February 23, 2012

Lek Lek Restaurant, Seri Kembangan: A Bold and Creative Hidden Gem for Chinese Cuisine and More!

My First Taste of the Bold and Audacious Chinese Dishes at Lek Lek Restaurant!

One fine day, Sidney called and said he found a dark horse restaurant in Seri Kembangan. When asked if I was interested, I yelled ‘Yes’ faster than you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’!! It’s also like asking if a dog likes bones or a cat likes fish… hehehe!

Back to the subject, we headed there one afternoon with some of Sid’s friends for lunch. Sid had already been there so I checked out his post and was pretty happy to see what makes Lek Lek Restaurant a dark horse. Lek Lek may looked pretty ordinary outside but the dishes they offered was really impressive and creative. D├ęcor is minimal so don’t expect fancy-smancy ambience. Happy to say, that lunch was definitely an-out-of–this-world experience.

First up, my virgin taste on Red Tilapia Sashimi! I have had many sashimi before but never tilapia. Tilapia also tends to have a muddy smell if not tended correctly so I was a bit hesitant about this fish being served fresh off the boat!

Such a pretty display of painstakingly arranged pink tinted tilapia slices contrasting brightly against yellow lemon slices served on ice. Rows of green cucumber completed the presentation. This dish requires advance notice so do call a day or two for reservation.

A bite of the thinly sliced fish sent me to heaven and back! I was not expecting a sweet and gentle flavor of the red tilapia with a hint of citrus and the firm texture of the fish. In fact, the fish tasted almost like a yellowtail or Hamachi. A simple dip in wasabi and soy sauce heightens the flavors of the fish. There is only one word to describe this sashimi… Superb!!! J

The next dish had me at ‘Hello’! Pan Fried Whole Garlic Snails was a garden of gastropoda sitting proudly on a bed of fried rice noodles. It may have started from the French but it certainly turned Chinese at Lek Lek Restaurant!

The snails are quite huge, sending thrilled thoughts to my brain of indulging in these delicacies. The snail meat was coated in a super spicy garlic sauce and was a myriad of flavors of savory and creamy in layers. The meat itself is slightly chewy and the hint of spicy and salty taste really makes me crave for more snails please… J

After two creative dishes, I was glad to see something more familiar in Fish Paste Stuffed Mackerel. Served whole and boneless with the head and tail, the body was dismembered and reconstructed with fish paste and its skin.

The fish paste was fairly bouncy and studded with bits of carrots and green onions. A simple soya sauce was doused to add an aromatic taste to the fish. Needless to say, the pieces of fish cake were polished off in a jiffy!

A traditional dish of Hakka Char Yuk was another welcoming sight and this was cooked decent. Chunks of pork belly were braised with fermented bean curd and five-spice with black wood ear fungus till tender and flavorful. Add on a small dap of Fu Yue Sauce to feature another level of flavors. In fact, I loved the Fu Yue sauce so much; I had to ask the chef for the recipe. It is a fermented bean curd sauce spiced up with chili and cooked till thick and creamy. The sauce outshined the pork!

I usually do not take petai or stinky beans so when I saw the Petai Fried Rice, I didn’t think I would like this rice. Ok… I was wrong again! The fried rice was simply powerful in flavors from its stinky beans, dried shrimps, bbq pork, long beans and chili. A powerful aroma seeped into the rice and I was glad that I could not really identify the petai but rather a harmonious flavor of all its ingredients. The rice was moist and quite fluffy but it was the taste that takes the cake!

When the lid of the Claypot Braised Lamb was lifted, a heady whiff of aromatic flavors tingle my nostrils sinfully. Seriously… looked at the dish! Doesn’t this beg for a bowl of white rice?

The lamb pieces were superbly tender from the braising while the soft strips of bean curd sticks absorbed the meat and sauce flavors lovingly. No lamb scent detected. An authentic dish cooked to perfection! Lamb lovers or not, do try this dish and I guarantee that you will fall in love with the dish like me!!

The meal for the four of us did not end like what was planned as we added in two more dishes to bring out the gluttonies in us!

Lemon Butter Prawns featured a claypot of wet butter sauce jazzed up with a hint of citrus. The thick and creamy sauce was luscious and begging for rice or bread. Curry leaves perfumed the sauce. The dish is best eaten hot or warm as the sauce tends to taste a bit too rich when it gets cold, hence the reason for the claypot. This one faired decent in flavors.

Salted Egg Yolk Squid was our indulgence for the day as this cholesterol laden dish is simply heavenly and should be enjoyed on limited basis for health purposes. A lethal combination of high cholesterol squid and salted egg yolk, the dish is a genius creation as the flavors are unbelievable good! When cooked just right, the squid is tender and juicy while the luscious salted egg yolk is sinful and savory. Guaranteed to reel in all ages of diners…

A simple Gui Lin Gao Jelly to round up the meal! Light and refreshing… J

I was impressed with Lek Lek Restaurant’s unique dishes. A blend of creativity and flavors, Chef Jeffrey is one chef to look out for! A notable factor is the skill of authentic dishes remained authentic while modern dishes are executed to a faultless pleasure. A lunch to remember, I simply concluded that a return soon is a must as the need to savor other creative dishes at Lek Lek is already aching in my soul!!

Lek Lek Restaurant
No 12, Jalan PSK4
Pusal Perdagangan SK
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel No: 03 8941 3404

*Thanks to Sid for the awesome lunch!


  1. How are prices here in general? The food really looks good.

  2. awww shucks! if only the place was halal! the tilapia sashimi looks absolutely gorgeous!

    thanks for stopping by our blog btw! we are now hungrily scrolling through your posts ;)

  3. For me I will feel skeptical to try that tilipia sashimi >.<

  4. wow this is my first time i heard of tilapia sashimi! That must be really fresh and juicy

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  5. Nikel: Oh yes!

    Merryn: my first time also but its DELICIOUS!!

    Baby Sumo: I think the whole Tilapia was about RM60 but the rest I m not sure as I didnt pay the bill.. :0)

    Bob & Julie: Ya.. too bad.. thks for visiting too.. I m still dreaming of your post on Ikan Bakar!!

    Choi Yen: ya.. I was abit too cos I m scare of the muddy smell but one bite changed my mind... hehehe

    Fish: it is... you really need to try this to be able to understand how it taste! super yum

  6. The petai fry rice is really interesting. giving me a lot of ideas about cooking petai :) Besides i would definitely like to eat at this place.....you regular there food dreams?? :) got extra discount ar....wink wink :)


    1. JS: no.. my first time there too! I hope to get discount cos I wanna return for more... kekeke

  7. Find me if you want discount... KEKE