March 6, 2011

Deustche Gasthaus 5, The Porky Guinness Bierhaus

Oo la la…I am in porky heaven! In conjunction with the GUINNESS® St. Patrick Festival 2011 going through the month of March, I had the opportunity to pig out at a participating restaurant featuring GUINNESS® infused food!

Deutsches Gasthaus 5, located in Bandar Menjalara, certainly lives up to its tag ‘The Porky Bierhaus’. This is the fifth branch of the restaurant group and I have been here at this branch several times already. The environment is really laid back and comfy, great service and most awesome porky indulgence. J

Since it was GUINNESS® month, we sample quite a few GUINNESS® inspired creations from the chef.

First of all, one certainly must enjoy a good pint of its world famous stout!

I notice these glasses have the age old famous ads for GUINNESS®.

This T-Bar deserves a special mentioned as I was told that not all places get one! This restaurant must be very special to get one.


Deutsches Gasthaus Omelet with Bacon was served in crunchy lettuce shells. Bacon makes everything taste awesome! Light and crunchy, this was a good starter.

Thousand Island Tomatoes stuffed with Mixed Seafood filling was next. Oo…I just love this appetizer. It was so refreshing from the beautiful red tomatoes and the luscious mixed seafood filling. I could have this all by myself!

See how gorgeous the seafood mixture is? Squid, prawns and other seafood all minced up and laced with thousand island sauce was a brilliant piece by the chef.


When Beef Goulash was served, I noticed two cute dumplings served with it. One bite of this goulash immediately makes my heart sing with joy. Beef was really tender and well braised and the star was certainly the sauce which was full of depths and flavors. Dumplings were quite plain but when mopped with the sauce, it was divine! We cleaned this plate till it was shiny white…hahaha.

When Braised Pork Ribs with GUINNESS® sauce was placed in front of me, I was just drooling. Soft, moist and superb, the flavors were really beautiful. The hint of GUINNESS® really kicks up this dish a notch! Accompanied coleslaw was creamy and matches really well with the ribs. Ribs were wiped out intensely by us.

Pork Loin with GUINNESS® Black Pepper sauce showcased pork at its best! The loin tasted like B.A.C.O.N and sent me to cloud nine! My only gripe is that dumplings didn’t really seem to match and I would have preferred potatoes. Sauce was average as the loin meat was already well flavored and moist.

Pork Fillet with GUINNESS® sauce and Bacon Cabbage. This dish was average for me as the fillet was tender and moist but the sauce was not really outstanding probably due to the few ones I had earlier that was so good!

One thing that did stand out from the fillet dish was the Bacon Cabbage. Boy oh boy, this side dish really was delicious and scrumptious! Another helping please……

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, comes a innocent looking GUINNESS® Chicken with BBQ Sauce. Chicken thigh rolled up and grilled, this was delectable and moist. BBQ sauce was tangy and perfectly sweet to enhance the juicy chook. Order this if you are a chicken lover as it is one of the best chicken dishes I have tasted.

Homemade Pasta Nero was the black sheep of the meal. Innocent looking pasta made from squid ink and served with huge fresh prawns was a real delight. One bite of this sent luscious, spicy and garlicky flavors to my tongue. I love this simple pasta as it was cooked al dente and the spiciness was really the beautiful surprise for this dish.

The Piece de Resistance of the night! Deutsches Gasthaus Crispy Pork Knuckle took center stage and glorified the whole occasion. This is a must order dish in every German restaurant but not everyone gets it perfect. They certainly did an awesome pork knuckle here! J

Sigh… I could just have this alone and I would be satisfied. Super crispy and crunchy without the oily touch, the skin was like a cracker! I was told that some people order this just for the skin alone. I would be that someone also after tasting this here.

Just couldn’t resist, one more picture of the heavenly king of pork! Meat was moist and tender and so well flavorful. Sauerkraut was a bit dry in my opinion but this dish is well valued and definitely worth the order here at Deutsches Gasthaus!

Check out what carnivorians would do for a pork knuckle! There is a sense of sheer ecstasy in gnawing the scrumptious knuckle till every bit is clean out. Burp!


Despite being satiated with porky goodness, desserts had me drooling again…hehehe. Apple pie with Strawberry Ice Cream was sinful. Simple apple pie baked and topped with a crumbly crust was fruity and fresh. Warm and berrylicious, this pie really takes the cake on dessert. I wish they could change the ice cream to Vanilla as I prefer vanilla over strawberry for this pie!

Vanilla Ice Cream with Pancake was quite a delight too. My feedback to the chef was that the pancake should be thinner.

Tiramisu was divine! For alcoholics out there, this tiramisu is laced heavily with alcohol. One bite is enough to convince you to order this again!

Deutsches Gasthaus 5 certainly is worth coming back for all its porky delights. This special GUINNESS® infused menu will be available here in line with the GUINNESS® St. Patrick’s Festival event happening at Deutsches Gasthaus 5 on 9th March, Wednesday, 9pm – 12 midnight!

For more information on the events and participating restaurants:

Deutsches Gasthaus 5
G03 ,K- Gallery, 10
Jln Menjalara Idaman
(1/62A),Bandar Menjalara
52200 KL, WP

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