September 3, 2015

Nosh Up @ The Atria Shopping Gallery

A Noshing Good Time!

Following its original outlet success in Jaya Shopping Centre, Nosh Up Café opened in the newly renovated Atria Shopping Gallery recently. Taking on a modern comfort approach, the café leans toward a bistro concept where diners can expect modern comfort food with familiar flavours.

A casual stroll into the café one weekday with another foodie had us all settling comfortably into their chic and simple décor. From retro tiles to lots of light natural wood décor all over, Nosh Up has a bar set in the mid of the café with seating placed casually in the front to all the way in the back of the café. We loved the warm lightings as it sets the mood for casual and yet simple chic charm to the whole ambiance.

Dinner commenced with Lamb Pie (RM24), a sort of deconstructed one. A pot holding aromatic oven braised lamb stew is served alongside a pillow of crispy flaky puff pastry and a disc of potato rosti with some lightly dressed lettuce. The rich earthy tomato stew had delectable chunks of soft lamb that was so tender and tasty together with soft braised vegetables. A sprinkling of cheese added more flavours. Simply take the puff pastry to mop up all the yummy stew for pure comfort enjoyment.

Next up, everyone was definitely eyeing the large golden Crunchy Soft Shell Crab Burger (RM24). Talk about going big, a large crunchy battered soft shell crab that was obviously bursting out of its toasted bun. Barely balanced on lettuce, fresh tomato slice, cheese and surrounded by a moat of thick cut fries, it’s a burger meant for full blast enjoyment. We loved it!!

The Grilled Sotong Sumbat with Rice (RM19) turned out to be a surprised since it was more local than the other dishes at Nosh Up. Nevertheless, you won’t hear us complaining at the rice salad stuffed squid cooked in a luscious creamy coconut curry sauce labeled as Chef’s Special Sauce. It also comes with a small mount of Asian salad which was more of a pickled vegetable side to cut the richness of the very rich sauce. The dish is best savored piping hot and is also good for sharing.

We thought it was quite a smart moved to pair salmon with garlic fried rice in the Smoked Salmon Garlic Fried Rice (RM19). Obviously the dish seemed to be inspired from Japanese and yet, this one tasted more local than its original. Made more tempting with a poached egg with molten center, the best part of the dish is to cut the egg and watch the egg yolk oozes out to lux up the garlicky fried rice. A side of Asian salad again was also present to remind us how local flavours will always prevail in the dish.

More Asian fusion dishes followed pursuit in Smoked Duck Miso Pasta (RM22). This dish was quite a hit among us that evening. The pasta had a nice nutty saltish miso note and tasted even better with the poached egg. I have always enjoyed smoked duck so bingo again for points in the dish.

Then we went French with Nosh Up’s version of Duck Leg Confit with Orange Sauce (RM35). The duck confit was tender but not mushy and had luscious deep smoky flavours. I would wished for a better crisp on the skin but it’s very minor as the duck is delicious with the roasted potatoes, sautéed onions with peppers and tangy orange sauce. Good effort and definitely worthy of an order if you love duck!

After all the delicious dishes earlier, the Crispy Lamb Shank (RM38) was the only dish that fell a bit short. It’s good on flavours but the lamb was a tad on the dryer end. Never fear because all one needs to do is smothered the lamb with the side of tomatoey sauce. Served with more potatoes and dressed greens, the dish is pretty filling and value for money for big meat eaters.

We could never resist desserts and decided to go all the way with Tiramisu, Red Velvet and Matcha Cheesecake. These were homemade and changes daily. My favorite of the three was the non-alcoholic Tiramisu with its delicious flavour and texture. The Red Velvet is made with beetroot for its signature color so it’s another plus point to enjoy the cake sans the coloring. The Matcha Cheesecake has a solid flavour of the intense green tea that seemed to hold its flavour against the Oreo chocolate.

Finally, a classic twisted of Banana Fritters Split (RM14) completed our meal. It looked a tad messy but once you have dig in, you will be loved by its icy ice creams contrasting with crispy banana fritters and chocolate sauce.

Don’t forget, order Nosh Up’s Rosy Raspberry Lychee Mocktail or Iced Chocolate to quench your thirst!

Lot C33 Concourse Level
Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS22/23
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7733-8238

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