August 20, 2016

Genji Japanese @ Hilton Petaling Jaya: Seafood Showcase with Chef Tetsuya Yanagida

An Authentic Japanese Experience with Sustainable IKEJIME Fish

In our world today, there are many things that are disappearing faster than we realize. Food source is one of them. Nature’s food source is crucial to our lives and due to the environmental changes and other arising matters as well as technology evolvement, our food source is fast depleting unless we do something about it.

We enjoy our seafood. In fact, we love it so much, we consume tons of it daily. In order to continue to enjoy our seafood, it’s time to take some responsibility and participate in the sustainable seafood movement. By consuming sustainable seafood, we can be sure that we can still enjoy a variety of seafood in a long time to come.

Starting from 22 August to 11 September, Hilton Petaling Jaya is proud to host a Seafood Showcase with Chef Tetsuya Yanagida at Genji Japanese Restaurant. Available for lunch and dinner, a special menu crafted by Chef Yanagida using sustainable seafood and IKEJIME method is set to tempt diners with gastronomical temptations. Ikejime, originated in Japan, is a special method of paralyzing and cleaning the fish to sustain their freshness longer.

Chef Yanagida, who works as a consultant to the IKEJIME fish project with sustainable seafood supplier GST Fine Foods Sdn Bhd currently, also believes that sustainable caught or farmed seafood is just as good as those raised in the wild. The passionate chef graduated from Chef’s school in Japan and began his career in a 500-seat Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. With more than 24 years of culinary experience, he has worked across Japan and now resides in Malaysia where he has also worked many renowned Japanese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and has been responsible for these restaurants openings as well.

He has been awarded the honorable Japan Prime Minister Award for Japanese Cuisine Chefs and Occupational Certification as well as the honor of being a licensed FUGU handler (blowfish) who is certified to prepare and sell the poisonous fish.

Together with Genji Head Chef Richard Teoh, diners are certainly in for a delicious treat of gorgeous seafood prepared the authentic Japanese way. Chef Teoh brings with him over 27 years of culinary experience and is renowned for his talents on traditional modern cuisine featuring classic Japanese ingredients crafted with the best of modern Japanese techniques.

GST, Goh Siong Tee Seafood Supplies started in the 90s and the company’s first marine water fishing farm was setup in Penang using marine cage culture method. Today, the farm has one of the largest sea cages and facilitates other farmers in growing their business. The GST Group has received major recognition and accolades both locally as well as internationally.

Seafood Showcase with Chef Yanagida features a premium set of seafood dishes priced at RM168 nett as week as exquisite a la carte dishes that are available fromRM50 nett onwards. The premium set of seafood delights includes an appetizer, Chawan Mushi, Seafood Mushini Hot Pot , rice, IKEJIME fish head miso soup and dessert.

I have always have a soft spot for Genji Japanese Restaurant. One of the first few Japanese restaurants in hotel in Petaling Jaya, food has always been consistently solid. Coupled with Genji’s renovated ambiance, diners can enjoy a solid list of authentic Japanese dishes prepared with a touch of modern presentation and flavors by Chef Richard.

Dinner commenced with an epic presentation of Assorted Sashimi. A selection of the finest fish of IKEJIME Grouper, IKEJIME Red Snapper, Toro, Tuna, Salmon and Marlin is artistically displaying on ice. The sashimi slices is one of the freshest cuts of fish that evening. Toro was sublime and so was the marlin which is so buttery rich and smooth.

Particularly notable is the Ikejime Grouper and Ikejime Red Snapper of course. The texture of the fish is beautifully firm with a good bite and has a natural sweetness of delicate oceanic flavors. One would think that both white fish have been flown in from Japan as the freshness and quality is unbelievably as good as those from Japan!

Next up, Prime IKEJIME Fish Roll with Spring Onion & Chinese Coriander, another dish that showcase how good the fish can be when its prepared Ikejime style. The white fish is marinated with some sauce and rolled up maki style, served with a light drizzle of savory sweet sauce. Fresh and light, the rolls are easy to enjoy.

Another way to enjoy fish is to fry it and Chef Yanagida’s next dish of Deep Fried IKEJIME Grouper with Ginger Flavoured Tabasco Nazu is simple but delicious. Perfectly lightly golden and crispy, the firm grouper fillets are served with a tantalizing and piquant gingery sauce with hints of heat. The drizzle of mayo added richness to the dish as well.

An oceanic treasure pot was next and the Seafood Mushini Hot Pot is certainly a treat of comfort food. Available in two soup base of Shabu or Yuzu broth, the clay pots were filled with IKEJIME Grouper, IKEJIME Red Snapper, Abalone, Scallop, Mussels and assorted Mushrooms.

The Shabu Shabu broth is savory and sweet with a familiar umami note and goes well with the assorted premium seafood. The Yuzu broth was my favorite simply because I love how the citrusy aroma and flavor enhanced the seafood to its maximum sweetness. From the thick cuts of sweet red snapper and grouper fillet to the premium abalone, scallop and mussels, one cannot help but to revel at the full glory of such lavish cuts of seafood. The mushrooms too were delicious after its soaking of the broths. A hot pot worthy of a return visit…

We also enjoy the same seafood prepared in IKEJIME Red Snapper, Abalone, Scallop & Mussels Teppanyaki. Here, the seafood takes on a different flavor and aroma profile as it is chargrilled teppanyaki style with loads of garlic, butter and soy sauce. The smoky flavor profile is superb and elevated the freshness and sweetness of the seafood to such moreish notes. Garlicky savory with a rich buttery note, it’s a full-fledge lip-smacking seafood sensation!

Besides all the Ikejime fish dishes, we also savored a classic Tempura Shishamo. These protein laden fish filled with eggs are lovely with its crispy and natural flavor. Savor this with the tempura sauce for extra yumminess.

The Japanese does a mean Garlic Fried Rice and Genji’s version will have one packing on the carb. Potent with aromatic garlic bits, the fried rice is just as addictive as all the other dishes that evening.

Genji Signature Green Tea Ice Cream to finish up the evening on a fresh and creamy note.

For reservations, please contact Genji Japanese Restaurant at 03 7955 9122 extn. 4071/4072 or visit Hilton Petaling Jaya’s F&B blog, for the latest F&B and entertainment promotions.

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