August 8, 2016

Tiki Taka @ Medan Damansara

Modern Asian Inspired Pintxos & Tapas!

Inspired by travels to Barcelona, founder Hans Gill and Chef Carrie Scully is taking pintxos and tapas to new heights in our city. Tiki Taka, a playful rendition of the owner and chef’s playground in taking small Spanish bites and elevating it with an Asian twist. It’s about time too as the concept works wonders when it comes to an evening of fun filled giggle juices, sharing plates and rambunctious company.

Tiki Taka may not be the first tapas restaurant but it had certainly made its own mark when we walked in on a Tuesday night. Barely opened for two months, words has already gotten out that this watering hole is filled with lots of sumptuous pintxos and tapas.

Located in Medan Damansara among some solid restaurants, Tiki Taka is set on an end lot and comes with its own free valet parking. Choose your seats in the cool dining area or be like most who opted for the al fresco area set with high tables and chairs for casualness. The décor is relatively simple and sufficient, evoking a calm and easy vibe for much R&R after a long day at work.

While Tiki Taka is open in the evening for dinner on weekdays, the weekends filled with servings of breakfast to dinner. The menu offers a large selection of pintxos and tapas as well as a selection of bigger bites (just in case…). Breakfast menu is only served on weekends.

While waiting for others to arrive, we went easy and enjoy a Virgin Mojito (RM12) & Chamomile Tea (RM9).

And then it was on to the giggle juice of Apple Mojito (RM25), a refreshing concoction of rum, apple, mint, lime and all the other goodies.

Latte (RM9) for our after dinner treat.

The evening kicked off with a classic Tomato & Serrano (RM6 per piece). A sweet and tangy tomato bruschetta topped with beautiful slices of salty serrano ham and completed with a drizzle of balsamic glaze, basil and edible flowers. It was a bite of savory, sweet and tangy yumminess.

Taking on the spiced route, the Dabeli Tart (RM6) is a pretty hodgepodge of spicy masala potatoes nestled in a buttery sweet tart. The mini tart has flavours of spices and creamy potatoes with crunchy touches from pomegranate, tomatoes and celery.

OK so this one is take on the famous fast food burger but certainly jazzed up to a premium level. The McFillet (RM8 per piece) is beautifully enticing with its brioche bun sandwiching golden panko crusted fish fillet and topped with Chef Scully’s concoction of passion fruit sauce, ranch, cucumber, pickled shallot and more. I adored how thick, fresh and juicy the fish fillet was. Its heaven on a bun if you asked me!

You’re either going to love it or not when it come to the Nutella & Bacon (RM6 per piece). Reading off the list, this indulgence has Nutella, caramelized banana, grilled bacon, walnut, truffle honey and blueberries. There is a lot of ingredients on this bite. I do enjoy this a fair but except I didn’t think it needed the blueberries since there is already the dark rich bananas. The bacon works for me with the Nutella and banana because it added a salty element to this dish, reminding us that it is a savory canape and not a sweet one.

Sriracha Gambas Al Ajillo (RM24) is a popular tapas and the version here is scrumptious. Sweet and firm prawns cooked in piquant and spicy Sriracha and garlicky sauce is great with baguette. I like the big kick of heat in the sauce and couldn’t resist mopping it up with the bread.

The Saffron & Squid Ink Pasta (RM22) looked almost too pretty to be eaten. What a color palette on the eye! Squid ink spaghetti is paired with creamy saffron sauce, prawns, mandarin sacs and finished with Szechuan Chili Oil. There is something unctuously yummy about this dish. Creamy and punchy, it’s the sauce that really made the dish so unique. The addition of chili oil is quite unexpected but definitely a brilliant addition to jazz up this pasta.

For a heavier bite, the Strawberry Chicken Pizza (RM20) will surprise you. Who would have thought that strawberries would go with BBQ chicken, caramelized onions, cheese, coriander and a luscious balsamic glaze. Personally, I think the balsamic glaze is the magic binder in this pizza. The tangy syrupy sweetness really works well with the chicken and strawberry. The savory and sweet notes is just right for me on the medium thin pizza.

Dinner ended with a popular Spanish dessert of Churros (RM12). Long pipes of crispy dough with a light chewy center is just made for dipping into a pot of creamy chocolate sauce. Sweet, chocolatey, crunchy and full of cinnamon aroma, it’s definitely a dessert to order here at Tiki Taka.

We like what Tiki Taka brings to our gastro world. Food is funky, eclectic, fusion and takes you on a new roller coaster of flavours. There’s nothing too serious here and yet there are some classics if you want to safe. Great place to hang out and the free valet is definitely a big perk here too!

138, Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-328 7438

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri     4pm-1am
Sat-Sun    9am-1am