August 24, 2016

The Emperor @ Dorsett Grand Subang: Mooncakes & Dim Sum

Treasure of Mid-Autumn with Halal Certified Mooncakes

Mooncake season is back and it’s time to enjoy a traditional treat of mooncakes with family, friends and loved ones. From 1 August to 15 September 2016, Dorsett Grand Subang is featuring new flavors and classic flavors of their Treasure of Mid-Autumn Halal Certified Mooncakes available at the hotel lobby and The Emperor restaurant.

Dim Sum Chef Chan Chee Loon has created 3 new signature mooncakes this year and diners can expect the very best of flavors from these mooncakes. There are 11 variations in total of baked and crystal skin mooncake flavors available this year with returning favorites as well as the 3 new flavor. The price of the mooncakes start from RM25 nett to RM30 each.

The 3 signature new mooncakes to savor this year are Crystal Skin Peppermint Chocolate Paste Mooncake, Baked Ginseng Qi Zi Paste with Single Yolk Mooncake and Baked Low Sugar White Coffee Durian Paste Mooncake.

If you enjoy the tingling sensation of minty peppermint with chocolate, the Crystal Skin Peppermint Chocolate Paste Mooncake is perfect for you. The balance of the peppermint against the chocolate was spot on. The dark rich chocolate with nutty bits is just velvety and rich while the peppermint leaves a light and soothing minty after note.

My favorite mooncake of the 3 new flavor is the Baked Ginseng Qi Zi Paste with Single Yolk. Ginseng flavor is pretty noticeable in the mooncake and works very well the goji berry paste. The hint of bitter note is definitely unique and tasted very pleasant and familiar on the palate. Coupled with the salty and luscious egg yolk, this mooncake packs a delightful and unique flavor profile that many elders will enjoy.

The Baked Low Sugar White Coffee Durian Paste Mooncake is also rather unique and features a good hint of the king of fruits. Since durian and coffee are both strong in flavors, the duo proves to be a solid match for each one, lending a rich and robust flavor mooncake.

We were treated to a Mooncake Demonstration by Chef Chan. Every step-by-step looked amazingly simple but we all know that it takes a lot of skill and the right ingredients to make these mooncakes. Let’s leave the making of the mooncakes to the expert!

Head on over to Dorsett Grand Subang for the 11 mooncake flavors available from 1 August to 15 September, 2016. Patrons who purchase four pieces of mooncakes and above will get a complimentary specially designed mooncake gift box.

For bulk purchase, 15% discount is given for 10-29 boxes purchased and 30% discount for 30 boxes and above purchased. Dorsett Prestige Club members will receive 20% discount on all mooncake purchases. The rates and 10% service charge are inclusive of 6% GST rate.

For orders and enquiries, please call 603 5031 6060 for more details.

Pork Free Dim Sum at The Emperor

While one is at Dorsett Grand Subang, do head on over to Chinese restaurant, The Emperor for scrumptious bites of dim sum. Famous for their pork free dim sum, The Emperor serves a solid selection of steamed, baked and fried dim sums. Chef Chan’s skillful touch are definitely well-received by many foodies who enjoy pork free dim sum.

The Emperor serves Cantonese cuisine set in a traditional ambiance. Spacious main dining room as well as private dining rooms are well decorated with Chinese motifs and classic Chinese table settings.

From the steamed dim sum selection, diners will be pleased at their popular choices of Steamed Siew Mai Emperor Style, Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Coriander, Steamed Bamboo Pith Roll, Fish Paste Dumpling with Garlic, Crispy Cheong Fun with Prawns and more.

The Siew Mai and Prawn Dumplings are beautiful in flavor and texture. A solid bouncy texture in the Siew Mai is a testament to how skillful Chef Chan is in his repertoire. Sweet firm prawns encased in lightly chewy crystal skin is very enjoyable.

There’s the bouncy Steamed Fish Paste Dumpling with Garlic that had a rich fish flavor that anyone of all ages will enjoy.

Simply a must-order, the Crispy Cheong Fun with Prawns had a harmonious texture of soft, crispy, bouncy and firm all rolled in one. Love the savory and sweet flavor of the dish!

Salted egg yolk foodies will definitely be hooked on the Steamed Squid Ink Bun with Salted Egg. Unctuously moreish and rich, the oozing filling is simply finger-licking food while the fluffy bao makes the right partner to soak up the richness.

There’s also the Pan-Fried Shanghai Dumpling with its lightly crisp skin encasing juicy meaty filling. Add on a bit of chili oil or enjoy it with the vinegar and ginger sauce for extra flavor.

One cannot go wrong with the Deep Fried Vegetarian Spring Roll, simple classic dim sum made well and enjoyable.

There’s crispy Deep-Fried Yam Dumpling with its sweet chicken char siu filling that was a crowd pleaser that day. Fluffy and creamy yam with a crispy exterior and moreish filling is always a favorite of mine anytime.

Another classic must-have at any dim sum meal is Baked Mini Egg Tart. The ones here have a buttery flaky crust filled with wobbly eggy custard.

There are plenty more dim sum choices on the menu so gather your parties to try them all. The pork free dim sum at The Emperor is definitely one of the better dim sums I have had in the city.

For reservations at The Emperor, kindly contact: +603 5031 6060 ext 1954

Dorsett Grand Subang
Jalan SS12/1,
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 603 5031 6060


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