February 20, 2012

Pin Xiang Restaurant, Aman Suria: Back for Homecooked Chinese Dishes with a Twist!

Blending a bit of old and new Home-style Dishes to Please!

I am back again! Thanks to Alan, we had the honors to dine again at his favorite restaurant, Pin Xiang Restaurant, located in Aman Suria during the festive week. One of my favorite restaurants renowned for home-style dishes, I had brought my family here several times and dishes was always pleasing and comforting. Read about my very first dinner here.

As it was during the festive week, we had started off with a simple Salmon Yee Sang which was decent and featured slices of salmon tossed with the usual ingredients of the prosperity platter.

I loved their Champagne Pork Ribs at Pin Xiang which I always order when I dined there.  This round we decided to try something different and savored Marmite Pork Ribs instead. Equally satisfying, the ribs were tender, juicy and coated with a sticky glazed of marmite sauce. Yum!

Two Taste Prawns is a yin of Butter Prawns and a yang of Prawns Balls with Salad Sauce.  Simply faultless as the prawns were fresh, sweet and satisfying. The buttery egg floss was aromatic and tainted with loads of curry leaves for a wonderful aroma while the crispy prawn balls had the usual sweet salad dressing for a creamy edge.

Braised Garoupa Fish Head had chunks of fresh deep fried garoupa fish head pieces braised in dark brown gravy studded with garlic and spring onion. Decent as the flavors were well balanced and the pieces of garoupa was silky and luscious in the thicken sauce.

I have to rant about the Braised Chicken with Yam! Not a yam fan, this dish took me by surprised. Tender chicken pieces were cooked lovingly in a thick yam sauce. Normally, the dish would have yam pieces but this version had none as all the yam had melted into the pool of gravy. A hint of sweetness underlies the savory yam sauce which I really enjoyed with white rice. The overall was just pleasant and comforting to the palate!

Another dish worthy of my admiration is Yam Ring with Pou Ging Pork Ribs! The chef here really knows how to create fabulous yam dishes as the yam ring was so good with its crisp skin and soft creamy yam. Topped with Pou Ging ribs, the combination was lethally good!! The sauce was sweet and creamy, hitching up the yam ring another notch… a Must-order at Pin Xiang!

My first time savoring a combination of Stir-Fried Bittergourd with Chinese Pickled Lettuce proved that odd combinations do work! Never would I think that these two vegetable would pair up but it did quite well in fact. The light bitterness of the gourd was definitely toned down by the sweet and salty pickled lettuce while texture was crunchy and firm all at once. Try this… you may be surprised like I was!

My first time trying crab here and oh-la-la is the phrase to sum up the flavors. Butter Crab was lusciously wet, creamy and almost cheesy which begged for bread to mop up its richness. I am so loving this dish… J

Hot and Sour Crab also had a deliriously addictive sauce of sweet, sour and spicy. The spicy and egg sauce had a great balance and I had to refrain myself from eating the Fried Mantao because of both sauces. In fact, I would have just be equally satiated with the sauces alone rather than the crab!

Stuffed from the bread and sauces, I thought I could not down anymore till I saw the Waxed Meat Rice. Ok… I was still super stuffed so I only managed a small bite of this seasonal dish. A very aromatic dish as the rice simply depends on the quality of the waxed meat for a lasting impression. The waxed meat used was salty and sweet with a caramelized aroma while the rice had been infused by the waxed meat to soft and savory delightment.

At Pin Xiang, one must try their boiled Fresh Bean Curd Sheet with Barley! Thick and lovely with the soya bean fragrance… I was a coverted fan of this drink at this restaurant. Herbal tea for some cooling sensation… J

As always, Pin Xiang showed home-style dishes are dishes that one can savor everyday and these are dishes that often inspire nostalgia. The dishes may not be new to everyone but for daily fare, it’s always comforting and satisfying when I am craving for comfort food!

Restaurant Pin Xiang
H-18-G, Jalan PJU 1/45
Aman Suria, Damansara
47301, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603 8945 8733
Fax: 603 8945 5733


  1. The crabs were almost polished clean by only 2 of us >.<

  2. yay, thanks for the kind invite to makan this awesome meal. Haven't gotten to blog on this yet, but will do soon. Good to find this restaurant around aman suria area. yum!

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  3. Yam Ring with Pou Ging Pork Ribs perfect meal!

  4. Choi Yen: ya and I love it!! hehehe

    Isaac: yr welcome.. great get together!

    Nikel: it truly was... :)