February 17, 2012

Shi Yue Tian Claypot Chicken Rice Shop, Puchong: A Legacy of Claypot Chicken Rice!

With more than 20 years of legacy, there is a reason why it’s still around today!

Claypot chicken rice is available everywhere if you are looking for one. However, if you are a finicky eater, you won’t just settle for any claypot chicken rice! Now the famous one is said to originate from Kampar but I have yet to try that.

One wet evening, six foodies went in search of comfort food and we landed at Shi Yue Tian Claypot Chicken Rice Shop located in Puchong. We were told that this place holds a record for serving fabulous claypot chicken rice and be prepared to wait as each one is made to order. Grabbing the last table, we log in our order through the big menu on the wall. Ordering is easy as the menu is limited with its specialties. Although there is a ‘Tai Chow’ there, we did not let that deter our focus. Don’t expect anything on d├ęcor as this place is just a ‘Kopitiam’!

My detective mode was activated while we waited for our orders to arrive!

Shi Yue Tian uses charcoal to cook their rice… it’s no wonder this is the testament of a great pot of rice to come… J

Cooking is pure hardwork and sweat! Especially when one is manning so many hot stove at the same time. Salute!!

Lots of action and ingredients goes on to make a pot of scrumptious chicken rice. Even the uncooked marinated chicken pieces looked utterly delectable!

Double boiled soups are amped up with various ingredients and make a lovely pairing with the rice. I spied 12 choices on the menu but half was already out when we were there around 8pm. I would have loved to try their bestseller of Coconut Chicken Soup but it was sold out. Lucky for me, I saw another favorite of mine…

We had six bowls of four variations – Watercress Soup (RM5.00), Pork Belly Soup (RM5.50), Old Cucumber Soup (RM5.00) and Pickles Tofu Soup (RM5.00). I like my ‘Ham Choy Taufu’ Soup as it was quite flavorful and warming with its sour flavors. I also had a sip of the Pork Belly Soup and thought it was decent with peppery flavors. For the price one pays, all the soups are considered above average as it was brimming with ingredients to boost up the flavors.

Our Pot of Perfection with The Works arrives (not too long surprisingly) and I inhaled in the salted fish aroma with a heavenly sigh… The pot was also loaded with lots of goodies awaiting our hungry tummies. We ordered two large Claypot Chicken Rice with everything (RM14.00 each) to feed six hungry adults. The sizzling sound of the rice doused with the house special sauce is music to my ears! Big pieces of chicken, slivers of Chinese sausages, a ladle of ginger paste, salted fish and spring onions turned the pot of white rice into a piece of nostalgia.

Let this sit a bit and then mix it up!

I tend to let the rice sit because of the best part of the meal is the crispy bits of rice crackling stuck at the base of the pot! Are you a crispy rice fan like me?? J

Flavors were superb as I could taste the salted fish lending a fabulous aroma and taste to the gingery chicken and soy sauce rice. Chicken pieces are so tender and juicy while the grainy rice was lusciously coated with a myriad of flavors. My only gripe was the Chinese sausage tasted a bit low on the quality end. A splash of Chinese wine was added at the last second to boost up more flavors and aroma!

Blanched Lettuce was our vegetable requirement for that evening.

Total damaged was RM64.00 for two large pot, six soups, vegetable and Chinese tea! Definitely one of the best claypot chicken rice that I have tasted worthy of benchmarking. If you are looking for authentic flavors, this place has it. Owner has been lashing out his pot of rice for more than 20 years and looks like it will be around a bit as his son is taking over the operation. Great food takes time so if you are not one to wait, then I suggest going to other ones without the wait.

My Verdict? Cheap and ultimate comfort food with a touch of nostalgia guaranteed at Shi Yue Tian Claypot Chicken Rice Shop.

Shi Yue Tian Claypot Chicken Rice Shop
C31, Bt. 8, Jalan Puchong
47190 Selangor
Tel: 012 2507 692

Business hours: 5pm to 10pm


  1. Been craving for a good pot of claypot chicken rice but Puchong is too far for me, any recommendation around Kepong area?

  2. since childhood i like the claypot chicken rice in setapak near hot spring. occasionally i'll still go there. will surely go and try this if i'm in puchong area coz claypot chicken rice is my fav! :)

    ~ karen

  3. Choi Yen: Kepong area, I always go to the one near yr house at Wai Sek Kai!

    Nikel: oh yes... simply fabulous!

    Life-muses: you should.. its worth the wait (that is if there is any wait!) ;0)