February 27, 2012

Kah Hing Restaurant and Fan Cam Mei Restaurant, Kepong: Killing Two Birds with One Stone!

Not a new Discovery but definitely something Worth a Try if you like Vietnamese!

I have patron both restaurants quite a few times and suddenly it clicked on why I kept going back! Kah Hing Restaurant and Fan Cam Mei Restaurant has been serving street fare next to each other for a few years and these two restaurants does a really brisk business each day to cater to its loads of noodle lovers like me! Simply home-style fares served in no-frill ambience, so just enjoy their specialties for what it is… J

Kah Hing Restaurant

Kah Hing Restaurant serves home-style Vietnamese fare and is also managed by a group of Vietnamese locals. What is truly magnetizing is that Kah Hing serves Pork! Menu is limited to noodles and some snacks but I felt that it is quite sufficient as you only need a few great dishes instead of a whole lot of average dishes.

For Kah Hing, Vietnamese Coffee (RM3.00) is a must! A coffee Not for the faint-hearted, take this black or with milk, hot or cold. Vietnamese uses a small metal coffee press that allows the coffee to drip slowly into a cup to produce jolts of caffeine enough to compete with the Italian espresso! Vietnamese coffee, known as Ca phe da or Ca phe sua da, is super strong or ‘kao’ with dark and deep aroma and the milk version is really sweet with strong bitterness.

Strong, milky, sweet, bitter and bursting with a caramel aroma, I loved my Ca phe sua da icy cold! Black or White? You decide… J

Vietnamese Springroll (RM4.50) is served as authentic as it can be with crispy rice paper enveloping minced meat and chopped vegetables. Dip these babies into the pungent garlic, chili and fish sauce dip for extra oomph!!

Braised Pig Stomach and Ear (RM7.00) anyone? Spare part lovers, this one is braised in soy sauce and spices till fragrant and tender. I love the stomach more than the ear. The dish screams for beer!

Hoggers would be please to know that Braised Trotter (RM8.00) served ala Vietnamese is also available at Kah Hing. Chunks of fatty trotters are braised in a soy sauce to produce a savory and slightly sweet flavors. One can have this simple ala carte or with rice and noodles. The braised egg rounds up the dish… yum!

Lemongrass Free Range Chicken (RM6.00) features another braised dish of chicken spiced up loads of lemongrass, garlic and chili. Very aromatic in my opinion and the gravy would be glorious on steamy white rice. I polished this one sans the rice.

Noodle lovers, Pork Steak Mee (RM5.00) is a salad of chilled noodles, lettuce,  grilled lean pork steak, roasted peanuts and the distinctive garlic, fish sauce and chili dressing. Mix this up for a combination of savory, sweet, spicy and slightly sour flavors. Love the tender grilled pork and peanut… slurping is a must here!!

Vietnamese medium thick rice noodles are used here together with bean sprout and some herbs for texture and aroma. One can also order rice to go with the pork steak or simply enjoy it on its own.

Prefer soup? Check out Pork Rib Noodle (RM7.00) where pieces of ribs are braised with carrot to lend the porky essences to a slightly sweet and peppery broth. I sense tomato in the background flavor. Although my eating companions thought it was slightly too sweet, I don’t mind it as the flavors are quite unique and truly Vietnamese in nature where combination of all essential flavors are a trademark in the cuisine. Available on Sat or Sunday only.

There is also a Vietnamese Chicken Curry Noodle (RM5.00) where a creamy curry broth laced thin Vietnamese chewy rice noodles and chunks of chicken, bean curd puff and long beans completes the cast. The curry broth was surprisingly not heavy but had a good creamy and lemongrass flavors to it. It was not too spicy for me and I could drink the gravy easily. One slurpi-li-cious curry mee!!

Here’s something else worth mentioning, Kah Hing’s special Lemongrass Chili. Aromatic, spicy and addictive, make sure to ask for this to spice up your meal!

Check out Kah Hing Restaurant for a simple Vietnamese noodle experience. The restaurant is super packed especially on weekends and closes early in the afternoon as soon as they ran out of soup and dishes. Go early if you happen to itch for some Vietnamese caffeine and noodles with hawker price!

Fan Cam Mei Restaurant

Fan Cam Mei’s specialties are fish head and seafood noodles. As the restaurant owners were kind enough to allow customers to order from each other, I decided to order Fish Paste Soup and Dumplings in Soup from Fan Cam Mei Restaurant next door for my child.

Fish Paste in Soup (RM6.50) faired decent. Fish paste is freshly made and has a natural texture compared to those bouncy ones. One can taste the fish flavors so it tends to have a slight fish smell. Basic and decent but nothing to shout about.

Dumplings in Soup (RM5.00) fared slightly better as the dumplings were filled with a good amount of minced meat, carrot, water chestnut and strips of black wood ear fungus. You get a texture of soft, crunchy and a bit bouncy in the overall and flavors are savory and delicious.

My favorite drink at Fan Cam Mei is their Cucumber and Lemon Juice (RM2.80). The flavors are amazing and so refreshing… best of all, superbly healthy and cooling!

The fish head noodles at Fan Cam Mei Restaurant are quite good as the soup is laced with rice wine and creamy with hints of pickled sour vegetables. I don’t have pictures for this but if you are trying to satisfy a few people’s taste bud while getting a taste of Vietnam, you get to kill two birds with one stone here at Sri Sinar, Kepong!

Kah Hing Restaurant & Fan Cam Mei Restaurant
Jalan 6/38D
Taman Sri Sinar
Kepong Baru
52100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS coordinates: 3.1894025, 101.6527605


  1. salivating at the idea of the vietnamese lemongrass chilli!

  2. U tried all food in the Kah Hing's menu? Because I remember their menu choices was quite limited when my visit a few years back :P

    1. its still limited but I like most of the noodles... those I featured are almost all in the menu... kakaka

  3. Macum best nye.. Just TWO-in ONE..is hard for me to 'digest' the information.. haha!

    1. no worries... practice.... you will be able to 'digest' like me in no time!! :P

  4. yummmmyy... I would love to try the pork steak mee and rice noodles!~ It's gonna in my list now.! :D

    1. as promise dearie... come to visit me and I ll bring you there... XD

  5. Replies
    1. do visit... simple food but plenty of satisfaction! ;)

  6. i think the lemongrass chilli becomes one of your favourites there eh? :P noodles with so many tempting side dishes must have tasted superb! :)

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    1. as mentioned, Lemongrass chili is a MUST! I also tried almost all in the menu... :P

  7. VIETNAMESE RICE NOODLES looks yummy!! :D

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