly tender texture and tasted not too bad in my opinion.

Wellness Signature Chicken was the only meat dish that night. The crispy chicken in a thin batter was coated with a slight sweet and spicy herb sauce. Decent and tasted almost healthy with its lightness (or maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me?).

Our next dish of Green Curry faired wonderful with my organic brown rice. Loaded with a kaleidoscope of vegetables like eggplant, lady fingers, young corn, carrot, cauliflower, bell pepper, cabbage, enoki mushrooms and more, the curry was quite light in creaminess as it does not contain coconut milk but rather, were jazzed up with spices to produce a spicy and light curry. I doused the gravy on my rice and happily dug in with glee!

I don’t mind returning here for this curry dish alone!! J

We also shared a Korean Style Steam Hotpot featuring a stew of vegetables and bean curd with splashes of black beans. This broth had a light flavor despite the black beans and I found radish, corn, enoki mushroom and other vegetables vying for attention together with pieces of soft bean curd. I preferred the curry over this stew.

When I saw Wellness Lei Cha on the menu, I was quite excited as I love Lei Cha for its unique flavors and ingredients. The Wellness Lei Cha is delicious as it had a truly unique vegetable ingredient like purple cabbage, green veggies, black eye peas, nuts and sesame seeds. The accompanied soup was also beautiful and tasted of the essential Lei Cha herbs. I consumed my Lei Cha with the soup on the side rather than together to enjoy the fragrance of the rice with the vegetables. Lei Cha lovers, do check this out!

We were then served another red drink of BetaBeet with Coconut Flesh. BetaBeet is a soluble powder derived from the juice of organically grown beets. The beets actually help to detoxify the liver and blood and may protect the cardiovascular system, enhance fat metabolism and increase muscle mass. This one has a sweeter flavor and I like the coconut flesh for its texture in the drink… J

Desserts came in the form of a surprising Vegetarian Rojak! We were assured that the version here is healthy and does not use the usual shrimp paste. Piled high with pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables, the rojak sauce is quite thick and the chopped nuts and sesame seeds added a nutty taste to the salad. Quite decent considering it’s a vegetarian version.

We polished of our final dessert of warm Wintermelon Longan Tong Shui. The sweet broth was not sweet at all and faired decent in flavors.

After savoring the dishes of Wellness Recipe, I find my verdict quite surprising! I learned that healthy food can taste quite good and there is quite a sense of warmth to the dishes here at the café. I was also glad that I do not feel heavy after the meal as I usually do with some other meals. Portion wise are decent and prices faired decent too considering organic ingredients are quite expensive. Price range for single portion meals is less than RM20 and below. Menu is limited but the café features specials of the day where the chef cooks up whatever is freshly available on that day. Yes, flavors are definitely lighter but that why the dishes are healthier as it is not overloaded with artificial flavors or heavily season with salt and sugar.

I think I could get use to this through time! J

Wellness Recipe
A- 1- 5, Block Allamanda,
10 Boulevard, Lebuhraya Sprint PJU 6A,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.


  1. Love the decor themed in green, very soothing~

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  3. “追食富迪”: We shld stuff like this more often.. ;0)

    Choi Yen: Yeah.. the decor is very comforting!

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  4. i can still smell the fragrant tea rice :D

  5. Wow looked so good and healthy!!!!

  6. Merryn: so u like Thunder rice too? ;0)

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