August 18, 2014

Tai Thong Restaurant: Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with an Abundance of Moon Cakes and Poon Choy Feast!

Tai Thong Moon Cakes and Poon Choy

We had an awesome feast! A feast filled with Moon Cakes and Poon Choy at the Imperial China Restaurant recently under the umbrella of the Tai Thong Group of restaurants. Tai Thong is famous for their Hong Kong style cuisine and their varieties of Moon Cakes. This year is no difference, Tai Thong is proud to introduce their five new flavours of moon cakes in addition to their classic best sellers and Poon Choy set menu to usher in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The evening was indeed of grandeur as Imperial China Restaurant was decked out with festive redness. Thanks to Tai Thong Group, members of the media and bloggers were treated to a sneak peak of what Tai Thong has to offer everyone this festive season. Available from now till September, make sure to check out the luscious offerings of Tai Thong’s Mid-Autumn feast of Moon Cakes and Poon Choy soon.

Drawing inspiration from the magnificent designs of Imperial China, Tai Thong Mooncake’s beautifully crafted premium packaging oozes culture and royalty, giving a nod towards Malaysia’s Chinese heritage. With a choice of deep red and golden yellow, the boxes are encased in fine classy black, giving off an oriental aura that invokes a sense of impressive grandiosity and splendour.

Our evening started off with a moon cake session with Mooncake Master Chef Yiu Wing Keung. Of course he makes its looked so easy but we all know it’s not. We also had hands on session in making moon cakes.

Inspired by the many colors and flavours of our nation, Tai Thong presents 5 new flavours galore from refreshing fruity tangs to the sinful king of all fruits. There are two new Baked Series and three new Snow Skin Series added to the best sellers from last year.


Honey Grapefruit and Mixed Nuts (new)

Aromatic with the distinctive grapefruit bittersweet note, I enjoyed this combination very much. The mixed nuts and dried fruits really help to give this one a nutty and citrus note together with a lovely texture.

Dragon Fruit and Coconut Single Yolk (new)

Pretty at sight, the nouveau sweet and fruity dragon fruit paste is paired with a layer of creamy coconut filing and balanced up with the ever delectable savory salted egg yolk. One gets a sweet and savory combination here and I like the coconut taste in this one.

Besides these two above, the other classics available are Lotus Paste Double Yolk, Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Lotus Paste, Red Bean Paste, Assorted Fruit and Nuts, Jade Custard, White Lotus Single Yolk and Black Sesame White Lotus Single Yolk.


Tai Thong really amp up their flavours of moon cakes this year, especially for Durian lovers! With the much-in-demand and impressive Imperial Musang King Royale last year, Tai Thong has followed up with two new durian moon cakes using other favorable durian varieties such as Red Prawn and D24, made from 100% premium grade durians. The Imperial Musang King Royale and Snow Skin Durian Coulis are also available this year. All the durian moon cakes are truly filled with bountiful durian flesh that one can even whiff out when you’re far away!

Premium Durian Duet - Red Prawn (new)

The highly sought after flesh of the Red Prawn (Ang Heh) is perfectly balanced by the cool touch of the snow skin. Thick, custard-creamy and bold with just the right amount of bitterness, this makes for a scrumptious dessert that’s both bold and satisfying.

Premium Durian Duet - D24 (new)

Using the freshest fragrant D24 durians they can find, the specialists at Tai Thong turned the flesh into a creamy clotty pulp, encased in a layer of refreshing snow skin. Being the mildest one of the bunch, the D24 is full of character without being too overwhelming to the palate, perfect for beginners.

Snow Skin Honey Lemon Grapefruit (new)

I have always enjoyed snow skin but most of the time, it tends to be too one dimension of sweetness in flavours. The new honey lemon and grapefruit filling is not overly sweet and has a zesty citrus note to brighten and tone down the sweetness so this one is simply made for me.

Other Snow Skin Series available besides the above are Snow Skin Tropical Trio, Snow Skin Yam Paste Single Yolk, Snow Skin Lotus Single Yolk, Snow Skin Lotus and Snow Skin Red Bean.

Tai Thong’s Limited Edition Corporate Box (RM138 per box) makes for a stunning and refined gift for business associates, clients or other corporate partners. Featuring a spread of eight mini Tai Thong mooncakes, a mix of both traditional and new flavours, it is indeed an impressive and delicate gift for all. Flavours included are Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Jade Custard, Mixed Fruits and Nuts, Royal Custard, Red Bean Paste, Black Sesame White Lotus Single Yolk, Lotus Paste as well as Dragon Fruit and Coconut Single Yolk.

Tai Thong Mooncakes are available for purchase at all Tai Thong restaurants, major hypermarkets and shopping mall kiosks. A full listing of the locations are available on or by calling the Tai Thong Customer Care Line at 1 800 88 2338.

Besides moon cakes, Tai Thong has also created a sumptuous menu featuring Poon Choy as the limelight of the season. Diners can enjoy the opulent Poon Choy now together in a set menu filled with other delicacies. We all know that Poon Choy is a much-sought after pot filled with heavenly treasures of the land and sea. Group Executive Chef Lee Wee Hung has concocted the perfect dishes to be savored with the Poon Choi so diners can expect a soup course followed by the Poon Choy and then seafood courses with a rice course and dessert. Diners will also be able to enjoy free moon cakes with the Poon Choy Set Menu.

Double-Boiled Village Chicken with Truffle Soup

The double-boiled soup does wondrous to sooth the tummy after a long day. It’s heavenly chicken essence is gorgeous and coupled with dried scallop and truffle, the soup is a beautiful starter to prepare for the luxurious pot to come.

Tai Thong Prosperity Poon Choy

Tai Thong’s Poon Choy is a luxurious medley of ingredients such as Roast Duck, Poached Chicken, Prawns, Golden Fish Ball, Fish Maw, Dried Oyster, Fish Fillet, Mushroom, Tian Jin Cabbage, Lotus Root, Beancurd Stick, Broccoli, White Radish, Celery and Wheat Gluten. Every ingredient is beautifully cooked and braised till the flavors come together. The Poon Choy is served with stove to keep every ingredient hot as everyone slowly savors the layers of ingredients, flavours and textures.

Turbot Fish Deep Fried with Celery

A beautifully presented dish, the turbot is a highly-prized catch as its flesh is silky smooth and renders a creamy sweetness. One can have this prepared Deep Fried or Steamed. Our dish showcase the turbot flesh sautéed with celery while the fish and bones is deep fried till crispy. We savored both flesh and bones happily.

Stir-Fried Assorted Grains

Our brown rice fried rice is so yummy. The grains are light and fluffy and very flavorful. We love the pine nuts in the rice, lending a nutty flavor and texture to the rice. There is also an option to choose a stewed noodle if you are not an arden fan of rice.

Chilled Lychee with Sea Coconut

The evening ended with a simple sweet dessert broth of lychee and sea coconut.

Tai Thong’s Poon Choi Set Menu prices from RM298++ to RM2488++ depending on the number of pax and also the menu. It is only available from now till September 15, 2014.

Please call the Tai Thong Customer Care Line at 1 800 88 2338 for reservation.

More details of Tai Thong Moon Cakes and Poon Choy are available at their website and Facebook:

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