March 14, 2011

Serdang Ong Duck Restaurant, Dengkil

During lunch one day, my friend took me to this newly open duck rice place in Dengkil. The name of the restaurant states Serdang, hence I am assuming this is a branch of the famous duck rice in Serdang.

Simple to honest fare, we put in our order quickly for a duck Wan Tan noodle and duck rice.

Iced Barley, soup & pickled chilies waiting patiently for our main fare.

I had the Duck Breast with Wan Tan Noodles. Yum! Despite that is was duck breast, the meat was smooth, moist and flavorful. The best part of all? The slightly crispy skin…was very tasty and lovely! Noodles were al dente and really showcase the duck.

Rice was fluffy and quite aromatic. Tambah nasi please…

My friend had the duck with rice. The duck jus was really good to douse the rice to add extra flavors. Chili sauce was also a good addition to boost up more flavors.

When I feel something is really nice, I cannot resist adding one more picture of it! Look at the golden brown crispy skin of the duck…so lovely!

They also have other dishes available like steamed Soong fish head, minced meat tofu, salted egg tofu, steamed salted fish minced meat and others.

We agreed both noodle and rice was lovely with the scrumptious duck. Whole duck is priced at RM43 and half portion at RM22. Our dishes are between RM4 to RM6, depending on what you order. They do have roast chicken as well.

I have been back here twice since this meal. There are not many places to eat in Dengkil but this one is a sure winner for duck!

Serdang Duck Ong Restaurant
18, Jalan Deluxe 4,
Pusat Perdagangan Deluxe
43800, Dengkil, Selangor
Tel: 012 663 2628, 016 685 0715, 016 355 1399


  1. I love the crispy skin of roast duck (who don't? ^^), can tambah kulit? haha XD

  2. Lunch only? or is the restaurant ever open for dinner?

  3. CY: I wish can tambak kulit also.. :P

    JMK: No, they are only open for lunch for now but you can try and call them to check... :)