March 17, 2011

The Burberry Beauty Collection, KLCC

Who doesn’t know world wide renowned brand Burberry, famous British fashion house with its global iconic portfolio of the trench coat, trademark check pattern and Prorsum horse logo? Luxurious handbags, fashions, fragrances, and fashion accessories are the list of products available from Burberry.

When I received an invitation to participate in a makeover session in conjunction with the Burberry Beauty product line in KLCC few weekends ago, how can I resist? J

Burberry is now adding beauty to its current portfolio of extensive fashion divisions and this is certainly great news for all beauty lovers here in Malaysia. We were also informed that for the first time in fashion, we are ahead of SG as Burberry has not launch their beauty line there yet!


Burberry Beauty is characterized by the timeless features of the trench coat – it is breathable, lightweight and modern, it’s a subtle layer between you and the elements.

Burberry Beauty takes inspiration from the trench coat which is the heartbeat of Burberry. Capturing its functionality, innovation, iconic style and the sentimental, protective connotations from the elements.

Burberry Beauty is an effortless, natural expression of the Burberry world and every detail is designed in that mindset. It is the complete complement and expression of the Burberry girl.’ quoted Christopher Bailey (CCO, Burberry)

Burberry Signature Spring Look


Overview of the Burberry Beauty counter at KLCC

Fragrance counter is now incorporated with the Burberry Beauty counter

I love this Burberry Sport Fragrance for women. Light and refreshing!

Burberry Beauty showcases natural colors and a wide range of color schemes to cater to each individual’s skin tone.

What impressed me the most was the Sheer Foundation, a luminous fluid foundation with vitamin E to fight signs of ageing and UV filters to protect our skin from the sun. This foundation is based on a hydrating formula to give a luminous subtle and smooth complexion to the skin when applied. Most foundations on the market are oil based but this one feels light and matt, thus giving it a very natural finish without the heaviness of the oil. There is also a Sheer Compact Foundation as well.

The gorgeous natural colors of the Sheer Eye Shadows all beautifully arranged in nature’s shades. I adore the gentleness of the colors as these will remain classic and timeless for a long time to come.

Luscious shades of peaches and pinks to deep reds and plums showcase the Burberry Lip Covers. Moist color stays on even after several hours.

Check out how much thoughts went to designing this lip cover! Elegant designs on the lipstick itself and the packaging to signify the trademark.

Burberry Lip Glow and Lip Definer range to match its Lip Cover colors. I am a big fan of lip gloss and these are just so irresistible! I want one each for all the shades. ;)

There is also an Effortless Mascara available only in black. According to the Product Manager, Ashley, Burberry believes that black is the best color to enhance nature’s given eyelashes. There are also several colored Eye Liners available in dark shades.

To add to the wonderful beauty session, we had our own portrait for remembrance before we were ushered to Chinoz on the Park for an English tea and scones.

Dainty finger sandwiches, smoked salmon, and a scrumptious set of desserts really bring a sense of indulgence to my afternoon!

Buttery scones with cream and jam were such a luxury. Chamomile tea was soothing and mild, adding a sense of satisfaction to the whole affair.       

My favorite dessert was the dark chocolate mousse. It was rich and perfect balance of bitter and sweet with a dollop of cream that really made my day!

The final treat to complete the affair was a token gift bag with Burberry products that was used in my make up session. Truly effortless and inspiring beauty by Burberry!

A big Thank you to the Luxasia Team, Goh Un Lu (Division Gm, Cosmetics & Fragrance), Pink (Senior Product Manager), Ashley (Product Manager) and my make up artist, Christine for all their great work in bringing Burberry Beauty to Malaysia.

Burberry Beauty is now available at KLCC Isetan Counter. Do check it out yourselves… J

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  1. ‘Burberry Beauty is an effortless, natural expression of the Burberry world and every detail is designed in that mindset. It is the complete complement and expression of the Burberry girl.’ quoted Christopher Bailey (CCO, Burberry)
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