August 19, 2014

Indulge, TGV Cinemas 1 Utama: Time to Indulge, The First Luxury Cinema with Its Own Feast!

Indulge your Sight and Taste!

Cinematic experience has just gone to the next level! Talk about going all the way, TGV Cinemas at One Utama has just launched Indulge, a unique cinema concept that allows everyone to experience cinema indulgence like no other.

Walking into the exclusive lounge of Indulge certainly makes one feel classy and elegant. Indulge has its own private ticketing counter, lounge and dining area and also two exclusive cinema halls which is fitted with reclining chairs and personalised call-waiter-service that can accommodate 32 and 40 pax respectively. One can simply enjoy a luxurious experience in the premium seat cinema and dine in the Indulge restaurant or do both at the same time.

Indulge is beautifully decorated in modern contemporary design with touches of jazz. The restaurant cum lounge is set in rich purple and silver façade with soft neon glows of light to enhance the colors. The walls are covered in rich brocade design while the flooring shows off partial carpet and wood. The architectural ceiling is represented in a curvy spacey design with some lamps hanging over the tables. Furniture is chosen with minimal clean design to compliment the overall modern feel.

The restaurant has a bar set in full neon glow at the back end of the space. A long alley at another side lead guests to the private luxurious Indulge cinemas. If the movie time is not up yet, guests can simply hang out on the sofa spread near the alley or at the bar with some drinks. I even spied a popcorn cart in the alley for guests.

We were invited to a sneak preview of the Indulge experience and it started with dining at the Indulge restaurant. Now one should know that one do not need to purchase Indulge cinema tickets to dine at the Indulge restaurant. You can simply choose to dine at the Indulge restaurant at any time the restaurant is open. Of course the best way to complete the Indulge experience would be to finish the experience in the Indulge cinema.

Indulge restaurant serves up a full fledge menu of western delights with very affordable prices. The menu consists of soup and salad, pizzas to pastas and mains, dessert and plenty of beverages. I was really surprised at the how affordable the prices are considering the quality of the dishes served.

We had a delicious refreshing pink Mojito Mocktail to kick off the evening. I lost counts of how many I had as it was fruity and refreshing!

First up, the starter sections had us savoring Smoked Duck Salad, Pumpkin Salad, Stuffed Potato Skins and Lamb Koftas.

The Smoked Duck Salad is delightful with its slices of smoky duck breast served with mesclun greens, capsicum, kiwi slices and a tangy balsamic dressing. The rich meaty duck is beautifully lighten up by the kiwi and sweet syrupy balsamic dressing. It’s a very enjoyable salad. The Pumpkin Salad was pretty much a simple salad of honey roasted pumpkin served with rocket leaves, tomatoes and capsicums with the same balsamic dressing. This one is suitable for vegetarian and has a lovely sweetness and earthy flavours from the ingredients.

Our entrée of Stuffed Potato Skins and Lamb Koftas make decent appetizers. Half shells of crisp potato skins are stuffed with a filling of turkey bacon and mozzarella cheese before it’s baked to combine everything together. The little balls of Lamb Koftas are juicy and flavorful. It’s served with a side of salad and a fruit salsa that added a sweet touch to the meatballs. Imagine savoring these while catching a movie, you might need more than one order!

There were four main courses showcased that evening. We had Grilled Salmon, Grilled Lamb Rack, Grilled Ribeye and Cajun Chicken. Honestly I really enjoyed all four mains. Each one is cooked perfectly and is well flavored.

The Grilled Salmon was cooked to medium doneness, something I always stressed on for enjoying salmon. The flesh flakes beautifully and is moist. Served with seasonal vegetables and a lemon butter sauce, the dish won my vote for its cooking execution and light lemony flavours.

Grilled Lamb Rack showcase three French cut lamb racks nicely grilled. The lamb is tender and juicy with bits of flavorful fats. We also ask for medium and these turn out as it should with a medium pinkness. The lamb racks are served with seasonal vegetables as well and a savory aromatic rosemary sauce.

I happen to really like the Cajun Chicken as it is very well marinated and seasoned before its grilled. Using thigh, the chicken fillet is tender and very flavorful. Enjoy the chicken with a rich brown sauce and crispy potato wedges with a side of greens.

I didn’t taste the Grilled Ribeye but the person having it was pretty happy. She mentioned that the ribeye is tender with a beautiful flavour. The ribeye has a black pepper sauce as its partner together with seasonal vegetables.

Desserts was Panna Cotta and Nutty Tortilla Banana. Now I took the photos in the Indulge restaurant but I actually savored the dessert in the Indulge cinema itself while catching a movie.  The Panna Cotta is executed beautifully. The cooked cream is nicely sweetened and set with a wobbly texture. Served with a berry coulis and some fruits, it’s a lovely elegant dessert to enjoy in the cinema itself. The Nutty Tortilla Banana was decent with tortilla filled with peanut butter, cornflakes and fresh sliced banana. I would have love an ice cream to be paired with the tortilla for extra richness.

We head into the Indugle cinema after our main courses and was truly impress with what we saw. The Indulge cinema is beautifully spaced with large recliner sofas. Each sofa has a pastel lilac comforter blanket tied up with a ribbon. There are small tables next to each sofa with a call button for assistance.

Indulge cinema is made for those who enjoy the finer things in life. The recliner sofas allow us to stretch comfortably in the seat and each seat has a good view of the screen. As the cinema is very cold, the comforter is perfect for warmness. If one is dining in the cinema, a wait staff will fix a serving base to the sofa that allows one to indulge in the menu of the restaurant.

This is truly an indulgence! The experience is so comfortable that some of us did not want to leave the cinema after the movie. The only issue I have is that one may actually doze off somewhere in between the movie…

Indulge is perfect not just for movies only or dining but for private and corporate functions with catering provided regardless with or without a movie screening. One can even host birthday parties or any celebrations with a movie screening and a lovely meal.

With this experience, I am certainly going to have a hard time watching movie in the regular cinema without thinking of Indulge

Indulge is opened from 11am with tickets priced at RM45 (meals not included).

For more information about Indulge and to book tickets, please log on to or via TGV Cinemas’ Movie Buddy app which is available on the Apple App and Google Play store.


  1. This is better than gold class! And that smoked duck, yums

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