August 22, 2014

Sushi Tei: New Outlet at Cheras Sentral

It’s Full Blast Authentic Japanese Cuisine!

Sushi Tei is well-known to many for its array of scrumptious Japanese cuisine in Malaysia. This Japanese chain is not new to us here and is consistently mushrooming all over the country serving up quality and premium Japanese dishes at an affordable price. The latest outlet to open recently is located at the newly renovated Cheras Sentral Mall.

A recent invite to the new Sushi Tei outlet had us savoring their menu filled with lots of Japanese dishes. The new outlet is design in theme with lots of light wood like their other outlets. We love their clean and bright interior design that allows one to enjoy a meal of Japanese cuisine in comfort. One can simply choose to seat at the sushi bar to catch some kitchen action or dine at the tables at various sections that allow guests more privacy.

Since there were quite a few of us dining that evening, be prepared for lots of food photos to come as we literally ordered a lot of dishes to share and try the menu items. Sushi Tei’s menu is filled with lots of choices from House Specialty, Sashimi, Sushi and Rolls to Yakimono, Agemono, Tempura, Wanmono and Desserts. The restaurant chain also boasts a decent list of sake, sochu, beer and other beverages.

Since the list is long, I will let the photos do most of the talking…


Glorious cuts of fresh Sashimi are enough to tantalize everyone, especially Sashimi lovers! I was tempted, yes… very tempted in fact just by looking at the bowl of ice filled with six different cuts of raw fish. Our Shiretoko platter (RM88.80), featuring 6 kinds of raw fish, that evening had Tuna Belly, Yellow Tail, Sea Bream, Salmon, Butterfish and Scallop. What a treat! Thick luscious cuts of sweet fresh fish dipped in soy sauce and a tinge of wasabi is enough to put me on cloud nine…

Scallops or Nama Hotate (RM18.80) were so good, we had to reorder!

Sushi Rolls are another signature of Sushi Tei. More than 20 choices make our decisions difficult that evening as every roll is describe with much tempting ingredients. In the end, we settled for Golden Dragon Roll, Dynamite Roll and Special Unagi Roll. All three was certainly a great choice as they all showcased different flavours that are beautifully paired and balanced with each ingredient.


We had six house specialties which feature dishes more unsual to those in other Japanese restaurants. First up, Wagyu Wafuu Tataki (RM58.80) showcase luscious seared wagyu beef sliced and served with ponzu sauce. Beautifully marbled flavours that jived with the citrus soy sauce, scallion and grated radish. Duck Aburi Wafuu Carpaccio (RM16.80) has Japanese style smoked duck served with pickled onions, alfalfa sprout and ponzu sauce. Simply delish!

Ankimo Ponzu (RM26.80) was the fear of many that night but I love it. The monkfish liver reminds me of foie gras and was once known as a poor man’s foie gras from the sea. Chilled and served with ponzu sauce, the rich and silky liver is lusciously creamy with a taste of the sea.

Ayu Tempura (RM24.80) is not served in many Japanese restaurants here. The fish is a medium firm and sweet white fish which is very enjoyable when its fresh.

Everyone enjoyed the beautifully presented Wagyu Houbayaki (RM58.80). Gorgeous cuts of well-marbled wagyu beef is served on a bed of Eringi mushroom on a big leave and place on a grill hot plate with burner. One gets to cook the wagyu to one’s liking gently and savor this with a pungent miso sauce. I had mine very lightly cooked and enjoyed the melting tender rich beef thoroughly.

The Ni Anago (RM16.80) was mediocre at best simply because it was dry.


Showing off the best of Japanese grilled items topped with savory or sweet tare, mentaiko sauce and miso mayo sauce, our list of dishes include Ebi Mentaiyaki (RM22.80), Hotate Mentaiyaki (RM16.80), Salmon Mentaiyaki (RM17.80), Salmon Misomayo (RM17.80), Saba Shio (RM14.80), Saba Teriyaki (RM14.80) and Homemade Gyoza (RM10.80).

All dishes are beautifully grilled and laced with yummy sauces. Sushi Tei’s mentaiko sauce and miso mayo sauce are very delicious and utterly addictive.


Translated as deep fried dishes, our Agemono choices were Golden Soft Shell Crab (RM13.80), Kaki Fried (RM21.80) and Kaki Agedashi (RM17.80). Golden Soft Shell Crab is sinfully yummy as the crispy deep fried soft shell crab is smothered in sinful salted egg sauce and topped with fish roes. It’s very aromatic from the curry leaves used in the dish.

I also love fried oysters and both dishes of Kaki Fried and Kaki Agedashi are individually battered with Japanese breadcrumb and light Tempura batter. One is served with a side of tonkatsu sauce while the other is soaked in a light savory Agedashi sauce.

Tempura is simply a must in any Japanese meal as it is the testament to the skill of the Japanese for perfecting the crispy light and fluffy deep fried meat, seafood and vegetable in tempura batter and served with warm tempura sauce. Our orders were Tempura Moriawase (RM13.80), Ebi Tempura (RM16.80) and Hanasaki Ika Tempura (RM14.80).


Wanmono simply means dishes served in a bowl and the most popular one would have to be Chawanmushi. There are three choices at Sushi Tei and needless to say, we all enjoyed all three very much. Chawanmushi (RM5.60), Zuwai Gani Chawanmushi (RM9.80) and Ikura Chawanmushi (RM13.80) each denotes a soft wobbly and savory egg custard steamed to perfection and topped with crab or salmon roe.

Other Wanmono dishes we tried are Asari Sakamushi (RM19.80) which is Asari clams steamed in sake and piping hot Nameko Mishoshiru (RM5.80).


Now normally desserts are an afterthought when dining Japanese but not at Sushi Tei. The restaurant features two full pages of desserts that you must simply save some room for enjoyment. We were bowled over by our choices of desserts that night from Yuzu Ice Cream (RM7.00), Matcha Ice Cream (RM7.00) and Black Sesame Ice Cream (RM7.00) to Konnyaku Mochi (RM8.50), Pino Bitter (RM8.00), Nama Matcha Ice Cream (RM12.50) and Nama Chocolate Ice Cream (RM12.50).

Highly recommended for sinful satisfaction are Pino Bitter, Nama Matcha Ice Cream and Nama Chocolate Ice Cream all which tasted like truffles!!

Besides this Sushi Tei new outlet, there are over 10 other outlets in Malaysia. Check out their details and locations at their website and Facebook.

Cheras Sentral Mall
Jalan 2/142a, Taman Len Seng,
56000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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