August 15, 2016

Sakae Sushi Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem

Sakae Sushi Turns Delightful 19!

Time sure flies and the iconic friendly green frog for Sakae Sushi has delightful reasons to celebrate this month with all its diners. A long way since its humble beginnings, the global chain restaurant of Sakae Sushi has been serving diners with tasty, healthy and value-for-money Japanese cuisine set in a casual and fun environment.

Sakae Sushi has always undertake several effective measures to improve and maintain their food quality standards. The global chain restaurant also emphasizes greatly on the nutrition value of food served to ensure its diners enjoy a solid healthy meal that is always tasty and creative. In fact, they are one of the only Japanese restaurant that introduces a unique patented Interactive Ordering System on iPads, allowing diners to enjoy efficient and effective ordering through their interactive menu and sending in orders to the kitchen with a quick few clicks.

In conjunction with its Delightful 19th Anniversary celebration, Sakae Sushi is bringing in more fun, cheer and deliciousness with Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem promotion. Diners will stand a chance to win some of Sakae Sushi’s delicious signature dishes and even bring home a super cute limited edition Sakae Sushi Plushie!

It’s really as easy as 1-2-3…

DINE - win a Free 1x Delightful Gift Card with puzzle for minimum spending of RM60

MATCH – collect the matching puzzles and paste them on Delightful Gift Card

REDEEM – Present your Delightful Gift Card with the matching puzzles to redeem delectable dishes and a cute Sakae Sushi Plushie.

In a nutshell, here’s how many dishes you can win after collecting the puzzles!

Sakae Sushi Plushie comes in three design with each one representing a unique aspect of Sakae Sushi:
Salmon Sushi Plushie – carries a mini plane reminding customers that all salmon at Sakae Sushi is air-flown fresh from the Atlantic
Tamago Sushi Plushie – carries chicken and eggs with its hands to indicate Sakae Sushi’s farm-to-table philosophy
Ebi Sushi Plushie – spells a fun-filled dining experience for patrons at all time.

The cute plushies has a message to remind us “Think Sushi, Think Sakae”. One can also purchase the Sakae Sushi Plushie for the price of RM29.90 at any Sakae Sushi outlets.

Here’s the dishes that you can win and enjoy with the SakaeSushi Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem.

Renowned for their value-for-money Japanese cuisine, the Fuku Set (RM28.99) is beautifully tempting at sight. A solid variety of sushi and gunkan sushi that is a crowd pleaser. From salmon sushi, cheesy tamago sushi, kani fumi sushi to soft shell crab maki, futo maki, kani edamame inari and chukka mekabu gunkan, I would certainly be please if I win one of this dish… yum!!

Sashimi Mori Aki (RM17.99) is a bowl of colors from its pieces of salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi and butterfish sashimi set on a bed of ice, sashimi lovers are going to enjoy this a lot.

Then there’s the classic and all-time-favorite Tempura Moriawase (RM13.99). A basket of carefully balanced and plated crispy and golden tempura of prawns and assorted vegetables served with tempura dipping sauce and grated radish. I love the lightly and crispy tempura batter and I can still taste the prawn and vegetables natural sweetness.

Sakae Teishoku (RM26.99) proved to be a full meal with a few variety of dishes. Appetizer of Grilled Scallop with Mentaiko Mayo, main dish of Crispy Chicken Cutlet with a side of Japanese Curry with vegetables, rice, miso soup and Sakae chawanmushi. Comfort food and great for big eaters or even sharing. My little one loves this dish, especially the delicious Japanese curry whenever he dines at Sakae Sushi.

The Sakae Sushi Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem is only available for a limited time only so make sure to win yourselves some awesome dishes as well as the adorable plushie!

Besides the dishes that you can win from the Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem, there is also the kid’s menu of Fire Engine (RM14.99) that always pleases little ones. Served in special fire engine platter, there’s Chicken Teriyaki with Rice, Prawn Tempura and Smiley Potato Hash. A fun way to get the little ones to enjoy their food. There’s even a train set too.

Don’t forget to save some room for desserts. Enjoy icy treats of Vanilla, Goma, Matcha, Coffee or Houjicha Ice Cream. Specially unique and droolworthy is their Houjicha Ice Cream and Coffee Ice Cream as well as the Goma Ice Cream.

My little one got really lucky and won a prize from Sakae Sushi friendly Green Frog! Thank you Sakae Sushi...

There’s a reason why many enjoy the popular kaiten sushi-concept restaurant. Sakae Sushi offers value-for-money Japanese cuisine with lots of choices. With 32 outlets spread all over Malaysia, Sakae Sushi is contanstly offering additional promotions and good value deals to diners. Did you know that Kids eat Free on Sunday too?

Happy Delightful 19th Sakae Sushi!

For more information about Sakae Sushi, check out their website: or Facebook:

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