February 24, 2012

Kakigori, One Utama: Japanese Fluffy Snow Ice to Melt Your Hearts!

Talk about desserts and ice creams, here’s another one to Melt your Heart!

Strolling in the ever popular One Utama shopping mall, one should be overwhelmed at the number of eateries there! My recent visit to One Utama was filled with awed at how much has changed since I was last there a few months back. I was there to meet up with college friend who had just opened Kakigori, a booth selling Japanese flavored shaved ice.

Call me biased but don’t you think the whole booth is adorably blue and cute?

Kakigori is the Japanese word for shaved ice. The flavored ice is frozen at -25c and put through a special shaver to produce an extremely fine textured ice that melts the moment it touches your mouth!

There are 11 natural flavors with a bit of everything to please even the pickiest eater!

Seen here is an uber cute ‘Ms Snow Ice’! I wanna carry this home with me… hehehe

One can choose to dine in or take away. The snow ice has two options with a cup or a fresh and crispy Waffle Shell (additional 50 cents charged for shell). I preferred the waffle shell as it was crispy and so aromatic to munch on!

Here’s a quick look at how the snow ice comes about! The huge block of ice is put to the ice shaver to produce the snow ice and dress with the toppings to complete it… voila!

My personal strategy is to feature these icy sensations in four distinctive series…

Fruity Tutti

Fruit lovers, check out the Strawberry, Mango and Peach flavors. Each one showcased the fruit flavors really well and my pick would have to be the mango since I love that fruit a lot. As they served dried fruit, peach slices, sea coconut and popping yoghurt balls, the texture and flavors was really delicious! Strawberry also faired decent as the flavor and aroma had the natural touch of strawberry with none of those fake essence! I was told that the popular one is actually peach though. Paired with peach sauce, peach slices, yoghurt balls and sea coconut, this one also tasted sweet and fruity.

Citrus Power

For the citrus flavors of Orange, Lemon and Calamansi, the snow ice flavors were really refreshing and sour. With my passion for sour flavors, I had a hard time deciding which one was my favorite. Orange was really fragrant while Lemon and Calamansi really brightened up my taste bud.  Lemon was also fragrant with orange slices, sea coconut, yoghurt balls and a sprinkling of lime zest to jazz up the citrus. Orange was simpler but nevertheless invigorating. What really energized my senses was Calamansi with its sweet orange and sea coconut slices, popping yoghurt balls and the fabulous plum powder! Calamansi is one flavor you have to try if you love sour flavors!!

Dreamy Creamy

The creamy flavors are Milk, Green Tea and Chocolate! Basic-to-basic milk was a bit light on flavors but the toppings of nestum, crushed oreo, chocolate syrup and stick did the trick to boost the milky flavors. Green Tea got a round of approvals as the fragrance of the tea was deep and aromatic while creamy mashed red beans and sunflower seeds provided extra flavors and textures! Ok… who doesn’t like chocolate? The chocolate snow ice was deep with cocoa flavors and is simply irresistible for me… seriously how to resist a mountain of fluffy cocoa with crushed orea, peanuts and chocolate syrup!

Nuts about You!

Peanut-smeanut… I love my Peanuts! Aromatic and nutty, the creamy peanut snow ice was accentuated with almonds (another Nut!! wink), irresistible oreo, healthy nestum and chocolate sticks. If you are a little nutty like me… then get this wacky but scrumptious concoction! Black sesame was another favorite with its earthy and aromatic black sesame fragrance. Another nutty creation of black sesame seeds, peanuts and almonds, this one was also my favorite!

This is one hard decision to make as I found so many lovely flavors that I enjoyed very much that day. The icy sensation was really fluffy and so light that I could savor easily. It’s not my first time having snow ice but I do have to point out that the plus points for Kakigori are the flavors are very tastful compared to other brands that I have tried and the price of RM6.90 with 2 – 4 toppings for all flavors (exclude waffle shells) are deemed very reasonable. (I had one brand that cost RM5.90 with only one topping and it was quite flavorless!) So if you are ever in One Utama and is craving for an icy sweet, do check out Kakigori at lower ground floor old wing!

LGK103A, Lower Ground Floor,
(near to Kenny Roger and Bisou cafe)
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya.

*Thanks to Kenny & Annie for the icy sensations!


  1. ahhhh!!! Green Tea Red Bean! Green Tea Red bean~!!! The only pic that I paused and stare for a moment.. ahahah! the sesame one looks edible tho~ nyummm ...thanks for sharing ya! ;) Will try that one day for sure! xP

    1. hehe.. ya, green tea is really good cos this one actually tasted of green tea!

  2. yum!!yum!! look delicious!!!


  3. Oh I've eaten something similar before but it's Taiwanese ice floss. But the way they shave it is the same.

    1. Baby Sumo... yes, I believe that it was the Taiwanese that made this famous today!! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. it is... very flavorful compared to others I have tasted!

  5. The kalamansi & lemon were so refreshing!

  6. the ice shaves look very much like gelato :) can feel how nice to have this during hot days

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  7. I guess this is the competitor to Tong Pak Fu right? It is pretty and delicious but I find it a bit too pricey:D

    1. QP: its actually cheaper than Tong Pak FU... I have been to both and feel that this one is actually more worthy since its got more toppings and price is also cheaper than TPF

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