August 19, 2016

Recipe: Steak Salad with LINGHAM Spicy Orange Vinaigrette

I swear, keeping a bottle of LINGHAM’s Chili sauce is very handy when it comes to whipping up delicious dishes in a jiffy. I love food with a good hit of spiciness and I am always game for adding a little heat to whatever dishes I eat. Lately I have been craving for a good steak and yet I know I should reduce my red meat intake and increase my greens.

And then a light bulb lit up! I should make a salad and with salad, I need a protein to keep me full. So I decided to make a Steak Salad. I get to eat my beef and also I get some greens along the meal. At the grocery, I saw that there was a good deal for flank steak. It’s entirely up to you of course if you prefer a ribeye or sirloin cut. Go ahead and splurge if you want to go for fillet mignon. There are really no rules in enjoying what you like…

My recipe is simple and can be whipped up in less than 20 minutes. The trick is to assemble the salad, cook the steak and vinaigrette and serve. The ingredients are also easily available and can be swap for anything else you like.

For the vinaigrette, it’s so simple you won’t believe it. Only 3 ingredients and the aroma and flavor is marvelously fresh, robust and has a nice subtle heat of kick to it. Lightly tangy, sweet, citrusy and aromatic, the sauce is what makes this salad so good. LINGHAM has various range of chili sauce available and I opted for LINGHAM’s Garlic Chili Sauce because I like the garlicky note with the steak.

Simple food that is healthy and full of essential goodness all pack in a meal… enjoy!

Steak Salad with LINGHAM Spicy Orange Vinaigrette

200gm        Flank Steak
50gm          Wild Rocket (washed and dried)
Handful       Cherry Tomatoes (cut into halves)
2                 Pickled Beetroot (cut into small cubes)
50gm          Goat Cheese
1                 Whole Orange (juice)
2 tbsp          Balsamic Vinegar
2 tbsp          LINGHAM Garlic Chili Sauce
                   Salt & Pepper

Generously seasoned flank steak with salt, pepper and olive oil.
Heat up pan till very hot and sear the flank steak for 2 minutes each side.
Turn off the heat and remove flank steak to a plate and let it rest.
While the pan is still hot, add in the freshly squeezed orange juice, and lightly mix to deglaze the pan juices.
Add in balsamic vinegar and LINGHAM Garlic Chili Sauce and mix well.
Turn on the heat to gently let the vinaigrette come to a slight boil and turn off the heat.
Assemble salad in a bowl with wild rocket, cherry tomatoes and pickled beetroot.
Slice the flank steak across the grain.
Pile the steak slices on the salad and top it with tiny dollops of goat cheese.
Spoon on the LINGHAM spicy orange vinaigrette and serve.

Extra Notes and Tips
  • Use any cut of steak to your liking – ribeye, sirloin, fillet mignon
  • If you don’t like the peppery note of wild rocket leaves, use spinach leaves, lettuce, romaine, etc
  • Goat cheese can be substituted too for other preferred cheese like feta, fresh mozzarella, etc
  • Try different range of LINGAM’s chili sauce – Original, Ginger, Thai, Extra Hot, Sriracha

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