March 27, 2011

Pin Xiang Restaurant: The Other Side of Alan Yun

Who could have thought that renowned Malaysian actor, Alan Yun, likes his food simple and traditional?

I had the opportunity to sample Alan’s new investment of a Chinese restaurant in Aman Suria recently. Pin Xiang Restaurant, newly opened for two weeks, was surprisingly packed when I got there. News sure travel fast about good food, that’s for sure!

Simple d├ęcor and al fresco, the restaurant was bright and comfortable. Plenty of fans to cool its customers, Pin Xiang had some of its wall panel decorated with its dishes that set me drooling before dinner.

As we were seated, I couldn’t help but notice cans of BOSS Coffee, all beautifully centered, looking icy cool and invigorating. Ah…I almost forgot that Alan is the new ambassador for BOSS! J Lucky us as we got to try out all the flavors there that night. Out of its three flavors of Original, Mocha and Latte, my favorite was Latte because it has a nice balance of milk and coffee. What’s yours?

Candid shot of Alan playing host to other tables. Charming eh? J

We had the honor of sitting on the same table as Soo Wincci, actress and singer, and Isaac Ong, one of the Top Male Models in Malaysia. Soo was gorgeous with fair complexion and exquisite features. Isaac was stylish in his own aura and is quite humorous! Alan was charismatic as usual.

Fu Chuk Yi Mai’ or Fresh Beancurd Sheet with Barley came highly recommended by Alan. It was indeed delicious as the concoction was perfectly thick and smooth! One more please…

First up was Fresh Sauce Intestine. This one got everyone’s vote as the flavor was garlicky and spicy. Lightly poached and adorned with lots of fresh garlic and chili, this dish had a really nice crunchy texture to kick off our meal.

Salted Egg Mantis Prawn had crispy mantis prawns swathed with a creamy coating of salted egg yolk. Creamy, luscious and a hint of heat,   the sauce was fairly good but I felt that the mantis prawn was over battered, hence I cannot really taste the mantis prawn itself.

A lovely mixture of veggies represented Mixed Eight Treasure Vegetables. Lovely texture and lightness showcased the dish to its best. My only gripe is the lotus root was over fried.

House Signature Village Chicken was scrumptious! It’s quite a task to find really good ‘kampung’ chicken but this is delicious! Fresh and firm, the poached chicken had a good chicken essence and the accompanied soy sauce was fragrant and mellow.

I love Pin Xiang Special Fried Tilapia! A perfectly executed dish with extra crispy out front but soft flesh inside, the Tilapia was fresh and sweet. Chef was bold to top the fish with loads of chunky fresh garlic and a really well balanced sauce. Unpretentious but straight and bold, this dish is simplicity at its best.

Another crowd favorite was Champagne Ribs. Glamorous looking spare ribs, nested snuggly in a carved watermelon bowl was flavorful and superb! Ribs were nicely coated with a slightly sweet and savory sauce. Balls of fresh watermelon on the side lend a sweet and freshness taste to the ribs. A must-order in Pin Xiang!

Yam Ring with Sweet and Sour Pork features two traditional dish combined into one. Sweet and sour pork was average as I had better ones. Yam basket was excellent as the yam texture was fluffy and creamy. I am not sure combining them was the greatest as I still prefer ‘kung pao’ style with yam…J

Prawns are one of my favorite seafood, so I was looking forward to this dish of Tasty Soy Sauce Prawns. The dish lived up to its tasty name! Fresh sea prawns was juicy and really sweet. A thin coating of soy sauce really enhanced the whole dish successfully. I had three juicy ones… ssshhh!

Steamed Frogs with Ginger Sauce was presented warmly beneath a burner. Fresh and meaty frogs were nicely steamed and smothered with a spicy ginger sauce. Isaac loved this dish and devoured this with delight!

When I thought I couldn’t eat anymore, a lovely fragrant dish of Stir Prawns or ‘Kon Jin Har’ makes an appearance…hehehe. Of course, I couldn’t resist and had one. This dish as was lovely as its other prawn dish.

I managed to snap a sumptuous looking Ginger and Scallion Beef with Hor Fun that was ordered for another table. Just couldn’t resist this lovely looking dish. I didn’t have any but was told that it was beautifully cooked with smoothness of the sauce against tender beef.

Group photo of the owners of the restaurant with Alan, Soo, Isaac & Peter!

Pin Xiang reflects an authentic and home-style restaurant, serving comfort food which one can consume on daily basis. Alan mentioned that he prefers such comfort food, thus the investment in this restaurant as he believes that the restaurant has great potential serving authentic food at its best!

Reasonable priced, the dishes are of good portions and service is brisk.  No wonder the restaurant is packed! They serve crabs and more luxurious dishes such as shark fin and mini ‘Fatt Tiu Cheong’ as well. The restaurant also serves roast meats for lunch. I definitely have to come back to try all these with my family.

Everyone had a wonderful time and there were much mingling and fun conversations among us. I also got to know other bloggers and invited guests. The meal ended but most of us stayed chatting till late.

Thank you to Alan and Sidney for the lovely evening!

Restaurant Pin Xiang
H-18-G, Jalan PJU 1/45
Aman Suria, Damansara
47301, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603 8945 8733
Fax: 603 8945 5733
(Non Halal)

* Restaurant located next to Lotus Indian Restaurant.

** Alan was a perfect host and I swear the man has no bad camera angles! He looks good at every angle… hehehe!


  1. I love the intestine the most, very crunchy!

  2. CY: Yeah! I m gonna order this again when I go back!

    Nikel: tq, but you shld go and try for yourself!

  3. Oh yeah.. the intestines is definitely the BEST that night! very yummy!