February 9, 2012

Raku Japanese, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam: Feasting on Japanese Buffet Promotion on Every First and Last Saturday of each month!

Another of our nation’s favorite eating pastime seemed to be Japanese themed buffet! J

What’s not to like… unlimited slivers of Sashimi and finger Sushi, creative Temaki, gold and crisp tempuras, grilled chicken Yakitori, salads, Chawan Mushi and so forth! Japanese cuisine is ranked as one of the healthiest cuisine in the world from its ingredient used to the method it’s prepared. One can now enjoy Japanese buffet without worrying too much about counting calories!

At Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, check out Raku, the hotel’s Japanese restaurant for an array of authentic Japanese cuisine prepared by Chef Eddy. Due to popular demand, Raku is proud to bring back its renowned Raku Japanese Buffet Dinner every first and final Saturday of the month.

Raku is all dressed up in light beech wood throughout its interior. Rooms are section with bamboo panels and rustic tiles for that Japanese touch. There are a few ‘Tatami’ private rooms available and the restaurant has a seating capacity of 120 people in the main dining room. Teppanyaki station is also available and sectioned out to prevent diners who prefer a more quiet dining area.

Special notes of Raku are the Japanese ornaments and gadgets placed strategically all over the restaurant. Ancient tea grinder, pots, scale and drippers together with classic Japanese earthenware added the Japan tradition to the place.

Let’s check out what Raku Japanese has to offer!

Sashimi and Sushi is the pinnacle of Japanese gastronomic artistry. We sampled a beautifully presented platter of fresh cuts of Sashimi Moriawase. The fishes were sliced fairly thick and were superbly fresh. Sweet scallops and sweet shrimps coupled with globules of salmon roes added the sweetness and saltiness to the taste bud. Still drooling as I am writing this post… J

An array of Handrolls and Rolls to whet your appetite!

Indulged in an exquisite variety of Tsukidashi (appetizers) such as Seasoned Baby Octopus, Seasoned Green Seaweed, Spicy Sesame Scallops, Pan-seared Tuna, assorted Tsukemono (pickles) and Sarada (salads). The Salmon Avocado Salad and Tuna Salad were fresh and light while the Apple Salad great textures and creamy flavors.

One of the prettiest Chawan Mushi I have seen!! We all agreed that it was just too beautiful to be eaten.

Kani Miso Bisque was made from a crab broth and the flavors were almost heady from the seafood essence. I detected a subtle seaweed flavor and the bisque should be enjoyed hot!

Beef lovers… check out the Beef Maki! Beef slices rolled with asparagus, carrots and mushrooms, seared and coated in a delicious sweet soy sauce… yum!

Grilled Sanma or Pacific Saury was so aromatic that we could smell it while it was grilling. Nicely grilled with salt, the fish had a firm flesh and a hint of savory and sweetness to it. Be it Saba (mackerel), Shake (salmon) or Ika (squid), you may opt to grill with either Shioyaki (salt seasoning) or Tare (Japanese sweet sauce).

How about a moist and luscious Grilled Codfish grilled in all its glory? Needless to say, the fish was a favorite among us that night. J

I always had a liking for grilled items and the Yakitori platter hit all the right notes with me! I learnt that a chicken can actually be cut up into 28 parts for grilling from Chef Eddy and he even gave us a lesson on the names of the parts. All the skewers were dipped in the Tare sauce and meticulously grilled till sweet and sticky.

Teba (Wings), Momo (Thigh), Hire (Fillet), Sasami (Tenders), Guri (Softbone)

Besides the above dishes, I was told that the buffet offers Onigiri (rice balls), Teppanyaki with various meat and seafood, Tempura Moriawase, Tori Karaage (Japanese chicken nuggets), Sakana Furai (breaded fish) and Agedashi Tofu. Titillate your taste buds with hot soups and noodles such as Soba, Curry Udon, Miso, Tebasaki Daikono (Stewed Chicken with White Radish) and Niku Jaga (Braised Thinly Sliced Beef).

Grilled Unagi is another all-time favorite dish and the one here is a big and thick piece of delectable soft eel grilled to perfection! This set meal (not included in the buffet) comes with miso soup, pickles, seaweed and rice.

Lastly, have a sweet ending with an irresistible selection of French pastry, Dorayaki (red bean pancakes), fresh fruits and ice cream.

Priced at RM75.00++ per adult and RM40.00++ per child, the Raku Japanese Buffet Dinner is available from 6.30pm to 10.30pm available every first and final Saturday of the month. Raku Japanese Restaurant is located at lobby level Concorde Hotel Shah Alam.

For more information or reservations, please call 03-5512 2200 or visit shahalam.concordehotelsresorts.com.

* Prices quoted are subject to 10% service charge and 5% government tax.
* Menu subject to change.

Concorde Hotel Shah Alam
2 Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah C9/C,
40100 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 5512 2200
Fax: +603 5512 2233 

Business Hours
Lunch: 12.00noon - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Closed on Sunday

*Thanks to Samantha for the lovely invite!