March 21, 2011

A Good Fishy Tale: Moon Sing Restaurant

Being foodies, we are always looking for food adventures yet to be discovered. One fine weekend, armed with an empty stomach and a knowledgeable guide, we went food hunting around Desa Aman Puri area. Somehow we ended up in the Taman Perindustrian KIP area nearby Desa.

It was a quiet area as the shop lots were facing a row of factories. Suddenly, we saw this banner that states mountain water fresh tilapia for RM10 at Moon Sing Restaurant. Foodies could never resist a good deal when we see one! Without much encouragement needed, our driver quickly parked the car and the whole gang marched right into the restaurant.

Minimal d├ęcor, the restaurant looks clean and the walls were filled with many pictures of fishing expeditions. Our server came over and started recommending fish specialties as these were their trademark. Orders were quickly sent into kitchen and we sipped their house drink while waiting for the food to arrive.

Bukit Tinggi Passion Fruit with Assam Boi Juice was really refreshing and lovely. Nice balance of sour and sweet, the crunchy passion seeds also provided a texture to the drink.

As the restaurant were not busy, we got talking to the owner and were told that almost all the main ingredients were brought in from Bukit Tinggi. The whole area has nature’s blessing of fresh mountain water to supply its nutrients, hence the whole environment produces fresh and bountiful fishes and vegetables.

House Special Claypot Tilapia (RM12) fresh from Bukit Tinggi’s river was brought out with a sizzle. As soon as the claypot lid was lifted, a wonderful savory aroma filled our table. We quickly snapped our pictures and dived right in. The flesh was firm and sweet. No mud smell detected and the minimal soy sauce really enhances the overall experience. We had to scrape the pot clean of its sauce. Despite the minimal sauce, the fish was really enjoyable and well flavored. We could taste the freshness of the sweet fish. Thumbs up from everyone and we agree that we could just have this fish alone with rice for lunch as the price is very reasonable.

Crispy Fried ‘Ma Yau’ with ‘Ham Choy Taufoo’ Sauce (RM20 onwards depending on size) reminded me of ‘Kah Heong Choy’. This dish really reflected traditional kampong recipe as it has basic simple ingredients all harmonized beautifully. It has the elements of sweet, sour and savory with the balance perfectly executed by the chef. I especially adore the pickled veggie and beancurd. J

When Baby French Beans with Crispy Pork Belly (RM18) was served, it was a dreamy sight to behold! I mean seriously, how can one not love this picture? Crispy pork belly tasted sweet and crunchy against lightly fried crunchy baby French beans was a delight to savor. This is definitely one veggie I don’t mind eating at all…ahem ahem!

We had another veggie which was recommended by the server that was fresh and nutritious as well, ‘Tin Chat’ Vegetable Soup with Ginger, Mushroom and Goji Berry (RM8). Simple fare of a plant that is called ‘Tin Chat’ leaves, not to be confused by another root also called the same name, was boiled with shredded ginger, sliced mushrooms and ‘Kei Chi’. Server said this soup has natural nutritional values for our body. The leaves, grown wild, were picked fresh from Bukit Tinggi and brought to the restaurant when available.

We requested for a fresh leave as we have never come across this before. When cooked, the leave is quite similar to sweet potato leaves texture with a slight slippery smoothness of the leaves.

Bentong Chicken (RM15) was another ‘Kah Heong Choy’ that showcased the local ingredients available around that area. We didn’t know what to expect when we ordered this but this was certainly a nice surprise. Local fed Bentong chicken was stir fried with lots of spring onion and ginger in a ‘Keong Yong’ sauce. ‘Keong Yong’ sauce is made from lots of ginger pounded and cooked with coriander and spring onions with oyster sauce. We were told Bentong ginger is used here for that extra gingery oomph! Firm and with a bite, the chicken breast pieces were yummy as I nearly walloped most of this dish. Now I know what to do with my leftover steamed chicken and ‘Keong Yong’ sauce… hehehe!

We couldn’t resist another fish dish when we found out they had Assam style. Since the Tilapia was such a great value, we ordered the Assam Steamed Tilapia (RM10). Another winner because the fish was sweet and the spicy sourish sauce really perks up the whole dish. There is plenty of sauce to flood my rice and we love this kind of flooding…hahaha. Everyone raved about this fish and we had a hard time deciding which flavor taste better. Our conclusion is to order these entire flavors again since prices were so reasonable!

Our verdict was what you see is what you get here at Moon Sing. Simple fare, fresh and so affordable, this place is such a hidden surprise. Unlike places that offer cheap prices for tilapias but compromises on the quality, this one really honored it freshness and showcased the fish at its best.

If you are in the mood for some simple ‘Kah Heong Choy’, do try to find this place because the food is sincerely good and homemade. The location may not be as popular but the food is worth the search. They also have special catch of the day fishes, hence do ask the server for recommendation. I m bringing my family back here for sure…

Location map for the restaurant 

Moon Sing Restaurant
No 41, Jalan KIP 2
Taman Perindustrian KIP
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 62751037 / 017 2075271 (Ms Cheng)

Business Hours:
Mon – Sat  10am to 10pm
Sun           12pm to 10pm
(Closed on every alternate Tuesday)


  1. I'm working in this area lor... hehe ^^

  2. CY: Oh good! Go try if you get a chance... :)

  3. i have a friend by the name Tin Chat.. lol.. now I know what it means!