August 25, 2016

Komugi Otsukimi Moon Cakes

A Mid-Autumn’s Celebration with Komugi Otsukimi Moon Cakes

Celebrate this year’s Mid-Autumn festive season with gifts of Komugi Otsukimi Moon Cakes for your family, friends and loved ones. The Japanese bakery launched their Otsukimi moon cake last year and is continuing their success this year with delicious flavors.

Sharing the same tradition with the Japanese festival of honoring the autumn moon, Otsukimi or Jugoya refers to moon-viewing on the 15th of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. Long associated with rabbits and mocha, Otsukimi shares a legend of a rabbit pounding mochi with an old-style wooden hammer that apparently lives on the surface of the moon.

In honors of Otsukimi, Komugi has created four delectable moon cakes set in a modern and contemporary dark blue box. The dark blue box is set with a golden full moon filled with playful dancing bunnies that really plays to the Otsukimi festivity. Inside are four individually wrapped white box with pretty pastel renditions of Japanese motifs that encased four of Komugi’s moon cakes.

Komugi’s four baked moon cakes are Low Sugar White Lotus, Green Tea Apricot, German Black Forest, and Azuki Milk. Go classic and savor creamy and nutty low sugar white lotus or take on a modern taste of dark and rich chocolatey sensation of German Black Forest. The luscious fudgy chocolate paste is studded with dried sweet cherries, perfect rendition of flavors of bittersweet notes of the famous cake that everyone loves.

Then there’s the Japanese classic flavor of green tea and azuki. Komugi’s Green Tea Apricot has a rich green tea note through the baked skin as well as the green tea paste. What makes it so delectable is the hidden gem of apricot fruity sweetness to lighten up the green tea. Premium creamy Japanese red bean paste with a center of milky nut paste encased in golden baked skin summed up Azuki Milk. Delicately sweet and creamy, the aroma is also wonderfully enticing.

From now till 2 September, the Early Rabbit Special offers a 10% every box of Komugi Mooncakes. Get your Komugi Otsukimi Moon Cakes at all Komugi outlets as well as Mid Valley booth.

While you’re at Komugi, don’t forget to savor their signature Baumkuchen series. Coils of even layers of aromatic cake that originates from Germany, the baum comes in various flavors of Original, Matcha, Strawberry, Choccolate, Pandan and Black Sesame. There are also plenty of other tempting bread, pastries and desserts that is simply irresistible!

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